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Welcome to CRYPTOFLIX – a Blockchain film streaming platform to give everyone, everywhere legal access to movies and to educate humanity across borders.
Imagine a new platform, where movies of yesterday, today and tomorrow, local and international are available to stream legally on a phone or tablet at low cost – even on a slow internet speed and where it is possible to access educational films and TV for free.

This platform is called CRYPTOFLIX and the cryptocurrency revolution has made it possible for the CRYPTOFLIX team to carry out this project – now. Check out our progress on


Our mission is to launch the CRYPTOFLIX Ecosystem with CRYPTOFLIX - a closed network film and TV streaming platform as the central element. We will in part offer paid content in the form of feature films and TV and commercial free films and TV for educational purposes to private individuals across the planet, without borders. Paid content is available through payments in our own FLIX Tokens as well as common crypto currencies and which will be launched firstly in underdeveloped, high population, under banked countries. Furthermore, we will launch a Film Market, where FLIX Token holders can invest in film projects with the returns and conditions offered in a term sheet and which have a risk score as well as comments from our expert analysts.


There are three main challenges in the delivery of content in underdeveloped countries:

●   Internet speed
●   Hardware storage limits
●   Piracy

We intend to deliver a user driven quality of the content so that it will be possible to stream size-compressed films even at lower internet speeds. This deals with the first two challenges.

We call this, Your Definition or YourDef.

We are further developing groundbreaking new technology to individually watermark a streamed copy of a film and we will be able to link to the payment on the Blockchain. We fully expect to be able to patent and license this technology.

Our vision for the new watermarking of streamed films is for this to be a market standard for Video on Demand. Today it is not possible to individually watermark a streaming and link this to a payment and thereby identify the pirate. This will be possible with our solution.


The CRYPTOFLIX Platform is the central element in the CRYPTOFLIX Ecosystem. It is where most users will have their interface with our product and all other elements of the ecosystem are connected to CRYPTOFLIX.

When users register on the CRYPTOFLIX platform they will have one account to access both paid content – movies and TV and free content - educational films, documentaries and TV. When the user is logged in there are 2 types of content:

Cinema content - paid movies and TV.

Educational Screening content - free films and TV for private individual use.

The platform account will also feature a user digital wallet where users can top up their balance for paid content and which will be integrated with local as well as Blockchain based payment forms as necessary for each market. Payment for the content on the CRYPTOFLIX Platform by way of FLIX tokes will feature a discounted price compared to payment in other accepted digital currencies.

Non-private individual – institutional users can access the educational content through a prepaid monthly subscription plan, which will be competitively and reasonably priced to ensure that the content owners are satisfied as well as to ensure that the content will be used correctly and not through illegal use. This solution is optimal for schools, libraries, organizations etc.

The Platform offers a number of unique benefits for both users and the film industry.

You can see a demo of the platform clicking on this link.


With the CRYPTOFLIX FILM MARKET we will enable top quality producers, sales agents and other industry elite players and suppliers to seek financing from the FLIX Token holders. We will generate a risk score based on

1.   Where in the film value chain does the financing apply
2.   The time it will take to get the project to market
3.   The genre, potential market and projected income for the project
4.   The team behind the project
5.   Any X Factors which apply to the project (A-List actors, subject matter    etc.)

Token holders can invest in the offered film projects with the returns and conditions offered in a term sheet.

This will provide FLIX Token holder with a unique opportunity to finance film projects, while fully aware of the risks and returns involved. The risk score and comments from our expert analysts will allow the token holders to make educated decisions and to only finance projects which are within an acceptable risk compared to the private finances of each token holder.

The CRYPTOFLIX risk score will take into consideration the cast, the genre, the director, producer and key crew attached as well as other factors such as projected market penetration and income and will serve as a guide for the token holder into the exciting world of film financing.


Christian Falkenberg Husum  – Founder, CEO and producer

Stefan Steen Larsen  - Co-founder, COO and digital rights exploitation expert

Bastian Larsen  - Full Stack Developer

Gabriela Y. Rios  - Marketing Manager

Peter Rommel - Full Stack Developer

Edward Arentz  – Film Distributor, Advisory board member, CRYPTOFLIX

Mike Boutwell – IT-Architect, Advisory board member, CRYPTOFLIX

Jonathan Brathwaite  – Legal Advisor

George Thomas  – Blockchain developer



We provide our token holders with exclusive such as:

- The price for streaming a movie on the platform is discounted when paying with FLIX Tokens
- It is possible to fund films with the FLIX Tokens and to receive returns


CRYPTOFLIX is seeking funding between a soft cap of 3.000 ETH and a hard cap of 25.000 ETH.

The tokens will be utility Tokens and will be compliant to the latest ERC223 standard and can be held in most common digital wallets.

100 million FLIX Tokens are available for distribution.

57 million FLIX Tokens are available to contributors.

23 million FLIX Tokens are dedicated for the team, advisors, bounties etc.

Finally, there is a 20 million FLIX Token fund to support the business and to serve as a preliminary reserve


ICO: April 15th 2018 – May 15th 2018
1 ETH = 2.500 FLIX (Provisionally)
Minimum investment for benefits = 0.1 ETH

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CRYPTOFLIX are the first media company on the Blockchain to exploit this huge void in the paid content market, which is only achievable by circumventing the normal payment options and using digital currency. We are also the first Media company - both on the Blockchain and outside - to dare to offer free online content with educational purposes via films and TV to everyone, regardless of their location, origin, or socio-economic status. Through the development, patenting and utilization of new technologies, our aim is to facilitate users to stream movies legally by making it cheaper than downloading pirated versions.

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