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lennyf1 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Blockchain Cannabis Integration
Revolutionizing the Way Cannabis Does Business



We are a blockchain banking solution for the cannabis industry. Our platform provides vital financial and ata services for cannabis companies all powered by the ethereum blockchain!


Budd attempts to pull the Canadian cannabis industry from the marginalized to the mainstream network by incorporating Blockchain into the components of the cannabis community. We have our strengths in the unique cannabis and Blockchain connection through the use of smart contracts

Welcome to Budd token Bounty Program

We are launching a platform that will provide cannabis sellers a blockchain banking solution to accept forms of digital payment. Join our bounty and win thousands of tokens!

At the end of pre-sale, we will distribute in total 400000 tokens after our internal censorship.

The bounty budget is divided into the following categories:
Twitter -20%
Facebook – 15%
Airdrops – 30%
Bitcointalk signature campaigns -15%
Telegram – 10%
Youtube – 10%

1.   Twitter Campaign

Follow BUDD Token twitter and earn tokens

Multiple accounts registration is not allowed. One person=one account. All related accounts will be deleted. We will check the following status before and after the ICO.
You can report maximum 1 Retweet and Like a day, and 7 Retweets and Likes per week.To help with this, we will add dates on the Twitter spreadsheet on weeks.
All participants have to report their Retweets and Likes every week. To help with this, we will add weekly sheets on the spreadsheet.
You should edit your first report to add your next reports. Don’t create new posts for new weeks, it will not be counted.

7 reposts a week - 100% of the stake, 6 reposts - 86%, 5 reposts - 71% and so on.

The total amount of distributed in this category is 120000 tokens

Please use this form to enroll yourself
Please check this sheet to track the status.

2.   Facebook Campaign {Stakes}

Like BUDD Facebook and earn

Multiple accounts registration is not allowed. One person=one account. All related accounts will be deleted.

The total amount distributed in this category is 90000 tokens

Please use this form to enroll yourself
Please check this sheet to track the status.

3.   Video Campaign {BUDD Tokens}

If you are a vlogger specialized in cryptocurrency filed, please feel free to join us and get the tokens. You can produce a video requested as follows:

•You must produce at least 3-minute video
•Your Youtube channel subscribers must be more than 100
•Video must be publicly accessible
•Your title must include the word BUDD
•Please include “Sponsored Video” for the title
•Produce quality video explaining benefits of BUDD, Features of BUDD, and guides to BUDD You must have at least 30 views before being accepted
•The video should talk about the BUDD project positively. We will evaluate videos according to their quality in order to reward those participants who invested the greatest effort in their posts.
•Bounties will be awarded according to the above quality levels:

Qualified:   Awarded 100
Good:      Awarded 200
Excellent:   Awarded 300
The total amount of BUDD s distributed in this category is 60000

Please use this formt to enroll yourself
Please check this sheet to track the status.

4.   BTT Signature Campaign {Stakes}

You can earn BUDD by using our signature and Avatar on Bitcointalk, the member who can join must be at least Jr. Member rank and above. Here are the details:

•Must post at least 6 posts each week
•A minimum of 60 posts is needed to get BUDD reward
•Please don’t change the Avatar or Signature during the ICO
•Should state clearly it’s a ‘sponsored signature’

Tokens will be calculated accordingly per different ranks below after ICO for those that meet all our conditions:

•Hero/Legendary:300 Stakes
•Sr.Member: 250 Stakes
•Full Member:200 Stakes
•Member: 150 Stakes
•Jr Member:100Stakes

The total amount of BUDDs distributed in this category is 90000BUDD tonske

Please use this form to enroll yourself
Please check this sheet to track the status.


5.   Telegram bounty campaign
How to join:
Link to Telegram Bounty: http://t.me/buddtokenico
Join our Telegram group

•   Join the group – 10 Stakes!
•   Be an active member – between 5 and 100 stakes as follows.
•   If you are in top 3: 300 Stakes
•   If you are ranked 4 to 10: 250 Stakes
•   If you are ranked 11 to 20: 200 Stakes

•   Important! Do not mention the Bounty Campaign in the channel. For all Bounty Related questions join our community Telegram
•   Participate in the Discussion group.
•   Follow and respect these guidelines.
•   Be active and supportive in the channel, but don’t overdo it.
•   Stay in the channel until the end of the sale – otherwise you will be disqualified.
•   Activity % will be checked weekly. If your flood ratio is bad we reserve the right to disqualify you for the week.
•   Activity % of the team members will not count in the ranking.
•   We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign if you are not following the rules.
•   Extra 500 Stakes for the person that is ranked Number 1 at the end of the sale!
BUDD Team reserve their right to change these terms or apply new ones.

Within one month after the ICO ends, your final amount of tokens will be calculated and deposited to your Ethereum registered wallet. If you have any questions regarding the bounty campaign or if you need assistance,ask the admins join our Telegram channel here: http://t.me/buddtokenico for more information!

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.

Aretelan 08 June 2018 12:22
What is BUDD's primary country of operation?
steward 20 June 2018 13:02
That's outta this world! But surely draws much attention :) Yes, probably this business very important for cannabis industries since it has been legalized in many states already.
EmoryChang 25 June 2018 13:05
It's a trusted and unique project. This goes HIGH to the moon!


A scalable and Canadian blockchain-based banking platform for the global cannabis industry. It enables our users, participating merchants, and users to make payment with our native token called Buddtoken. We seek to facilitate and enhance crypto-transactions within the legalized marijuana world. As a decentralized and autonomous community-based cannabis-banking platform, our members, lab scientists, dispensers, and other players in the cannabis marketplace determine their level of commitment, involvement, and development on Budd.

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