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betley 28 May 2018 00:50

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Betley Platform Bounty Campaigns
Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Bounty Manager;u=2147176

What is Betley?
Betley is the premier, Ai powered P2P social betting platform. The difference between us and other P2P platforms, we allow betting on ANYTHING, not just sporting events and using blockchain forces us to be completely transparent on our members winnings.

Presale ICO begins 1st June 2018 at 10:00am AEST (12am GMT)
Crowd sale ICO begins 1st August 2018 10:00am AEST (12am GMT)

Bounty Campaigns
9,750,000 Betley tokens available (1.5%)

Twitter - 30%
Telegram - 30%
Signature - 30%
Article/Blog/Video - 10%

Each round will last for 7 days ending at 11:00pm of the 7th day.
Example: Week 1 begins 28th May 9:00am AEST and will end Sunday 3rd June 11:00pm AEST.

Presale Campaigns
Week 1 – 28th May 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 2 – 4th June 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 3 – 11th June 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 4 – 18th June 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 5 – 25th June 2018 9:00am AEST

Crowd Sale Campaigns
Week 6 – 2nd July 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 7 – 9th July 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 8 – 16th July 2018 9:00am AEST
Week 9 – 23rd July 2018 9:00am AEST

Twitter Campaign

Sign up form

Response spreadsheet

How to participate in the Betley Twitter bounty program
1.   Follow Betley Social (@betley_social) Twitter accounts
2.   Post a tweet with the following text: "@betley_social – Ai Powered P2P betting platform built using #blockchain technology. Join the ICO sale at and receive up to 50% bonus tokens."
3.   Retweet and like all post of @betley_social post on Twitter

What will you earn?
All qualifying participants with 500 - 2000 followers will earn 700 BETS per week
All qualifying participants with 2001+ friends will earn 1000 BETS per week

1.   Your Twitter account must have minimum 500 followers.
2.   Account must be open as a public profile.
3.   Only one Twitter account per person is allowed.
4.   Your Twitter account needs to have at least 85% real followers according to Twitter Audit.
5.   Your Twitter account must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
6.   You must be an active and a regular Twitter user and must be retweeting our Betley’s official posts and updates.
7.   Minimum of 2 original tweets must be done weekly to be eligible for payment.
8.   Minimum of 5 retweets must be done weekly to be eligible for payment & retweets should be spread over a week not in one day.
9.   Not posting any week’s tweets or retweets will mean no token will be given for that week.

How to submit your bounty claim
Week #1
Twitter Campaign

Signature Campaign

Signature sign up form

Response sheet

How to participate in the Betley Signature bounty program
1.   The signature codes and avatar can be found below.
2.   The signature must be held until the end of the campaign (TBA). If you remove the signature in the middle of the campaign, you will be disqualified.

What will you earn?
Users will receive varying amounts of Betley tokens according to their rank.

1.   We expect you to post at least 10 constructive posts per week. Only 3 of these posts can be in local boards.
2.   Posts must be on-topic. Spamming, low-quality posts, copy/pasted text, and off-topic posts will not qualify.
3.   Spammers and multi-account users will be banned and disqualified.
4.   Receiving negative trust ratings or being banned during your participation in the campaign will get you disqualified.
5.   Accounts with negative trust ratings are not accepted. If your rank changes during the campaign, please notify the bounty manager.
6.   Participants must be at least a Jr. Member, do not apply if you are not at least a Jr. Member.

Signature Avatar
Download image from here
Width/Height should = 100px

Ai Powered Social P2P Betting Platform – Join the betting revolution now

BETLEY.IO | Up to 50% bonus tokens
Ai Powered Social P2P Betting Platform – Join the betting revolution now

Full Member and above
BETLEY.IO | Up to 50% bonus tokens
Ai Powered Social P2P Betting Platform – Join the betting revolution now
Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

Telegram Campaign

Telegram sign up form

Response sheet

How to participate in the Betley Telegram bounty program
1.   Use the form above to register
2.   Join the discussion at

What will you earn?
1000 Betley tokens per week

1.   You must update your Telegram username to "Your Name |"
2.   No spam or foul language against other members or the project.
3.   Try to be active and ask questions about the project.
4.   Stay until the end of the ICO.
5.   Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited.

Article/Video Campaign

Article sign up form

Response sheet

How to participate in the Betley article/blog/video bounty program
1.   Write an article, review, or blog post about in your words
2.   Post it on reputable sites or platforms.
What will you earn?
Each of these will earn you 1,000 Betley tokens.

Each video will earn you:
1.   Normal quality video and audience will earn you 2,500 Betley tokens
2.   Medium quality video and audience will earn you 3,500 Betley tokens
3.   High quality video and audience will earn you 5,000 Betley tokens

Article/Blog Rules
1.   The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
2.   Content must be original. Plagiarising will cause your account to be disqualified.
3.   The audience must be related to Betley (betting, sports etc) or the crypto community.
4.   Platforms must have real, genuine users/members/audience. No fake accounts will be accepted.
5.   Must have at least 1 link to

Video Rules
1.   Describe Betley and its features.
2.   Video must be in good resolution.
3.   Video must be minimum 1 minute.
4.   You can upload them to YouTube, Vimeo.
5.   You will receive rewards based on the quality and the audience of Video.

How to submit your bounty claim
Week #1
Article/Blog/Video Campaign

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Only users that authorised via telegram can left comments.

PropoSpo 21 June 2018 16:49
I don't understand why there is such a big gap between softcap and hardcap? Like 9m is a lot of money lol
Ferdinands 02 July 2018 18:01
They began gambling back in 2015, idea was interesting, I wish I had tried their app, but unfortunately I did not know anything about it. Now I'd like to join this fascinating project!
Jacksonq 07 July 2018 09:07
they offer a completely new way to gamble, and it looks fun and legit haha ;)
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Because we have no odds, the winning potential is limitless. Punters will never win less than what other popular bookie platforms are offering but the chance to win much bigger is possible with every bet. We are building an Ai system that scans the web and builds our betting templates allowing members to quickly create a bet between them and their mates or join the community of punters.

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