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igotBAWS 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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What is AgentMile?

AgentMile is the world's first decentralized commercial real estate (CRE) leasing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We enable brokers, landlords and tenants to list their commercial properties on our blockchain powered Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and offer enhanced leasing capabilities, management and reporting.

AgentMile is built by AgentDrive, a suite of  products for real estate professionals with over 1,000 agents in 20 Countries. AgentMile’s adoption will allow CRE brokerages to address the following challenges:

transform the property search process into an easy, quick and transparent experience;
simplify and accelerate property and cash flow management;
help build connected real estate markets worldwide that would respond effectively to consumer and investor demand.

The AgentMile platform can be divided into three layers

Blockchain Network - The backbone of the project utilizing the benefits of distributed technology such as transparency and security.
AgentGrow - The front-end that makes searching and leasing CRE property fast and efficient.
AgentDrive - The heart of the project, combining data driven decisions with a real estate CRM system.

Does the project necessarily require blockchain?

Yes. Here are three main features of our platform which make utilizing blockchain technology a necessity:
Property Digital Identities: AgentMile will maximize blockchain technology towards real, secure and traceable property history. This module will collect the property information stored on the blockchain and process it to present the data to end users in an accessible and comprehensible manner;
User Digital Identities (Brokers/Tenants): similar to the Property Digital Identities, this module will incorporate the user information stored on the blockchain. Additionally, it will include data from third parties partnered by AgentMile to study user behaviour. The data from this module is encrypted and stored on the blockchain, and is only passed through the platform when necessary.
Leasing Smart Contract Manager: this module will control all information related to a lease as provided by tenants, landlords and brokers. The Manager will create the Smart Contract that will govern the lease;

How will AgentMile revolutionize the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

Despite the hesitancy in adopting new tech, there is a strong demand from CRE brokerages for a system like AgentMile that will produce better analytics and forecasts, empower clients by an enhanced property search, improve property management and enable better decision-making.

AgentMile is on track to introduce the technological breakthrough to achieve these goals and revolutionize this $3385 trillion industry AgentMile aims at leveraging blockchain technology to simplify core CRE processes and introduce tangible benefits for key parties during each stage of the leasing life cycle both in the short and long term.  

Outlined below are the benefits and opportunities that our AgentMile blockchain ecosystem will provide by addressing the challenges currently faced by the CRE community.

Problems the CRE industry is experiencing

Our Solutions to these problems

The ESTATE token

Token Distribution

Our goal is to sell $20 million of tokens. One AgentMile ESTATE token is valued at $0.20. The token supply available for the sale will be 100,000,000 AgentMile ESTATE Tokens. The exact amount of tokens will be calculated after the token sale has ended and this will depend on the actual amount of tokens sold and bonuses issued.

All unsold tokens will be burnt.
Minimum amount of contribution is 1 Wei which is less than $1.
Methods of payment: Our book building platform accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin as well as payments in FIAT via wire/bank transfer. Additional cryptocurrencies can also be added upon request.
Tokens will be distributed up to 14 days after the token sale ends.

The Revenue Model

AgentMile will reward users in ESTATE tokens for:
registering on the platform, creating a company profile and completing the KYC;
reviewing a property;
promoting a property;
sharing data;
completing a lease and rental agreement.

AgentMile will charge users in ESTATE tokens or FIAT for:
to publish properties;
to publish properties as featured listings;
to advertise on the AgentMile platform;
to lease and rent a property;
to use AI for reporting and better decision making;
to use the AgentMile technology as a White Label solution.

We plan to prioritize our key markets and expansion destinations based on the top cities and metropolitan areas across the world. These locations attract growing CRE investment volumes which motivates commercial brokerages to actively seek and adopt new tech and is one of the major incentives to join the AgentMile platform.

The Team

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.

Paullyk 01 June 2018 01:29
Isn't the 30 m bucks too much for such project?
Ustamist 04 June 2018 12:39
The scale of the project is huge, and that's what makes it so special. Project will disrupt the real estate market by modernizing it.
marrk1 06 July 2018 14:49
This platform includes so many handy features. Many aspects to study, though, but I like it already!


AgentMile is the world's first decentralized Commercial Real Estate leasing platform powered by AI. The platform aims to improve the property search process, accelerate due diligence and facilitate property and cash flow management using blockchain technology. AgentMile is built by AgentDrive, a suite of products for real estate professionals with over 1,000 agents in 20 Countries.

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