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CoinUs Keeper 16 Apr 2018 10:40

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<CoinUs Hybrid Wallet>

CoinUs Wallet is a hybrid solution that provides top-notch security by combining best of hot and cold wallets

■ CoinUs Wallet App
- a light-client mobile app for iOS and Android OS
- one-time back up with single private key
- manages various cryptocurrencies and tokens

■ CoinUs Keeper Dongle
- applied OTP technology in the form of a dongle
- security solution to be integrated with MVP
- make a transaction or manage cryptocurrency portfolio

■ CoinVerse Ecosystem
- become an entry “portal” for blockchain world participants with our CoinVerse Ecosystem by realizing “Human-to-Blockchain” interface
- CNUS utility token: fees for crypto transfers and API usages within CoinVerse

■ What You Need To Know
MVP Application(iOS & Android) Launch Date: 4/20-23
Pre-Order schedule: Countdown on Official Homepage
Where to Order CoinUs Keeper? CoinUs Wallet App
Quantity of CoinUs Keepers for Pre-Order: 24,000 Units
Maximum Keeper Units / Person: 5
Device Price: 1 ETH
*1 CoinUs Keeper comes with 38,095 CNUS Free Tokens

Official Homepage :
Biz Plan :
Youtube Video :
Telegram :
Official Twitter :
Facebook :
Medium :

■ Why CoinUs?

✔️ Versatility: multi-cryptocurrency wallet, multi-language support, multi-exchange rate managing
- Will offer a convenient solution for storing various cryptocurrencies and tokens in one wallet.
- CoinUs Wallet first supports English and Korean and follow up with Japanese, Chinese, and so on.
- Easily check price quotes of a cryptocurrency, transaction volume, and the price differentials across supported exchanges.

✔️ Usability: only one time backup, tokens auto discovery, explorable transaction history, One-pass KYC, Token Launcher
- Integrate multiple cryptocurrencies' private key into a one mnemonic words and QR Code. Will be able to use "One-Click Adding" features to add multiple crytocurrencies without additional wallet creation process.
- Will support the automatic token discovery of ERC20 tokens; will also be available for QRC20 tokens when support for Qtum begins.
- Provides complete transaction history by utilizing the "Index" server to analyze and identify all transactions associated with the user's address and apply data analysis logic within CoinUs wallet.
- A user will be enabled to reuse the previously provided KYC information to ICO issuers that request the same information set through Token Launcher.
- Will simplify the processes between a user and the machine to eliminate the possibility of human errors that can occur during ICO participation and bring benefits for both ICO issuers and CoinUs Wallet users.

✔️ Security: 2-Factor Authentication, Off-line Signing and Trust Zone
- CoinUs provides fingerprint recognition and a password or PIN for two-factor authentication.
- Disconnect the mobile device from the network while processing secure data and when it is completed, secure data is erased from the memory to prevent exposure.
- The Trust Zone will be used to protect the process that may be vulnerable to security breaches in the existing User Mode.

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Dynamic world is encroaching upon us as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are already having a profound effect on our lives. Blockchain technology level will not remain at its current level but will continue to evolve. We believe that the technology will ultimately be at the epicenter of world’s infrastructure bringing about great innovation to the industry and raise socioeconomic standards.

With bitcoin firmly establishing its global foothold, growing number of developers and investors are participating in the cryptocurrency industry as the awareness of the industry is increasing. Also, startups, consortiums, and large enterprises are proposing new business models and applications using blockchain technology.

However, many of the current blockchain projects focus on building their new networks competing heavily to establish new protocols with ambiguous purposes and goals. These efforts are resulting in multiple “Blockchain for the sake of Blockchain technology” projects. As such, these early-stage technologies and unstable protocols have not successfully resulted in real world usage.

The CoinUs project is not a brand-new project that has never been tried before. Rather, it is a project to enable end users to navigate easily through the complex world of cryptocurrency by 1) re-examining established practices, 2) learning from existing user’s experience, and 3)offering another alternative.

Moreover, we plan to become a bridge to fill the gap that connects cryptocurrency and the real world which are still far apart, in our view. Our goal is to become an entry “portal” for everyone participating in the blockchain ecosystem.

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