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g0rlitzer 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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BrikBit Digital Shares
the first blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages
entire operations for the Real Estate industry

Website | Whitepaper | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Reddit | YouTube


The Real Estate sector is highly characterized by illiquid funds, by difficulty to understand and determine
the mandatory rules which need to be applied in different operations and substantial investment
involving all main players.

At the same time, globalisation and digitalisation of certain services in the building process i.e. the creation of digital images, projects and business plans, have opened
up new development opportunities that are anyhow discouraged by inefficiencies caused by today’s monetary exchange system.

Furthermore, the introduction of the blockchain will be the innovative aspect that will characterize the new ecosystem,
making it safe, univocal, flexible and efficient.

Within the BrikBit ecosystem all shareholders involved in the Real Estate projects will be able to use the potentiality
of blockchain technology to automate, disintermediate and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes during all
steps of a Real Estate enterprise such as fund collection, design, creation and management.

The new BrikBit Digital Shares ecosystem will optimize and liquidate resources and value in this sector:
 it will be the real financial revolution of Real Estate.


The value within a Real Estate project is created by different players involved in the realisation of a building.
Owners, architects and legal advisors share a mutual goal to create a revenue and get an economic advantage
from the resources involved. Builders and raw material suppliers have an economic goal to get a payback for their efforts
during the building stage of the property and banks play a predominant role in the Real Estate industry providing funds.

It is understandable that the network of relationships between players is directly connected to the final value of a Real Estate project, represented by the property itself as an operating and productive activity.

Ecosystem: Lisk blockchain, BrikBit blockchain, BRIK and REDA

Lisk will be the main reference blockchain and BrikBit will be a linked
sidechain where the entire BrikBit Digital Shares platform will be developed.

The REDA (Real Estate Digital Asset) of a building might be seen as an object stored in a decentralized
database and represents the interface between the blockchain platform and the real. The protocol will determine the partitions of a building: allowing platform users to optimise the value exchange of a building.

BRIK will be a utility coin also for its technological function for the maintenance of the consensus in the BrikBit Blockchain.

BRIKs will be necessary and will be used and spent to get access to the platform, as well as to implement REDA, REDApps and dedicated smart contracts. BRIKs will also be used to pay the transaction fees necessary for the exchange of information and all type of transaction.

We could easily say that REDA can be defined the “Avatar” of a building, uniquely representative of a Real Estate Project and with its dedicated, univocal and transferable Token.

For an in depth focus on our project please read our Whitepaper and visit the website

Token and ICO information

Token name: Brik
Token type: ERC20
Symbol: BRIK

Softcap: 3000 Eth
Target: 15000 Eth
Hardcap: 24000 Eth

Max total supply: 100 000 000 BRIK
Available supply: 75 000 000 BRIK
Team & Bounty: 25 000 000 BRIK

Minimum purchase: 1 Eth
Price: 2000 BRIK = 1 Eth

Consensus: DPoS
Delegates: 211 forgers
Blocks per day: 7854 blocks (37 blocks signed by each delegate)
Reward: 8 BRIKs for every forged block

NOTE: US and chinese citizens can't participate to our ICO


Start developing Idea, Project draft of Brik Shares


January 2018
BrikBit Digital Shares Company Foundation

Q1 - 2018
Private sale

Q2 -2018
BrikBit Social Professional Platform (Alpha)

Q3 - 2018
Setup test blockchain DPoS

Q4 - 2018
Main net blockchain BrikBit - Swap token ERC20 to BRIK (DPoS)


Q1 - 2019
First sidechain REDA test Kickoff 1st Pilot RE project Beta version of BrikBit Social Professional Network

Q2 - 2019
Kick off BrikBit platform REDA main sidechain
Kick off BrikBit trading platform

Q3 - 2019
1st REDA Pilot project - Architectural design

Q4 - 2019
1st REDA Pilot project - Construction


1st REDA City Project


Bounty Campaign coming soon

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BrikBit is the first Lisk-based Real Estate blockchain ecosystem, which allows to develop Dapps with its dedicated sidechains coded in JavaScript. BrikBit platform will have Delegate Proof of Stake consensus protocol (DPoS), which will be the mutual base of all applications and necessary instruments to manage the value interchange within each Real Estate project. All interchanges and purchases will take place using BRIK, the native coin of our Blockchain. Each Real Estate project will be able to create its own blockchain (as a BrikBit sidechain) with its own rules and features, different according to the country and legislation of the project itself. Each different sidechain will be able to have its own independent token, which will not be linked to any activity of BRIK.

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