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TeamDeedCoin 26 Feb 2018 13:00

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Deedcoin ( brings blockchain to the real estate sector in a way in which everyone can benefit. By providing an option for agents and customers to be on the same network, Deedcoin streamlines the real estate industry and reduces costs. Deedcoin is the first token to apply to the entire real estate industry, not just investment real estate portfolios or a specific product for agents. Deedcoin is not just useful for property investors, it is for anyone that owns or plans to own a home.

The Deedcoin token uses blockchain to create a true free market system to redefine the real estate industry. Through the creation of the DEED token, which replaces commission at a ratio of 10 DEED to 1% of a properties price. Simply think of Deedcoin in tens, each ten Deedcoin are used for 1% of a property total cost, regardless of the property price, because DEED functions as a percentage. Deedcoin removes the centralized control of the real estate industry from large powers such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and mega-brokerages along with their antiquated 6% commissions. Initially sold at $1.50 per Deedcoin at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), each token saves a holder $225 on the average U.S. home ($225,000). Each Deedcoin can save exponentially more on higher value properties. You can buy it, own it, transfer it like Bitcoin for example, but also directly use it.

The real value of Deedcoin is the ability to save users 80% or more on real estate commission when they buy or sell property. Unlike the vast majority of ICOs, Deedcoin is already a useable platform (on and has patent pending status (U.S. App No. 62/552,038). The Deedcoin network is now partnered with brokerages in over 100 cities across all 50 U.S. states ( This network makes Deedcoin useable to reduce commissions on a national  level before wide scale public token distribution has even begun. 

Although Deedcoin will start in the U.S., we plan to grow the broker network to other countries where the commissions in real estate remain too expensive. The funding behind Deedcoin is designed to enhance the platform, market the solution to new adopters, and add more blockchain solutions in the real estate space (both in the U.S and Internationally). Our blockchain solution empowers the public to stop losing 6% of the cash value of their home when they use real estate agents. Through Deedcoin, the future of real estate commissions will be set by the free market based on the price of DEED on exchanges.

SEC Compliance = Yes; Deedcoin tokens are backed by a HOWEY analysis, sold at an upper limit of 1,500 tokens per purchaser. These tokens are usable in all of the United States. Any purchaser beyond 1,500 tokens must be an accredited investor (within the USA), and purchase a SAFT Deedcoin (DDS) that will be converted into a Deedcoin (DEED) when the network meets a parameter quota in 2018. All Deedcoin SAFT tokens will be sold under the SEC exemptions REG-D or REG-CF (within volume limitations).
TOKEN Escrow = Yes; Private Sale/Presale funds are held in escrow to be released on an as-needed basis matching the Deedcoin roadmap. Funds will be moved to cold storage, with physical key access at a secure banking location, with keys held by two licensed staff members.
State Licensed and Background checked = Yes; Many of Deedcoin's core team and staff hold real estate licenses, and have been subject to state background checks prior to licensure. Real estate licenses are designed to assure licensees always protect the public, and represent the best interests of their customers.
Legal Team = Yes; Deedcoin has retained an SEC compliance law firm, Thompson Bukher LLP of NY, to assure we remain compliant with regulations.
Patent Pending System = Yes; Deedcoin is currently patent pending (App. No. 62/552,038) and copyright protected.
KYC and AML Compliance = Yes; Deedcoin will retain necessary information to remain compliant as token holders redeem token for real estate services.
Usability Token = Yes; Deedcoin is fully usable on the Deedcoin network, and does not pay dividends or provide voting rights. The Deedcoin token is usable in all 50 US States. The SAFT token variety converts later to DEED.
Deedcoin is launching 70 Million tokens in 2 varieties, the DEED token (30 Million) and the Deedcoin SAFT (40 Million, symbol DDS).

The DEED token is the regular Deedcoin that is fully usable on the Deedcoin network when sold. This token is limited to no more than 1500 DEED per purchaser. DEED tokens are designed to be used. By setting a limit to the amount purchased for use we can avoid speculative investment in our utility-designed DEED token. In limiting the amount of DEED per person we also help widen the customer base and, therefore, the use of the Deedcoin network.

There are initially 30 Million DEED (plus bonus) to be sold when the network is fully usable.

The Deedcoin SAFT (symbol DDS) token is the SAFT (Safe Agreement for Future Token) placeholder marking the possession of a future token. Deedcoin has chosen to issue non-usable tokens to mark these purchases of SAFT to make the issuance of future DEED simple with a smart contract. DDS tokens are hard coded non-transferable and will be burned after replacement with DEED.

The Deedcoin SAFT (DDS) are securities issued by Deedcoin, in compliance with the SEC exemptions under Regulation D or CF. Regulation D Deedcoin SAFT are only available to Accredited Investors and Regulation CF are limited to $1 Million total volume sold. The DDS tokens are simply placeholders for the SAFT.

DDS are not utility tokens, they are an ERC20 marker token for ownership of a security that will later convert into a utility token. DDS converts to DEED via smart-contract at a 1:1 ratio at a future date when the Deedcoin team has decided the network is robust enough to do so within one year of issuance. There are initially 40 Million Deedcoin SAFT (plus bonus) to be sold but should Deedcoin SAFT buyers choose to buy less than 1500 tokens, they will receive DEED and the equivalent amount of Deedcoin SAFT will be removed from the 40 Million Deedcoin SAFT distribution pool and destroyed.

Together the two token types will account for an eventual 70 Million (plus bonuses) of DEED token (Deedcoin) which, with bonuses, accounts for 70 percent of all Deedcoin in existence. The remaining 30% is held half by founders (15%) and half in company reserve (15%).

As summary:
1. Already a usable token in all 50 United States.
2. Development Team consists of licensed agents, tech, and business experts. 
3. Brings blockchain to an industry that everyone uses.
4. Corrects the cost model on the $157 billion industry of real estate services.
5. Fully transparent: All code (including smart contracts) available on Github and “open office” days for locals to meet development team in person.
6. Usable value of $225 per Deedcoin to the average consumer, far higher for commercial users. 
7. Initial token price of $1.50 per DEED: $1.50 was chosen for three reasons;
Deedcoin wants to launch the ideal token quantity to make sure that the market has available Deedcoin for the U.S. home transaction volume potential (1 million Transactions per quarter).
Deedcoin does not want to hold more funds than it can use. The funding cap of the token launch event takes Deedcoin to the ideal launch level for network, local office, and marketing budgets.
The $1.50 launch price per Deedcoin was decided by dividing the token volume (70 million Deedcoin) for ideal industry use and a funding level ($105 million USD) for an ideal launch of the Deedcoin network.

8. Patent pending platform. (App. No. 62/552,038) 
9. AML and KYC compliant through Member-check Reuters Worldwide Database. 
10. Groundbreaking SEC compliance model and available to U.S. purchasers or overseas.
11. Retained compliance law firm Thomson Bukher, LLP of New York. 
12. ERC20 based DEED Tokens already deliverable.
The team behind Deedcoin believes that the advancement of the Blockchain product base benefits from regulation, to assure that the solutions offered to industries through Decentralized Ledger, are shown to actually protect the consumers.

Standard vs Deedcoin
Local and State Licensed Agents: Standard (Yes) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Local Real Estate Brokers: Standard (Yes) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Sellers home Listed on MLS: Standard (Yes) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Buyers Choose ANY Home: Standard (Yes) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Mandatory Agent Review / Rating System: Standard (NO) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Uniform Agent Quality Control: Standard (NO) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Mandatory Transaction Assistant: Standard (NO) vs Deedcoin (Yes)
Number of Parties Working For you: Standard (1 Agent) vs Deedcoin (3 Agents, Transactional Assistant & DEEDCOIN HQ)
Sellers Cash Commission Cost of Property Price: Standard (6%) vs Deedcoin (1%)
Agent Cash Commission Maximum: Standard (No Max) vs Deedcoin (1%)
Buyer Maximum Cashback Rate   of Property Price: Standard (0%) vs Deedcoin (2%)

Thanks for reading!

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Any questions? Contact

Offical Telegram

Deedcoin Team Email and website
5545 N Wickham Rd Suite 101
Melbourne, FL 32940

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Deedcoin contributors are protected by an array of processes designed to make Deedcoin one of the safest tokens on the market. The key members of Deedcoin hold professional licenses issued by the states in which they currently do business. These licenses assure the core group are already background checked and vetted by government regulators. They also ensure the team will work in the best interest of the public. Deedcoin is being developed out of an existing brick and mortar real estate brokerage. We encourage anyone interested in Deedcoin to stop in, meet the team, and ask us any questions you may have 5545 N Wickham Rd. suit 101, Melbourne FL 32940.

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