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Bitacium 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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    It is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin are the most popular currencies in the world right now. However, while these digital currencies are easily accessible through digital platforms, there is still a large percentage of individuals and organizations skeptical on the innovation with most of the blame going to the high volatility.

    Despite all this, other ventures have found a pretty easy way to overcome this challenge by tying the cryptos to values worth investing into.

    Bitacium XBCU and XBOND is an example of how the digital form of currency besides been used for payment on the blockchain could evolve to become much more valuable.

    What Is Bitacium?

    Bitacium is bringing in sensational innovation to blockchain and media services, integrating business and social activities into one network to enhance lifestyles all over the world.

    Bitacium offers cross border payment token worldwide and a distributed token sharing exchange for token holders. XBCU acts as the broker currency that can be exchanged for other digital currencies instantly. Our app interface gives consumers, merchants and general users the ability to access, purchase, sell goods and services and accept digital currencies in any location and rewards the users for their transactions.

    Bitacium was the first premier advocate of value. Giving users a fast and sustainable business friendly environment with stable tokens has always been the mission of the project. A much more stable and acceptable cryptocurrency that would be recognized and respected in all countries without issues would pave the way for greater innovations in various payment system, and XBCU seems to be at the forefront of this objective.

    As a company, we hope to plough back profit in upcoming months to research and develop new products and services using blockchain technology to add value to the lives of users worldwide.


    Benefits of Bitacium

    A low-cost exchange service for users to trade their cryptocurrencies regardless of their location.

    First of its kind dApp, combining Blockchain and social media as one.

    Bitacium also introduces an exchange that allows XBCU contributors to earn rewards just from participating in Bitacium’s ecosystem.

    The token cashback spending reward is also a great way for the users to earn bonuses from shopping on the Bitacium marketplace.

    Bitacium allows users to borrow while also empowering them with the potential to lend to other users through the XBOND.


    1. Extremely Powerful DEX exchange and A.i. system.

    2. Versatile dApp wallet: The Bitacium Wallet will enable easy purchase of XBCU and other altcoins.

    3. Centralized and Decentralized exchange to give users the option of both technology.

    4. Opportunity to use Your Crypto Anywhere in the world

    5. Buy, sell, transfer & Exchange with merchants and users worldwide All from one app using one unique token, Bitacium XBCU.

    6. Receive token cashbacks and special discount from merchants who subscribe and use the Bitacium marketplace. ICO token holders receive distributed profit from the Bitacium exchange.

    7. First Blockchain Decentralized application with Social media features. Discuss business, sign deals, transact with XBCU.

    XBCU will be listed in Decentralized and Centralized Exchange before Token Sale

    XBCU is fully compliant with the most popular token standard in the world: ERC20. This makes it compatible with a broad list of wallets (e.g., MyEtherWallet, MetaMask), a truly key factor for boosting the token’s widespread adoption.

    We are bringing new innovations to enhance current systems and technology to make distributed ledger and networking awesome, worldwide. We also backup with regular meetings and reports to keep investors, traders, marketers and various users informed of our progress.

    Join Bitacium Now https://www.bitacium.io

    Join us on
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitacium
    Whitepaper: https://cdn.website-editor.net/f1498836dcf44badb4370c6f464afe4b/files/uploaded/BitaciuM%2520WhitepaPER.pdf
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitacium
    Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Bitacium/

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    Ruladanon 30 May 2018 16:34
    Will I get the opportunity to exchange this token to fiat at any time the reward is obtained?
    Petrec 12 July 2018 14:19
    haha this one seems so alluring :) none of exchanges offers participation reward, while this promises to do.
    hert5 17 July 2018 02:15
    It's the first exchange that shares income with users obtained for price rise. Incredible.


    Bitacium is a global decentralized currency for cross border transaction, payment processing and settlements with an A.I. exchange system that packs a reward. XBCU acts as the broker currency that can be exchanged for Cash, other digital currencies and to acquire or sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium instantly with merchants and dealers of precious metals. Bitacium BAETRIS, built on blockchain technology, utilizes smart contracts and acts as the main administrator on the platform, managing and disbursing cryptcocuurency through a strict rule and protocol system to deliver seamless operation and interactivity. Bitacium will trade on a number of major crypto exchanges. It will also have its own open-source wallet integrated into the BAETRIS system, our propriety A.i. exchange system. In addition to strong fund protection, the Bitacium Wallet will enable easy purchase of XBCU via third-party exchange APIs. Both XBCU coin, the BAETRIS System and Cashback work seamlessly as one powerful package for global use. The three (3) tier system of Bitacium work as one to deliver a powerful decentralized system with brilliant privilege to end users. Bitacium is fully compliant with the most popular token standard in the world: ERC-20. This makes it compatible with a broad list of wallets (e.g., MyEtherWallet, MetaMask), a truly key factor for boosting the token’s widespread adoption.

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