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deepgold 16 Oct 2017 21:01

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.Introducing The Deep.

World's First Virtual World - A Decentralized, Democratic Architecture, Built to Last Forever

Aiming to interrupt an already exciting set of revolutionary tech releases, The Deep is here. The Deep is a newly designed platform consisting of a virtual world, ran by complete decentralized democracy. It’s economy is structured by the blockchain along with full user consensus.

The Deep is a legitimate crpyto commodity supported by the virtual world of fully immersive experiences beyond the human imagination. There will be a limited number of Deep tokens issued with no mining available, therefore due to it’s natural scarcity factor, token values are expected to skyrocket following in footsteps of other successful crypto commodities.

Each Deep Token represent a 1x1 cell of land, with a limited number of cells in the world of The Deep. Once users acquire Deep Tokens, they are able to buy valuable land. Following the purchase of land, the Deep API allows users to offer their products and services by connecting their servers directly to The Deep itself. With the undisputed growth of social and economy fuelled communities, the demand of tokens will follow, resulting in a healthy value boost in token prices.

Architected on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) technology paired with purposely designed unique protocol, The Deep provides managing power over its operation to all shareholders respectively. Due to the DPOS algorithm, all transactions are fair, secure and most importantly transparent. Moreover a special algorithm will be deployed to enable users to engage in ‘dynamic saving’ around the world, as they add computing power. During their time in The Deep, user are able to purchase land with allocated tokens, along with a completely independent spendable currency on the side. With the supply of in-game gold tokens, users get the full decentralized virtual reality experience while able to execute business, exchange services with endless possibilities within the new era virtual economy.

Additionally to engineer-precise architecture, The Deep is a square looped world measuring in at precisely 10,000 x 10,000 cells, with a complete vertical height of 100 cells. The virtual world of The Deep is a state of the art P2P world, operating on a decentralized, distributed storage along with all of it’s content. Copies of the data are stored on all user machines, creating a ubiquitous existance of The Deep throughout. Using blockchain-based technology and modern error codes, all data in the virtual world is kept safe at all times.

By the virtue of freedom, all users move freely in the liberating world of The Deep, as a result of a bespoke designed protocol. As far as realism goes, an open source graphics engine with primary use of primitives is in place, contributing to the real-life like reality of the world. Virtual Reality (VR) development plans are in place and will be a priority option to add at a later stage.

Examples of possible user activities on The Deep include:
Digital Asset Collecion
Creative Asset Collection
Offering of Various Services
Simply, anything contributing to the healthy virtual economy.

Following the start of the Pre-ICO Bounty Program, the team behind The Deep are rewarding early adopters exclusively via BitcoinTalk, since giving to the community is part of the core philosophy. The Pre-ICO Bounty Program has already started. A total proportion of 1% of The Deep will be up for grabs within the BitcoinTalk community, amounting to an accurate estimate of $48,000 US Dollars with potential estimations of a x20 fold increase just after a year. The bounty program will officially run until the end of the Pre-ICO stage.

Addition 0.1% Deep tokens will be splitted between top 3 participants.

Please do not discuss about bounty here in this thread rather click below to join the bounty.

..Bounty thread is here..

- During the Pre-ICO, you can buy Deep tokens only over the Ethereum network.
- The Pre-ICO hard cap is 4000 Ether, with no soft cap.
- 30,000,000 of 100,000,000 Deep tokens will be sold during the Pre-ICO.
- The contribution period is unlimited.
- There is a definite interest in participating in the Pre-ICO, as the price of Deep tokens will be much lower at this time than it will during development.
- The ICO will start when the Deep alpha is ready, which should be during the summer of 2018.
- During the development phase, the token will be transferred to our own blockchain. Users will get their tokens a day after they purchase them.

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Decline of the Open World Experience —

The Deep — A True Democracy-

The Deep Philosophy —

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Combining ​new ​technologies ​to ​create ​a ​new ​way ​of ​experiencing ​the ​product ​of ​our imagination, ​is ​the ​challenge ​that ​The ​Deep ​is ​going ​to ​address. ​With ​the ​advent ​of ​blockchain technology ​and ​virtual ​reality ​– ​VR ​– ​there ​is ​a ​plethora ​of ​opportunities ​we ​can ​explore ​to create ​something ​that ​human ​kind ​has ​never ​seen. ​This ​is ​the ​product ​of ​our ​imagination, ​and we ​are ​going ​to ​make ​it ​the ​product ​of ​yours, ​through ​the ​creation ​of ​a ​new ​virtual ​world ​based on ​total ​immersion. ​Equipped ​with ​its ​own ​economy, ​its ​own ​set ​of ​rules ​and ​anchored ​in ironclad ​democratic ​principles, ​The ​Deep ​will ​be ​the ​first ​virtual ​world ​in ​which ​you ​will ​be able ​to ​let ​your ​imagination ​roam ​freely ​and ​shape ​the ​world ​you ​see ​through ​a ​series ​of building ​blocks. The ​Deep ​will ​be ​a ​hybrid ​between ​a ​social ​platform ​and ​a ​game. ​Your ​own ​experiences ​will ​be the ​raw ​material ​of ​the ​building ​blocks ​within ​this ​gamified ​social ​platform. ​The ​Deep ​will allow ​you ​to ​immerse ​yourself ​in ​your ​own ​experiences, ​building ​experience ​upon ​experience; an ​immersion ​that ​will ​be ​uniquely ​created ​by ​you, ​for ​you ​and ​with ​the ​advantage ​of ​allowing you ​to ​let ​others ​in, ​or ​conversely ​allowing ​others ​to ​let ​you ​into ​their ​own ​experiences.

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