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 AAA Miner
“ Change your life “

ABULABA is a Blockchain project from HongKong with leading experts in Coding Technology.

ABULABA brings sound money to the world,fulfilling Ethereum's original promise of “Peer to Peer“ Electronic Cash.

Abulaba is the next generation of Ethereum that provides more efficient transactions and utilizes Ethereum’s mining system in order to yield exponential AAA profit
With success from CPU production and mining system, AAA has proven great performance resulting in large numbers of mining operators
Today, this project is developing a new segment that is dedicated to the community in order to generate demand for AAA, as this will drive a strong price for the 2018-2020 period to come

ABULABA is a community project developed by Abulaba Capital,a technology company dedicated to the Research,Development,and operation of Blockchain  systems. With it's accumulated blockchain technology and industry experience,the Onchain team has already developed and operated a number of influential Blockchain projects.

AAA group, which is the Asian largest independent corporation , has just announced publicly,it's cooperation with the strongest financial organisations including the banks to develop the commercial applications technology blockchain on industrial branches and financial services.
" The diversity of blockchain corporation 's members system is beyond the geographical border" CEO AAA said.

By cooperating in extended sphere with unbanked association and the existing banks, our big partners . We assure the technology which is developed in our laboratory, Will represent for a variety of benefits and will meet wide demand of the investors in global system

Also known as AAA,Abulaba introduces a unique revolution that will improve the average exchange rate. With this,new competition that will help the cryptocurrency world will come alive.

Abulaba coin sets a transaction solution that will help people to easily transact cash into the new currency and vice versa.

The Abulaba group guarantees the safety of resources as they use a Blockchain application to upgrade their level of Security. They have put resources in place like Ethereum Wallet,the AAA Direct Miner Network which gaurantees their existence and safety.

The AAA group has assured that measures will be put in place to help develop technology that will serve the interest of various players in the Financial World.

With Abulaba,users can understand,cooperate and liaise with various other leading financial services. This will give birth to much application of the Blockchain Technology.

The Abulaba group pride themselves in helping to increase the value that users get from their priced goods.Besides,there is a quest to always develop the market. This will ensure that all customers need are met.

Visit our website for more details:

Join our Telegram group:

Token Name: ABULABA (AAA)
Pay Out: AAA Tokens will be sent immediately to your Ethereum wallet
Total Supply:    397,000,000 Tokens available
Pre-Sale: 97,000,000 Tokens
Bonus Pre-Sale: 30%
Launch Pre-Sale Date:  5/6/2018

PRE-ICO:     100,000,000 Tokens
Bonus Pre-ICO: 5%-25%
Launch Pre-ICO: 20/6/2018
Accepted Currencies: ETH , BTC , LTC

Dear Abulaba Users,

To quickly put Abulaba listing on the largest trading platform in the most prestigious Cryptocurrency market, according to the company's strategic plan to bring the best-of-breed platform to the Abulaba community across the globe, Abulaba is currently taking out the Vote on, which is on the par with Abulaba, and to promote this as well as bring the best benefits to the community, the Company decided to launch Airdrop traders in gratitude to those who support the campaign.

The campaign is as follows: When you sign up for an account on or had an account on Coinex, find for AAA-ABULABA code and vote for it, you will receive 100AAA and if you share the information to 100 members under your network and they vote for AAA-ABULABA too, you will receive 2000AAA.
If you share for 200 Members who voted, you will receive 4000AAA.
If you share for 300 Members who voted, you will receive 6000AAA.
If you share for 400 Members who voted, you will receive 8000AAA.
If you share for 500 Members who voted, you will receive 10.000AAA.

And top 10 people shared to more than 500 members were Voted , after the program ends, the company will randomly pick Top 10 people with the Rewards from 20,000AAA to 100,000AAA according to the rankings shared.
And remember the current price of AAA is $ 3 on, you also get Commission Pree from the Exchange like Binance.
Total AAA Coins for Vote Airdrop Traders up to 999,999AAA.
 Voting rules
1. Voting Qualification : Only for users who were verified their ID.
2. Cost: Each user can cast one vote for each project and one vote for ONE CET. Maximum of 5 votes per account per week. Once you have voted, your CET is NOT refundable.

Don't forget after you finished your voting, send Email to this address:
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Best regards,
Abulaba - Change Your Life


With the AAA miner project strategy of promoting chip manufacturing technology for the period between 2018 - 2020, the group will aim to develop its own tokens in order to gain potential cryptocurrency market share.

Worldwide investors can benefit from a superior policy with a major difference:

AAA miner will follow a highly safe strategy with investors when executing the optimized capital investments strategy yielding profits at a safe level.

This plan will help our investors profit on their ICO token investment (with a 70/30 ratio).
By the third quarter of 2018, this ICO will be the opportunity for a breakthrough driving the coin’s value, which will result in gains that will help investors prosper together with the possession of the token immediately upon release.

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


AAA's CEO talks about the diversity of the blockchain group’s membership network, beyond geography. He declared: By cooperating in a large range of non-bank organizations with our extensive banking partners, we will ensure that technology is developed in our labs that represent the different interests and large requirements of players in the global financial ecosystem. The global network of AAA partners will be "united in a laboratory environment" at the research and development stage in the AAA lab and Research Center, where the blockchain Corda smart deal has been developed. AAA provides us the ability to understand, cooperating with other world leading organizations in financial services for the potential applications of blockchain technology in the world and especially the Asia-Pacific region.

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AA- Betley
AA- TraceTo
AA- ОneToTwo Pro
AA- ViValid
AA- Smilo Platform
AA- TokenAI
AA- Eloncity
AA- Bitenny
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