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David (DJ) KIM
CEO, Founder
After over a decade of business strategist experience within the Strategic Planning Department of Samsung Group, David moved on to Korean VC firms like HOSEO Venture Capital and Benex Investment. From there, he has been in VP positions at Korea’s largest video service company, BNCP Co., and many innovative internet games and B2C start-up’s: Candle Media, A2X Games, and Creants. As an entrepreneur with a VC background, he firmly believes in disruptive customer services and the potential of the cryptocurrency market. Thus, he founded the ATFS Lab as its CEO and initiated the ATFS Project. David strongly encourages you to join the ATFS Project to bring revolutionary change to the agriculture industry in which there are huge demographic opportunities.

COO, Co-Founder
Jay has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and finance industry, specializing in banking, security, insurance, and card/capital sectors. He began his career as an analyst at Korea Investment Bank, and moved on to consulting positions at Ernst&Young, IBM and KPMG. As a representative partner at KPMG, he led the management consulting division for 5 years, becoming an expert in business strategy, process innovation, new channels and program management office. Jay left the corporate world five years ago and has dedicated his time to start-up firms in Fin-Tech and IoT development, ultimately joining ATFS LAB as co-founder and COO.

Austin H. CHUNG
CFO, Co-Founder
Austin’s 16 years of experience spans from the financial sector to top management roles in lifestyle goods manufacturing, marketing agency and bio-venture companies. His extensive career provides him with full understanding of commodity distribution sector in East Asia, financial management, accounting and legal risk, compliance affairs, as well as skillsets in cross-border M&A’s, fundraising & refinancing of projects, and start-up & mid-size company management. Austin joined ATFS LAB as co-founder and CFO to utilize his well-rounded background.

Allen SUNG
CTO, Co-Founder
After completing Master of Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University, Sung powered through more than 20 years of corporate engineering career in Korea working for Daewoo Electronics, DSPG, RealNetworks and DesignIt. He specializes in system architecture, security and information protection, MPEG and Deep Learning Technologies. As one of ATFS Lab’s co-founders and CTO, his focus in recent years has been blockchain technology and its decentralized applications.

Rachel CHUNG
Marketing Lead, Co-Founder
Rachel's a marketing superstar with experience working with top-tier global brands in various industries including tech, fashion, leisure and home furnishing. She spends her time between Vancouver and Seoul, searching for projects outside her career that require her passion and skill set. As an excellent communicator and hardcore believer in the cryptoworld, she joined ATFS Lab to facilitate a revolution into a better world. She is ready to communicate all-things ATFS Project & token related to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Han is a passionate UI/UX Designer with a background in computer science. He has web and mobile design experience of over 15 years, bringing to the team his strong expertise of unique designs catered to differentiated customer experiences. Han is a recipient of Ministry of Information and Communication Award from the Korean government. He leads ATFS Lab’s website and Disruptive Decentralized Platform’s UX/UI development.

Anthony KIM
Software Developer
Anthony is a well-seasoned software developer and architect with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of web development, JavaScript and P2P network systems. He is excited to be involved with ATFS Lab’s Smart Farm 2.0 and Disruptive Decentralized Platform project in developing a system that profits both the cryptoworld and the real world.

Joel Gfeller
Agritech & Food Science Expert Advisor
Joel Gfeller has been deeply involved with plant-based food companies for over 17 years. After earning his BSc. Food Science from UBC (Vancouver), Joel was one of the first employees at Garden Protein International (Gardein). It was at Gardein where Joel was part of the small and dedicated team which launched the first High Moisture Extruded (HME) plant based meats to the commercial retail and foodservice market. This start-up grew from 3 full-time employees in 2003 to over 350 by mid 2017. Working in such an environment, Joel gained a broad set of skills required to develop products, design processes and deliver delicious plant-based meat options. Over the years, Joel has logged many thousands of hours on extruders and in food processing to produce a wide range of plant-based meat and seafoods to meet applications from appetizers to entrees.

In addition to working as a Food Scientist, Joel also made time to train as a winemaker and work in some of the top Bio-Dynamic and Organic wineries of Canada. He therefore brings a unique passion and knowledge of what it takes to farm and make food with the best intentions for customers.

Joel now operates Down to Earth Consulting Inc. a company dedicated to developing the future of plant-based meats and ethical foods. His goal is to provide honest food, produced and treated with respect which ultimately results in health of one’s body and of the earth.

Toomas Allmere
ICO Advisor
Toomas is Multifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Adept at ICO (ITL) and blockchain technology. expert.

Thomas Budd
ICO Advisor
Tom is the founder of Blockchain Velocity, a Digital Currency Fund. He is also a prominent blockchain keynote speaker and has produced award winning cryptocurrency/blockchain research for a top management consultancy. Currently living in New York City, he provides market guidance to Blockchain and AI companies worldwide.

Stephan De Haes
ICO Advisor
Stephan is Chief Operations Officer at, a FinTech startup launching there unique Interactive Coin Offering next year. He takes the lead in all social media and ICO-related subjects and overlooks the general operations of the company. Their goal is 'Redefining value' and making cryptocurrency available and acceptable for everybody. Stephan firmly believes that Blockchain will change the world and he wants to play his part in making Cryptocurrencies mainstream. In a short period, he has made a large amount of connections by working together with big companies for marketing and promotional advisory in the ICO- and cryptospace. He is also Founder of the Krypt.onomy facebook Communities with more than 1.650 members which introduce cryptocurrency to beginners and provide news, articles, technical analyses and general advice. On the side he is also expert rater at ICObench.

James PARK
Master Gardener
As a master gardener business specialist working with the Korean National Rural Development Administration for the past five years, James is responsible for analyzing trends in agritech industry. Previous to this position, he served as a consultant to the Korean Agricultural Engineers Association, a group that holds an alliance with HanNong. There, he led a nationwide group of agritech experts for the establishment of standardized hydroponic cultivation system in Korea. He joins ATFS Lab to aid in implementing cutting-edge technology like Smart Farm 2.0 into the real agriculture production cycle.

Seong Wook KIM
Strategy & Financial Advisor
Seong Wook’s extensive investment banking experience includes positions at Korea Stock Exchange, the Research Center of SK Securities, and SIMONE Investment Manager Company. He has invested in some of the leading, world-class fintech funds and is a strategic investor of a major Korean B2C commerce company. Currently, he is the managing director of a private equity fund of USD $150 million, and he acts as a financial advisor for ATFS Lab.

Chang Hoon LEE
Marketing Advisor
Chang Hoon is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most influential Korean advisors working in Japan. His ventures within the IoT and ICT business landed him a position at Japan Communication Group. Chang Hoon is keen to add ATFS Lab to his list of successes in high-tech, commercial companies, and he acts as ATFS Lab’s marketing advisor and Japan’s communication liaison.
Kyle R. KEUM
Legal Advisor, Lawyer
Kyle is a registered lawyer in Korea with specialization in corporate legal advising on crowdfunding for start-ups and investors. His expertise in legal affairs related to new business set-up, web services and HR management within the IT and fintech industries has been appreciated by many groups in Korea. Kyle is the official legal counsel for the company, overseeing all legal matters like terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Jin Chul PARK
Financial Advisor, CPA
Jin Chul is a registered Certified Public Accountant with experience working for major accounting firms: Ernst & Young and Hannul Accounting. He is a strong auditor with prolific experience, and skills in funding deals for start-ups and developing the M&A deal structure for SME. And he acts as ATFS Lab’s financial advisor.

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Проект ATFS – первый в мире децентрализованный краудфандинговый проект в области Сельского хозяйства и Продовольственного обеспечения, основанный на Блокчейне Эфириума и Смарт-контрактах.

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