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Blockstate 04 Sep 2018 11:56

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What is BlockState about?

BlockState is creating a new type of trading platform for financial assets, that will allow everyone easier access to financial markets - businesses and individuals alike.

Using Blockchain technology we are able to streamline and automate financial market processes and design an inherently transparent and trustable trading platform for "real-world" financial assets. This eliminates a range of costs and complexities of trading, essentially making it possible for everyone to participate in the financial markets.

What are BlockState products?

We are building infrastructure products for three financial market verticals. Our products are built to maximize efficiency gains for investors, issuers and regulators. Using Blockchain technology we create a more cost-effective, transparent and accessible financial ecosystem for all participants.

​1) Asset Management
CTF15 – the safest and easiest crypto asset investment product – is the first of a holistic range of ETPs that create access to the Blockchain ecosystem. The CTF15 is a passive crypto-asset strategy that tracks the largest 15 crypto-assets, weighted by their market capitalization.

2) Bonds and Loans
DETI is a Blockchain-enabled framework that uses smart-contracts to streamline issuing, clearing and settling of bonds and loans. By disintermediating legacy technology and processes, DETI increases cost-efficiency, transparency and accessibility to debt capital. DETI will launch soon.

3) Derivatives
DECEND enables significantly faster and efficient trading of illiquid derivatives. BlockState disintermediates costly market processes for margin and collateral mechanisms as well as reporting requirements. DECEND will launch in 2019.

Enabling the next generation financial products

BlockState products must always meet the following three criteria:

1) More efficient than available products, saving costs.
2) More transparent than current products, reducing risk.
3) Fully compliant with regulators and easily accessible

Equity Token Offering

As one of the first companies in history, we will publicly issue our equity in the form of tokens. Fully transparent. Fully regulated. Available to anyone, anywhere. More details to be announced.

The tokens will be offered on


Q: What is an Equity Token Offering?

A: An Equity Token Offering, or ETO, is a novel way for investors of any kind to invest into equity. In an ETO, investors of any kind can buy equity in the form of a token. Once bought, the ownership of the token grants all the shareholder rights that a “normal” investment into a company would offer, using a system of smart contracts that run on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Q: What is the difference to an ICO?

A: The main difference between an ETO and an ICO is that in an ETO, investors can buy real shares in a company, while in an ICO, investors can usually only acquire so called “utility-tokens”. Utility tokens can be used as a type of voucher or unit of currency for a specific underlying product or service and do not grant shareholder rights

Q: Why is BlockState doing an ETO?

A: BlockState’s mission is to increase the accessibility to financial markets for all types of investors. Tokenizing our own equity and making it available to investors of all types is only consistent with our mission. Moreover, ETOs bear the advantage of being able to reach a broad audience – private and institutional investors alike. Last but not least, the prospect of immediate liquidity of the shares is an attractive benefit for investors.

Q: What will the funds be used for?

A: BlockState will employ the raised capital to grow its team, build company operations and deliver its product: The next generation financial infrastructure for the DCM and derivatives markets.

Q: Are ETOs legal?

A: Yes. The BlockState ETO is taking place on the specialized fundraising platform Neufund, which is taking all necessary technological and legal steps to enable investors to buy equity in the form of tokens in a fully regulated environment.

Q: When will the ETO take place?

A: The BlockState ETO is planned to take place in the fourth quarter of 2018. Further updates will be published soon. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date.

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"Today's financial markets are characterised by major inefficiencies: Outdated technologies and a large number of intermediaries are involved in processing products and ensuring that regulatory requirements are met. While such complex and resource consuming structures are used, transparency of financial products and investment banking activity still do not meet the expectations of the market. BlockState develops infrastructure products that solve all three of these issues. Using Distributed Ledger Technology, many of the processes can be automated legacy technologies can be replaced, while still ensuring a very high level of trust. BlockState's modular infrastructure approach covers several building blocks in the financial markets like risk and compliance, issuance, custodians, calculation agents or settlement and clearing. BlockState acts as a technology facilitator enabling financial institutions to offer products and services much more efficiently and transparently to enable access to a much broader group of investors of all types and ensure compliance with high regulatory standards."

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