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  1. Our Pre-ICO now open!

    bh-beo , 2018-05-21 19:36:32

  2. Upcoming MVP & Pre-ICO Updates

    bnhd , 2018-06-04 17:26:53

  3. The Pre-ICO minimum entry point has been reduced!

    bnhd , 2018-05-30 13:03:48

  4. Bitmillex Vs. Competitors

    hdsudndhbs , 2018-05-05 14:31:21

  5. The ICO Whitelist has opened.

    bh-beo , 2018-05-04 13:06:10

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Pali 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Announcements Channel Whitepaper One Pager   Bounty

Earn 7.5% on whoever you refer when they buy!

We are pleased to announce that our Peer to peer exchange goes live on February 26th 2019 with BTC, ETH and BTML as initial tradeable instruments

The P2P platform creates not just an opportunity for users to legally exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies through various funding/payment options, it comes with great features such as the revenue share plan, high speed transactions and low fees.

We shall be giving away a total of 50,000 BTML to early adopters with the best feedbacks and suggestions. These feedbacks will form the basis for our UI/UX upgrades.

The launch of the p2p exchange will be followed by listing on an external exchange which will be announced not earlier than 24 hours to listing time.

We thank you for keeping faith with the project. Please expect a lot more from Bitmillex

You may contact an admin or email for enquiries/suggestions

What does Bitmillex offer for you?

Why We Are The Most Complete Platform



Check Update #1 - Intro welcome message

Check Update #2 - Airdrop has closed in a record time of 76 hours

🔶 The Bitmillex Auto-Trade Feature Summary 🔶

✅This feature is designed for the following categories of traders; the newbies, the less skilled, the ones who do not have the time to trade and those who seek passive income without active involvement.

✅It works on the principle of Copy Trading, where there is the copier (or follower) and the leader.

✅On the exchange will exist a pool called “my cryptobook” where any trader who wishes to participate can register and make his trading performance visible to everyone else on the platform. It is a ranking of the top traders on the exchange which can be sorted by period, by number of trades and by amount(BTC and USD) made in profits.  Beside each ranked trader will be a follow button.

✅Traders who wish to follow a trader will review the performances and select which trader they wish to follow by clicking the follow button. The follower will decide how much of his available balance he wishes to commit to the leader and further determine how much of the committed funds should be allocated to each trade.

✅Traders are allowed to set a stop-loss percentage. This means if the cumulative amount committed to a particular leader drops by the set stop-loss percentage, all open trades will be automatically closed.

✅The leader receives a percentage of the profits made by his followers.


✔️ 1# The Bitmillex ICO is for two exchanges. 1 ICO, 2 exchanges. A hybrid approach that will birth a
centralized platform and a decentralized one in Q1 2019.

✔️ 2# Bitmillex is being hosted on the most advanced and secure servers. On this and at full launch, we
are partnering with Amazon Web Service and will operate a fail-safe system with alternative,
fully dedicated cloud server backup.

✔️ 3# Bitmillex partners with world #1 hacker powered security platform, Hackerone to conduct a
continuous vulnerability checking and fixing program. (This works by having over 100,000
hackers on their network have a continuous go at Bitmillex systems to look for loopholes and
areas of weakness. For every weakness found, it is immediately sealed in collaboration with the
Bitmillex developers. This will go on until there is no known vulnerability)

✔️ 4# Bitmillex shall at every instant hold no greater than 2% of total investor funds online,The
remaining 98% shall be offline in secure cold wallets. (And the 2% online shall be fully insured
against any form of loss)

✔️ 5# The Bitmillex servers shall be connected to custom built hardware security modules (HSM) to
safeguard and manage all digital keys for superior authentication and protection of
cryptographic keys. (This is what the big banks use to secure their servers that is why we never
hear of them being hacked. Only one or two known cryptocurrency exchanges have this feature)

✔️ 6# On Bitmillex exchange, users can buy and sell BTC and ETH directly to and from other users in a
unique peer to peer arrangement (Like what is done on Paxful)

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.

whisa 14 June 2018 10:50
The project seems strong, but why the promo is so weak on the internet? It definitely deserves more attention!
SamLew 14 June 2018 15:19
This project is rather good. Trading platforms need change and this one also offers passive income - this feature is one of the key as for me.
Xipayva 05 July 2018 22:19
They have successful bounty programs, I see that popularity of this wonderful project grows. Perhaps it's a new big exchange on the market. I has very convenient features.


Designed to be the world’s most secure and complete cryptocurrency exchange, Bitmillex is developed by experienced traders and experts in cybersecurity and the use of blockchain financial solutions, to create customized and tangible solutions to the demands of various categories of traders and investors; and aggregate these solutions into a most unique and extra-ordinary trading platform.

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BB- Marginless
B+ UniFox
B+ Bubbletone
B+ Datarius Cryptobank
B+ Bitmillex
B+ FarmaTrust
B+ AirPod
BB- SID Token
B+ LeadRex
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