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bst-conf 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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The idea of the project is to create a place for global blockchain community to facilitate knowledge and ideas sharing and networking.

Our dream is to bring together blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world, help them share their knowledge about blockchain and facilitate idea sharing. We want to help people understand blockchain and become part of ongoing blockchain revolution.

The best way to share knowledge is networking when people have opportunity to inspire each other. This is why we have decided to create our project and develop the ConferenceCoin, a special purpose currency and a necessary tool to facilitate participation and organizing blockchain events where people can learn from each other, share their ideas and inspire each other.

We will create an online platform, the CoinCo Platform, a place for global blockchain community, an instrument that will facilitate communication and knowledge sharing. The Platform will connect in one place all blockchain stakeholders such as experts, speakers, influencers, organizers, investors, startuppers and others. ConferenceCoin will serve as a currency facilitating all the transactions happening on the Platform.

We will introduce an innovative app that will allow to create own blockchain event. With easy step by step guide, it will be possible for anyone to organize a successful networking session, conference or other meeting. With this feature, the CoinCo Platform will make networking easy. Finding a right partner or expert will become simple as never.

Our ultimate goal is to create an unique place for all of blockchain community that will combine 3 aspects: payment (transfer of funds by credit cards or cryptocurrencies), trade (exchange of goods and services) and social (networking). We want to create an unique and comprehensive solution for our users, a brand new quality. Something similar to others at first glance but revolutionizing it with completely new and innovative approach.



- All services and information in one place
- Real time price adjustments
- Facilitation of the registration process
- Safe information
- Cheaper transactions
- One place for everyone
- Intra-industry networking


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Our goal is to bring together blockchain conference markets from all over the world. The idea is to create a single platform connecting all the stakeholders of such events – attendees, speakers, organizers, investors, startuppers etc. ConferenceCoin will serve as a currency facilitating, in one place, all the transactions happening in relation to such events.

The Platform will enable conference participants to purchase entrance tickets with ConferenceCoin, while allowing stakeholders to offer their conference related services on the Platform, for which interested parties will be able to pay with ConferenceCoin. 

Those services might range from those covering basic logistics, such as the rental of aconference space or the catering of meals, to those directly tied to the goals of the conference, such as the submission of presentation proposals by prospective panelists. 

Essentially, any service related to the conference business could be offered on CoinCo Platform for the price in ConferenceCoin.

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