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Emissary Guild 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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A decentralized loyalty platform that rewards gamers simply for playing.

BUFF’s decentralized gaming loyalty platform is a groundbreaking crypto-economy ecosystem-based only
on gamers’ merits, in which gamers earn and allocate BUFF coins in direct correlation to their progress,
achievements and time spent gaming, regardless of their hardware capabilities.


Through its extensive network of co-operation with different gaming platforms, BUFF will enable holders
of BUFF tokens to purchase virtual goods across multiple gaming brands; trade with other holders and gamers,
and easily convert the BUFF coins to other currencies via BUFF’s wallet,
which is based on blockchain technology for maximal security and transparency.

BUFF is using Blockchain Technology to build its own decentralized “mileage/token economy”
for gamers across all games worldwide, fueled by its own issued cryptocurrency: the BUFF coin.


BUFF has decided to join forces with Overwolf, a world-leading provider of open software platforms for
mobile and desktop gaming apps, as a major strategic partner in the gaming industry.



The gaming industry reaches billions of users across various channels – mobile, desktop, and consoles
 via thousands of gaming brands, each with its own ecosystem of rewards, experience gains, and in-game purchases.
However – there is no existing platform in the industry that functions as a Global Loyalty program which
rewards participants across the various platforms and brands.


The BUFF logic

1. A gamer joins the BUFF loyalty plan/ecosystem via mobile or desktop app- it’s free, secure, anonymous and inclusive for all.

2. The initial onboarding will allow the BUFF platform to access the gamer’s account and track experience and achievements,
adding coins the more the user plays and allowing the redemption of coins as the balance permits.

3. From now on, each action in any BUFF-aligned game will seamlessly reward the gamer with BUFF coins.



BUFF MVP product is already in development with a version 1.0 scheduled for release in May 2018.
This version will already support major game economies from tier-1 publishers, with an emphasis on major eSports brands.

The BUFF ICO is scheduled for Q2 2018. The use of the raised funds is to complete, launch and promote BUFF.

The ICO soft cap is set at $10M and the hard cap at $30M.

Website | LightPaper | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram chat | Telegram ANN | Medium | GitHub


Our SOCIAL Bounty Program has officially ended!

During November, we will publish a spreadsheet with all the important details and further instructions. You will be able to review your entries and wallet address, and make sure everything is correct before we lock it.

Note: only the social bounty program has ended, other campaigns will keep running until announced otherwise.

To join our content creation campaign, please visit: https://buff.game/buff-bounty-program/
Got any questions? Visit our bounty group: https://t.me/buffbounty

A big thanks to all the participants and supports! You're the best.
The team.

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By establishing a virtual gaming economy platform based on Blockchain technology, which will correlate in-game achievements with a rewarding mechanism, BUFF will enable gamers to accumulate coins in the background as they continue to play uninterruptedly, benefiting gamers with a new incentive to spend more time gaming, and opening a new marketing approach for game publishers to interact for longer time periods with gamers  to increase loyalty to their brands.

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