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CoinPlacePro 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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In the article below we present Coinplace working platform.
We speak of its features and discuss possible benefits for users,
as well as ways to join Coinplace ICO with maximum financial effect.


What is CoinPlace
CoinPlace is the first in the world platform for direct P2P exchange of ICO-tokens and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin,Ethereum,etc). Among other functions, it allows a customer to purchase digital assets for fiat currencies.
CoinPlace also acts as a guarantor (escrow service) in transactions with cryptocurrencies, while operations are performed directly between the users.

Problems that we solved: crypto exchanges limit traders and enforce their internal conditions and timing.
Coinplace will free holders of crypto assets from all limitations that crypto exchanges impose.
Why: besides the traditional wiring system to assist crypto and token buy and sell, we offer our
clients to set up private announcement boards where only you will decide what to sell, whom to deal with.


Who benefits from CoinPlace

Investors: they are buying cryptocurrencies fast and easy for real money and can pay with banking card,
 PayPal or whatever way they want, getting much faster transactions than on crypto exchanges in return.

ICO initiators: they will register the project in days and can start selling tokens before the listing is paid,
 unlike classical exchanges where listing is long and expensive.

Newbies: no need of initial registration on exchanges. Can buy tokens and cryptocurrency directly from sellers via CoinPlace.
Pay them in fiat money the way they are accustomed to.

Token holders: those who have already invested in multiple tokens from different ICOs and currently got lost in exchanges.
CoinPlace will bring all their assets together, with no need to jump between accounts, sites and apps.

CoinPlace platform is already running, however to step the business up, we need to strengthen our influence on the cryptomarket ecosystem,
 and this requires more resources. We need to build up our products, expand into new markets and hire expert employees to develop our business – and those are tasks we will be pursuing. Funds to be raised via ICO will speed up growth of the platform.

Coinplace ICO Details
Pre-ICO Stage: December 5— December 31, 2017
Size of the bonus depends on amount of tokens bought


Main ICO:20 March 2018

Accepted means of pay: ETH, BTC and fiat money.
ETH, BTC — via
Total issue: 35 mln CPL tokens.
Price: 1 CPL = 0.001 ETH
CoinPlace aim is: to let the broad audience to step in and to help ICO adherents develop.
At some stage, cryptocurrencies will become an easy to understand and popular
 and entering crypto world will be of no difficulty at all. Join us!
Bounty Campaigns

AirDrop Telegram

And don’t miss the start of ICO on our web site on March 20!

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Over the past 15 years, the eBay platform has come to dominate the P2P ecommerce market. Several companies have spearheaded the online payments market, with PayPal ranking among the undisputed leaders. Those who discerned the potential of these projects early on do not regret their decision to have joined them. CoinPlace is the world’s first P2P service featuring two kinds of tokens: tokens of projects in the ICO phase («ICO tokens») and tokens of post-ICO projects or crypto assets traded on exchanges (“crypto assets”). This makes CoinPlace the «eBay» for the wide variety of crypto assets and the «PayPal» for new businesses based on the ICO model. The CoinPlace platform is the world’s first P2P service for ICO token and crypto asset trading (bitcoin, altcoins, and other tokens). The existing P2P platforms have inherent limitations: they allow exchanging just one or, at best, two crypto assets. Buyers of crypto assets face a range of challenges: high commissions, loss of anonymity that comes with using exchanges, lengthy verification processes, a complex exchange interface, and a limited choice of payment methods.

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