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Sometimes pictures here at Bitcointalk get loaded quite slow. Please wait until all pictures displayed. Quantity of pictures in this announcement is intentionally reduced for faster page loading and simplier reading. For pictures please follow website or Whitepaper Crypto-Fiat Currency Exchange
Tokenised Assets Offering


About AIREXE Crypto-Fiat Exchange is new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange.

Cryptocurrency market is booming and it became obvious that there is a need for a new generation of Crypto-Fiat Exchanges. New exchanges have to be clean from the start, to follow regulation rules and KYC/AML/CTF procedures. It’s expected that many existing Exchanges will be shut down due to their uncertain and non-transparent origin. There are number of problems/issues with existing exchanges, which we, at AIREXE exchange, will rectify and solve.
AIREXE will strictly follow and comply to regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will operate completely legally.

Problems of Existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Security of customers’ funds at exchanges
Lack or weak cooperation with government regulators
Terrible or weak customer support
Long waiting period for new coins and tokens to get support
Lack of simplicity
Teams and ownerships are not transparent
Lack of mobility

Solution and Advantages of AIREXE Exchange

✔️ The highest security measures – the latest technologies in authentication and biometrics for mobile users
✔️ Cooperation with regulators and governments. Following regulations. Licensing. Taxation.
✔️ Responsive Customer Support – 24/7 live customer support, with timely response
✔️ Fast start and tutorials for newbies traders
✔️ Transparency of the project’s ownership
✔️ Attention to mobile users – a truly device-neutral exchange with native App
✔️ Integration with new blockchains, coins, tokens (as example – integration with TON, Telegram Open Network)
✔️ Rating agency and analytics (providing cryptocurrency professional analytics and ratings for projects, tokens and cryptocurrencies)

ICO Details, AIRX Token

AIREXE token name: AIRX             Token digits: 18
Tokenized Assets Offering AIRX token sale begins on 19-March-2018 and lasts until 30-April-2018
Token Standard: blockchain Ethereum, ERC-223 standard (including ERC20 standard)
Smart contract address: 0x19c4a0c62a15c0fb7276791aa552a1aabe8b57e6 to deposit ETH

Soft Cap: 950,000 USD
Project goal: 16,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 32,000,000 USD

In case Soft Cap is not reached, then all contributed funds will be returned back to contributors within 15 days after TAO end date.

There is two options how to buy AIRX tokens:

OPTION 1 Buy with ETH. Send ETH to AIREXE smart contract

To buy AIRX tokens send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to smart contract address 0x19c4a0c62a15c0fb7276791aa552a1aabe8b57e6 . AIRX tokens will be send back to your address immediately.

Price of AIRX depend on your contribution amount:

0.01 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments less than 2 ETH  (i.e 1 ETH = 100 AIRX)
0.009 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments from 2 ETH up to 10 ETH  (i.e 1 ETH = 110 AIRX)
0.008 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments from 10 ETH and more   (i.e 1 ETH = 125 AIRX)

OPTION 2 Buy with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic

Minimal contribution amount in BTC, LTC, BCH or ETC should be greater than equivalent of 10 ETH.
Purchases of AIRX tokens with BTC, LTC, BCH or ETC are being done in manual mode after agreement with AIREXE administrator. Write to responsible administrator Telegram @alex_james, to agree on all the details of AIRX token purchase.

Usage of AIRX Token

Once AIREXE crypto-fiat exchange has launched its operations, the AIRX token will be traded on exchange from the day one. No more AIRX tokens will be issued by AIREXE company, apart from those issued and sold in circulation during ICO. The exchange rate of AIRX token at AIREXE will be, obviously, higher than sale price during TAO.
The following ways of AIRX utilization guaranteed by AIREXE:

1. AIREXE exchange will accept trading commission in AIRX

Paying commission in AIRX will be significantly cheaper than in other cryptocurrency.

2. Purchase time for total 0%-fee trading at AIREXE

Purchase a zero commission period for your needs – one week, one month, three months or more. Save on day trading commissions by purchasing commission free period with AIRX tokens.

3. Use AIRX to access advanced and Professional functionality

For large or professional traders AIREXE will have advanced Professional functionality.
Access to this functionality will be provided for additional fees. The best way is to pay with AIRX tokens for Pro functionality, as it will be much cheaper than paying in any other cryptocurrency.

4. Payment for listing at AIREXE

Projects - ICOs, ITOs, TGEs, TAOs or cryptocurrency blockchains and forks can pay AIRX for listing of its tokens and coins. Projects paid AIRX for listings will be (a) taken into high priority for listing request processing and (b) assigned personal manager to proceed with listing process and supporting listing afterwards.

5. Payment to access advanced Projects Rating Agency function

Purchase our research on listed cryptocurrencies or on the project that is conducting cryptocurrency fundraising. The research would be based on the fundamental indicators of the company and combine methodologies from classic rating agencies (Fitch, Moody’s, S&P) and crypto community activities.

6. Sell AIRX tokens at exchange

Sell and buy AIRX tokens at exchange.

The Team and Advisors


Provided here is our committed AIREXE project Core Team. The AIREXE project core team consists of total 25 people for the development, launching and operation. Additional team members will be hired for the customer support and some other parts of the project. AIREXE will use several professional subcontractor companies for some types of works and services (as for security services and audit, smart contract and blockchain audits, optimization, etc).

Note: sometimes pictures here at Bitcointalk get loaded slow or not loaded. If not all 8 pictures of Team are loaded, please look at website or in Whitepaper


Note: sometimes pictures here at Bitcointalk get loaded slow or not loaded. If not all 5 pictures of Advisors are loaded, please look at website or in Whitepaper


AIREXE Contacts and Media

Twitter: @Airexe_official,
Telegram group: @airexe ,
Telegram channel: @airexe_channel,
Medium: @airexe,
Facebook: @airexeofficial,

AIREXE ICO token sale begins on 19-March-2018

In case Soft Cap is not reached, then all contributed funds will be returned back to contributors within 15 days after TAO end date.
2️⃣ Do not send ETH from any of the exchanges (such as Coinbase, Kraken, Polioniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and any other exchange) or Freewallet. Send ETH only from your own ERC20-compatible wallet that you hold the private key to, such as: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, imToken, Parity, Nano s, Keep Key, Trust, Cipher, MEW with Ladger, MEW with Trezor.
3️⃣ AIRX will be issued only during TAO (ICO), so the only way to have mentioned benefits is to buy AIRX tokens while TAO, or to buy AIRX later at AIREXE exchange. Obviously, after TAO the AIRX price at AIREXE exchange will be higher.
4️⃣ By participating in AIREXE TAO, you have agreed to the AIREXE Terms and Conditions
5️⃣ Please read AIREXE Disclaimer


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AIREXE is new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange. We bring the new cryptocurrency exchange, which we are sure you will love. AIREXE focused on ensuring the increased security of clients' funds, providing live responsive customer support, high availability and accessibility. AIREXE will strictly follow and comply to government regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will operate completely legally. Our target is to be most convenient exchange for the beginners and for professional traders by providing both functionalities - professional with all the features available, and simplified, for those who is novice in cryptocurrency and trading.

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