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Bounty Angels
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CryptoMadMax 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Bounty Angels-automatic marketing platform for bounty campaigns.

For ICO. For blockchain community. For everyone.

Bounty Angels evolves and automatizes ICO ecosystem. We enable everyone to take part in bounty campaigns and get fair reward.

What is Bounty Angels?
The Bounty Angels Platform is a solution for semiautomatic Bounty campaigns. It is meant to simplify work of Bounty Hunters, overcome difficulties related to running a Bounty campaign for blockchain projects and
advertising agencies. Apart from that, the platform will bring the quality and accessibility of Bounty campaigns to a completely new level.

How it works
Bounty Angels operates on the Ethereum blockchain, it means, that it is a DAPP on the top of the Ethereum blockchain. So, as a result, our token (BANG) is ERC20 compatible.

What is ERC20?
ERC20 is the Ethereum token standard. It is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It means, that all platforms/projects (DAPPs), based on the top of the Ethereum blockchain have the tokens of the same standard-ERC20.

The problems of ICOs and Bounty programs
In the market, there are too few qualified specialists in this sphere, thus it is quite difficult to hire a specialist who will tackle this problem and conduct a high-level campaign. Besides, even a high-quality product does not always succeed to stand-up in the media noise and attract sufficient numbers of Bounty Hunters. Each project organizing a Bounty campaign basically does it from scratch and makes a lot of mistakes. Ultimately, many projects get negative Bounty experience and have no wish to further participate in a similar program. Also, many Bounty campaigns are run inefficiently because it is close to impossible to track really useful Bounty Hunters. Existing criteria, such as the number of subscribers, just create an image of selection. Bounty Hunters are able to boost the number of subscribers artificially, and the tokens will be lost in vain. Basically, there are no automated control systems that can make a campaign effective, and to do it manually and check a large amount of accounts is too expensive and time-consuming.

Bounty Programs
Bounty Hunters face a large amount of issues as well. First of all, no one can be one hundred percent sure that some token will go public, so in many cases Bounty Hunters will not receive a deserved reward for a well done job. It is difficult for a Bounty Hunter to show how valuable he/she is for the customer, and this is why in some cases he/she earns less than it could be possible. A situation, when a Bounty Hunter who artificially boosted the number of friends/subscribers/views gets more than a real account, is unfair. This way those Bounty Hunters, who really work effectively, lose.
A novice faces similar problems, because on the one hand, a beginner will have few subscribers, but on the other hand, he or she may be doing a really good job. Also for Bounty Hunters, it is difficult to choose promising projects, they may regret their decision about participation in this or that project. People who are only getting interested in becoming a Bounty Hunter often do not find the required information and stop their activities in this area after they get a negative experience and lose time.

What we offer
For ordinary users, like Bounty Hunters (contributors)
There is a list of key opportunities:
1. Token distribution just in one click
You have certainly ever sent some payments with cryptowallets. These payments do not take much time and efforts. In ICO you have to make them for lots of people. Each participant gets different number of tokens. It is crucial not to make a mistake and get confused. The founders face this challenge when they distribute tokens, in particular, for Bounty campaigns. One of our tools is going to take care of this problem and make the processes easier, faster, and safer.
2. KPI Analytics and KPI control
Now Bounty campaigns are managed manually. Most of founders use MS Excel to record and systematize Bounty Hunters actions. That approach makes hard to define the benefits of each campaign. It does not allow to react quickly to overexpenditures and ineffective token distribution. Note that one ICO can make dozens of Bounty campaigns. Our platform is going to track Hunters activity in real time and organize the obtained data in dynamic shape reports. It will enable to adjust the prices and manage the campaigns. As a result, Bounty program will get more effective and tokens will not be wasted.
3. Bounty Hunter's Account
We faced up that most Bounty Hunters take part in numerous campaigns. Some campaigns are got lost. Sometimes Hunter doesn’t get full payment for work. In some cases, there are misunderstandings about the situation with campaigns that Bounty Hunter took part in. It takes a lot of time and efforts to deal with it. Private Account will demonstrate all the information about Bounty programs that Hunter is interested in. Bounty Hunters will see all chosen campaigns, confirmation of their activities, and the whole information about token payments. Also, they will be able to find the markets to change these tokens.
4. Training guidelines
One of our purposes is a blockchain community expansion. We are planning to form a course for everybody to take part in Bounty campaigns effectively. It will help people with financial problems and disabled.
5. Rating system for Bounty Hunters
At the moment Hunters participate in numerous campaigns on equal terms. Differentiation is determined by the number of subscribers and the account levels. Bounty Hunters do not have any motivation to provide improved services. We are going to make a rating system that will grade the quality and the effectiveness of activities automatically and semi-automatically. The rank will depend on KPI rates. Payments will be in proportion to the rank. It will reward high-quality work and level up the services provided.
6. Automatic search of activities
In the later stages of our platform Bounty Hunters won’t have to send a lot of reports with links. The system will find Hunters activities for most campaigns and determine the conformity of works with the program. It will make Hunters work and Bounty programs management easier.

For advertising agencies
There are 2 key options:
1. We organize everything for them by ourselves and they get a certain share of transactions.
2. They can get administration access to the platform
and manage the campaign in semiautomatic mode.

1. In our case the platform is centrally administered; trained specialists will perform complete quality analysis of the entire campaign and will be responsible for it. Those will be specific people whom the customer can meet personally. In case of our competitors, Bounty Hunters have to pay to some Bounty Sheriffs out of their own pocket for the inspection of the Hunters' work. Those Sheriffs are also third party Bounty Hunters but they were assigned to do administration of the work. We believe that such a system is not reliable and, what's more important, it is not fair for Bounty Hunters.
2. In the competitors' system, Bounty Hunters can pay in order to raise their status. We believe that any Hunter should really deserve his/her level doing the work, and
each person should get remuneration in accordance with their results, and not based on the amount of funds they have invested. This system will facilitate trust-based cooperation of higher quality.
3. Our tokenomics is aimed at the token price growth, and we focus on that because this is also a priority point for investors.
4. We operate as an advertising agency for projects, thus we are focused on resolution of all customer's issues. Our analysts will conduct thorough professional audit of companies and select strategies on an individual basis providing a full range of services.
5.The companies will go through a very strict selection process before they can get onto our platform, which enhances the level of trust in our company.
6. On average, a reward in tokens is higher than a reward on freelance marketplaces.
7. Token price is speculative. if the project is successful, token holders make a significant profit.
8. Startups do not need large amount of seed money. The Company is able to get a wide range of services without money spending. Using freelance exchanges the company will have to make money donations.

1. We will be able to provide these services only on a paid basis, thus, unlike in case of our competitor, not all companies will be able to use our services. We also risk our own funds when cooperating with companies with doubtful future prospectives, that is why projects will be thoroughly selected and we will only work with high-quality projects.
2. This days the market is still establishing. If you need to get a reward in fiat currencies, you will have to use exchanges. It will take some time, and fees will reduce your amount of money.
3. Token price is hardly predictable. The price can fall down. Token may be not listed at exchanges. The project can collect too little funds and terminate the activity. All the above can significantly reduce your reward.

Why we need money
At the moment, our project is at the beginning stage. We will launch Pre-ICO within a month. We need money for the development of the most efficient and quality platform. This is a rather ambitious project where we need highly qualified developers. Writing of a complex smart content that will make it possible to automate distributions. Legal counseling costs. Marketing costs since we are planning to launch advertising of our service around the world and to attract the highest possible number of customers and Bounty Hunters. Assurance of sustainability of the Bounty ecosystem.

Why token will grow
We plan to take payments for our service only in our BANG this means, that before our customers can buy our services, they will have to buy BANG in the market. Since our systems will be automated, and the market is highly competitive, we will be able to grow our revenues with the highest possible rate. As the number of our orders grows, the cost of BANG will grow as well. The cost of our services will be significantly lower than our payments to Bounty Hunters. When our frozen pool is exhausted, we will have to buy out our tokens to pay to Bounty Hunters. This will also stimulate the token price growth. It is necessary to understand, that in this case we will not get tokens confirmed by the customers for these needs, but we will give BANG financed by our own funds, and this poses a risk for us. In order to secure ourselves against bankruptcy, we will only work with those companies whose tokens, in our opinion, will repay our costs.



The team behind the project


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Join us in this amazing journey!

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Our task is to create the platform that will automatically control activities of the Bounty Hunters and calculate their remuneration, automatically upload a report for the distribution of tokens and define efficiency and input of each Bounty Hunter into the campaign. Apart from development of advertising tools, the platform will create an easily accessible pool of qualified advisors, software developers, designers and other specialists necessary to implement a project We do not start a revolution; we do not change the world. We create a highly demanded market product; we will do something that helps blockchain community gain reputation and money and improve lives of many people. Simplicity. Quality. Fair reward. These are Bounty Angels key points. Main features of Bounty Angels Platform are: training guidelines, rating system for involved hunters, automatic search of activities, very strict selection process for projects, option of professional audit and building strategies for projects, bounty reward in tokens is higher than a reward on freelance marketplaces.

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