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project_circle 21 Aug 2017 08:29

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Project CIRCLE Initial Contribution Offering
The most fun and exciting blockchain project is here!

Project CIRCLE, aims to release one-of-a-kind forecast gaming platform.

We have launched a non-blockchain digital token in late 2015, by the name of Circle Coin (symbol:XCC) which was spread offline within Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines as our test marketing to research people’s awareness and interest in blockchain/crypto industry.

We have gained over 10,000 users up to date, and the value of XCC has risen 360% from where it initially was. XCC is only traded among current token holders, and is not traded in public or in any major exchanges as of now. The concept of Circle Coin was designed to provide various entertainment contents, such as travelling, shopping, lottery, advertising, etc which would accelerate people’s interest in the new crypto industry.

As we have studied our member’s needs and demands, we came to a conclusion to renovate Circle Coin to a whole new token which would be based on Ethereum blockchain, to ensure further transparency, security and possibility to the users, and not only that but to provide truly fun and exciting experience being related to this field.

Our studies concluded that there are 3 types of people in this industry. People who are in for the price increase (investment opportunity), people who are in love with the revolution of technology, and those who would simply want to use them for the benefits (low-cost & fast transactions, etc.). Although this industry is moving forward very fast and is slightly beginning to affect our way of living, the majority of people are still left out and have no idea what is going on.

We believe it is important to provide an experience using blockchain or crypto technology that is simply fun.
Our platform will provide various forecasting games, which users would be able to wager on. However, unlike ordinary table games or betting on sports or races, we will be delivering amateur, yet fun, games that does not involve people’s mediation. Say guessing how many apples will fall into a basket from a tree, or guessing which out of two hamster will first reach to the goal.
Users would be able to suggest their own gaming ideas and be rewarded too, and 80% of the platform’s profit are shared among token holders.

We will change the concept of blockchain/crypto experiences with entertainment.

ICO Description
Our ICO begins from September 20th, 2017 (00:00UTC)
The earlier you make contribution, the more contribution bonus you receive!

Distribution: 50,753,000/100,000,000XCC
90% of the tokens possessed by the Service holders will be distributed for this ICO. The total number of Circle Coin Token (XCC) is limited to 100,000,000.

Token Price: Circle Coin Token (XCC) is currently still traded among users. The ICO token value will be set to price at September 8th (14:59UTC).

Accepted Contributions: BTC and ETH

Please visit our Website and view our Whitepaper for more information.

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Project CIRCLE aims to introduce one-of-a-kind forecasting platform in the blockchain industry. Not only users will be able to wager on forecasting events, users can suggest their own unique ideas and get benefit. Our goal is to release blockchain projects that are fun and exciting, apart from being useful and transparent.  

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