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Comments 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Introducing the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token (AXT)
A Global Decentralized Automotive Marketplace | Presented by DASHUB Inc.

We’re proud to announce this project to the Bitcointalk community. In this announcement thread we’re going to describe the project, the team, and point you to a variety of resources you can use to learn more about us and what we’re doing, and to connect directly with us. Much of the information presented in this post has been sourced from our White Paper and website. Thank you for your interest in our project!

Join us on Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and “Like” our Facebook page. This is the primary way we intend to engage with and update our growing community. We want to see you all there, so please take a moment and join! | AXP Video | White Paper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | DASHUB | Medium (Articles)

IMPORTANT: is our only official website!

Project Preface
Imagine for a moment having access to a global online automotive marketplace offering hundreds of thousands of vehicles, financing, insurance, vehicle service contracts (i.e., warranties), auto parts, performance aftermarket parts, and more; all powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Now imagine that an automotive technology company with over 250,000 registered members, motivated by a vision to change the automotive industry and the car-buying process, was out to make that happen. That’s what DASHUB is doing, that’s what this project is, and it’s called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP for short).

Token Sale Process
DASHUB Inc. will offer the AXT security token to accredited investors in three phases: Pursuant to the Soft Cap and Hard Cap detailed in the Token Distribution section of the White Paper, phase (1) consists of a private presale (CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS!); Phase (2) will consist of a public presale with a minimum purchase amount and tiered bonuses which can be found on during the time of sale. Phase (3) will be the ICO, open to US and international accredited investors.

Prospective purchasers should visit to register for the crowdsale. All potential purchasers will be required to undergo KYC/AML screening and accreditation verification.

Overview of the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP)
The Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) will be a blockchain-based platform produced by DASHUB to enhance DASHUB’s current automotive business. DASHUB intends to integrate its primary website with the AXP using an Application Programming Interface (API). Being the first interface for AXP, consumers will interact with the AXP through and an integrated wallet.

At the core of the AXP is a decentralized distributed ledger and a special type of Smart Contract called a Vehicle Smart Contract. Essentially, through a series of initial business and consumer Use Cases (detailed below), a new type of public vehicle history will be created. And because the AXP’s token (AXT) will be integral to the functioning of the platform, a new type of economy can emerge from within the automotive ecosystem. Within this potential new economy DASHUB is exploring a pioneering revenue-splitting model, laying the groundwork for mass industry-appeal and mass industry-adoption.

This approach does not require mass industry-adoption to function properly. DASHUB’s initial Use Cases for both their business and their consumers will function as intended, generate value, and lay the foundation for expansion into the industry. In the following subsections you will learn about each initial Use Case.

Use Cases (a brief overview)

For a detailed look at each Use Case we encourage you to read the AXP White Paper hosted on What you will find below is a brief overview of each Use Case to give you an idea of how the early-stage platform might look.

Scaling the Platform
DASHUB hopes to use the momentum generated by the launch of AXP (with DASHUB as the first interface for the AXP) to scale the platform to the industry at large. It is anticipated  that some of the companies that come on board will use the existing Vehicle Smart Contracts created by DASHUB, and that some of them will create novel Smart Contracts to be used on the platform. DASHUB has a long-term and expansive vision for the platform’s potential growth that involves:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Dealer management systems (DMS)
  • Dealerships
  • Fleet enterprises
  • Auction houses
  • Floor plan companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Warranty and vehicle service contract companies
  • State and regulatory bodies, such as:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) and related agencies such as the National Highways Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    • Local law enforcement
  • Auto parts and the performance aftermarket
  • Autonomous vehicle integrators
  • IoT integrators
  • Auto racing
  • Logistics companies

The team knows that such a grand vision cannot coalesce without a lot of hard work, hitting the pavement, and by cultivating strategic partnerships. This work has already begun with several penned partnerships, and many more that are still being developed.

Who is DASHUB?
DASHUB inc. (a Delaware, USA corporation) is an online automotive marketplace that operates with a staff of about 20 FTE (Full Time Equivalent). The website was launched in 2015. It all started when the founders identified an opportunity in the market for re-marketed auction automobiles. They saw that every year millions of vehicles were being auctioned to dealers and other companies for up to 80% off the retail value, and that these vehicles were largely unavailable to the general public. DASHUB was established to offer these vehicles directly to the general public, all through their online automotive marketplace (, and through direct partnerships with the auction houses. Anyone who wants to browse the inventory or purchase a vehicle through DASHUB registers as a DASHUB member. DASHUB members then have the option of bidding on and/or purchasing vehicles through DASHUB’s auction portal, thereby potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Meet the AXP Team
Either click on the team member’s link to visit their LinkedIn page, view the AXT website, or read the White Paper for individual bios for each member.

Senior Team
Max Kane | DASHUB Co-Founder & CEO  
Matthew Weitzman | DASHUB Co-Founder & CTO
Michael Lederman | DASHUB Co-Founder & COO
Bret Beyer | DASHUB President
Tammy Friend | DASHUB VP of Operations & Secretary of Corporation
Stan Johnson | DASHUB VP of Global Relations
David Fugit | Director of Marketing
Nicholas Liappas | AXT Blockchain Director
Josh Wilcox | Chief Strategy Officer
Robert Llompart | Business Development

Support Team
Alex Casassovici | Blockchain Architect
Denis Moshentsev | Blockchain Project Manager
Nick Petrov | Smart Contract Engineer
Andriy Doroshonko | dApp Engineer
Cody Deitz | VOSS Auto & AXT Product Development
Harun Kadribegic | Community Manager
Mridul Biswas | Sr. Web Engineer
Subham Sarkar | Full Stack Developer

Douglas Lyons | Principal, Ether Pro Canada, ICO Expert
Allen Shayanfekr | CEO Sharestates
Erik Rind | CTO, BenePayTech
Dr. Gordon Jones | COO & President, Universal Healthcare Coin
Harry Croydon | CEO - Micro Insurance
Guy Kathe | Principal - Pikes Peak International Raceway
Scott Milner | President, US Mortgage
David Harrison | Partner, Core of Counsel
Santo Chiarelli | Partner, Accounting
Kevin O’Connell | Partner, Gemini Southern
Steven Verska | CEO, Cloud Catalyst Technologies
Atanu Sarkar | CEO Webskitters

In Closing
We’re eager to hear your feedback, questions, and comments! This thread post is a brief overview of the project and we strongly recommend visiting the website, watching the video, and reading the White Paper if you’re interested in a comprehensive overview.

Join us on Telegram, follow us on Twitter, and “Like” our Facebook page. This is the primary way we intend to engage with and update our growing community. We want to see you all there, so please take a moment and join! | AXP Video | White Paper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | DASHUB | Medium (Articles)

IMPORTANT: is our only official website!

Thank You!

Edit Reason: Added links to our new Medium publication

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Milet77 28 June 2018 11:43
Launching blockchain operations on the existing platform is more realistic and stable approach, especially in such a traditional thing, an automotive industry. I think this gonna work, support
Paw24s 28 June 2018 19:46
They're intervening the big automotive industry market. It is a brave step for ledger. How many applications will be there for this concept?
Silva367 09 July 2018 02:35
This industry and many other are changing. AXP is a good way to transform and disrupt the old market, and besides it is launched in the US, so...


DASHUB inc. is an online automotive marketplace company that sells used vehicles and associated services via its primary website With this project DASHUB intends to produce blockchain-based technology designed to enhance key elements of its current operations. This technology is called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and its token is called the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

DASHUB has identified several areas of its core business it believes can be enhanced through the use of blockchain technology. Each example (which they refer to as “Use Cases”) will be described in detail later in this White Paper. If launched, both its core business and existing consumer base- currently 250,000+ members strong- will have immediate access to the platform through the use of DASHUB’s website, integrated wallet, and an Application Programming Interface (API). This business and consumer activity will drive the initial value and utility of the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

All transactions made within the AXP will be contained in a decentralized distributed ledger. And since the platform would launch with considerable existing business and consumer activity, it is expected that the platform’s performance metrics will substantiate the benefits of the platform and encourage other companies to also adopt and build upon the AXP. Once functioning, consumers will be able to use/interact with AXP without additional industry adoption, which we expect will create consumer demand for AXP’s services and therefore create demand for its token (AXT). This activity will generate momentum that DASHUB and its partners hope to use to scale the platform internally and externally by lobbying the automotive industry at large.

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