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Alex Khvatov 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Today, we are announcing something spectacular.

BGX. The first open-source distributed ledger focusing on digital assets. BGX provides a seamless and easy integration between businesses - using decentralization to construct shared ecosystems of customers, data, and cross-products.

Change is coming.

We are out there to change the way companies do business and open up new possibilities for customers from all over the world.  

Recent digital transformation trends have seen Fortune 500 companies close, entire industries seen their core product margins being decimated, and well-established corporations gave way to tech unicorns and omni-present giants like Amazon. Google. Alibaba. The companies that have shown the power of involving customers and other businesses in creating value; that have shown ecosystems as the emerging, clearly dominant business model. Yet for most businesses, building such ecosystems is almost impossible. They lack the technological framework. They also lack the economic model that would attract participants; and developing either of those mean large investments into infrastructure, years of development, and… risk. That is what BGX solves.

BGX empowers businesses to deliver more to consumers.

First, BGX allows businesses to operate nodes on its network and form clusters of shared customers, data, and products. BGX provides the much-needed means for seamless vertical, horizontal, and cross-industry integration. Businesses can create complimentary products or shared loyalty alliances. Second, businesses in one value chain share information, with companies having access to instantly available analysis of big data in regards to any supply chain participant or customer, without sacrificing privacy. Third, by being the world’s first blockchain that processes more than just payments or data, but also the creation and delivery of digital goods, BGX becomes an intermediary-free platform for collaborative commerce. Transactions no longer go through layers of intermediaries, financial systems, nation borders, industry divides, regulations and risks. All this is available to a business for almost no investment in almost no time needed to integrate into the network.

BGX empowers businesses to deliver more to consumers.

The engine of BGX, which powers this amazingly versatile system, is the unique F-BFT Consensus. A transformative solution to an ages-old mathematical problem of Byzantine generals, that until recently has been deemed unsolvable, it controls the economic motivation, decentralized trust, processing and near infinite horizontal and vertical scalability of the system. In one sentence, there is no other market-ready technological solution that brings such efficiency to the very foundation of business, no other than BGX.  

Highly integrative network.

The BGX Network is highly integrative. Most enterprise software takes years to implement, growing obsolete by the time it’s in. Getting involved with the current blockchain systems as a business is a nightmare of high transaction costs, slow speeds, and weeks of development. BGX does things differently. Easy API integration allows the platform to easily become a part of any corporate information environment. Even additional features, such as having a mobile application or inter-ecosystem currency are white-label instruments provided by the platform. This ensures the maximum number of participants.
The BGX Network also features powerful economic mechanisms. The low-fee transactions are processed quickly and are infinitely scalable. The double token system protects the platform’s consumers from crypto-volatility, while also anchoring the verification of nodes in a public proof-of-work system like Ethereum, thus magnifying security. Finally, each business that joins the platform is motivated to bring in their customers and more businesses, thus growing the BGX network’s value and usability exponentially with each new participant.

Unprecedented technology.

Of course, we also have to mention the unprecedented technology of BGX. This includes the powerful artificial intelligence engine designed at top-tier global research facilities. It provides security from the network and instantaneous analysis of data. Differential privacy gives businesses highly targeted information, while protecting the privacy of consumers. BGX has the ability to facilitate any kind of transaction, not just payments, but also the delivery of digital goods. Finally, the innovative information registry is based on the Direct Acyclic Graph, which gives the system very high speeds and horizon0al & vertical scalability.

That is the overview of BGX. The DEC Token, that is central to the system, will hit exchanges soon. So... what do you think?

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BGX is a comprehensive solution that supports mobile game features and combines the capabilities of blockchain technology with advanced AI neural networks. Game developers and app markets get built-in support for their games, access to different monetization models, distribution to millions of players, and fees of less than 10%. Players get a chance to earn on the platform and exchange their tokens both between games and into real money. The platform is open-sourced, protected from crypto-volatility, has the speed and capacity far superior to the Ethereum blockchain, and enables all to share in its revenues.

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