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DeClub 08 Oct 2018 15:18

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Reforming the Casino Industry thru Blockchain Technology
Enabling People of the World to Participating in the Mysterious and Fascinating Casino Industry

A Malta venture is raising USD$ 1 billion thru an ICO to acquire Declub International Company Limited of Macau (also known as Declub Macau), a professional Casino Management and Technology Company, in seek of building an ecosystem that would allow people in every corner of the world to host and run businesses on their Land-based and online casino thru tokenization.

The highly lucrative casino business was traditionally excluded from the Mass from entering the industry due to barriers of Licensing, capital requirements and management know-how.  Declub Macau promises to reform the industry by taking care of the hurdles and empower entrepreneurs from all around the world to share the hosting advantages and share earnings by referrals.   

In this ICO, the Maltese company executes it by issuing utility token "DEC" to offer right to host and referral while Declub Macau is issuing "NNC", a chip which is a redeemable stable coin to facilitate payments of goods and services. By joining hand in hand, their vision is to integrate online gaming excitement through the use of “DEC” and “NNC” with offline Casino VIP services for every guests and token holders.

For existing operators of Land-based casinos, businesses will thrive by reducing the working capital needed and an increased client database by joining Declub Macau as Partner Members. The raised funds will be used to acquire casinos with best earning potential around the world and for further development of distributed Casino Ecosystem. Detailed and updated whitepaper could be found in https://declub.io/ and you are cordially invited to join the official telegram for suggestions, comments and sales enquiry on t.me/dec_token_sales
Declub International Company Limited:
Founded in 2017, Declub was formed by Casino and Gaming Veterans with an initiative to provide quality Management for Casinos and Hotels around the World. With the rapid shift of available technologies, Declub is dedicated to keep pace of the ever-changing technologies and for envision a promising future for reasonable gaming and sustainable Gaming Industry Development.

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De Club is a global casino management company, headquartered in Macau. As a third-party management company, De Club provides professional mass gaming area (MASS) membership management service for licensed casinos. It is the first of its kind in Macau and it is well positioned to service thousands of other casinos worldwide.

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