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digithoth token 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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UPDATED ON 19th MAY, 2018


Digithoth DIGITHOTH TOKEN, where Blockchain meets Book industry.
The book industry is a $143 billion industry, it competes with the largest websites and brands. In 2017 its revenue exceeded that of Facebook, Nike and McDonald’s combined. Despite the figures, banks and financial institutions have road-blocked businesses and individuals in the industry making payments expensive and insecure. A whole ecosystem of online book shops, publishing houses and consumers can eliminate large fees and upgrade to a digital currency which unites the industry. Not only a payment solution but digithoth Token aims to bring into existence the world’s first digital archive of knowledge by collecting every piece of knowledge that is scattered across this world, and bringing it online.
The payment solution will issue the DIGITHOTH token. The platform will replace traditional payment methods for the book industry. Unlike current payment providers, Digithoth Token will charge low fees, provide anonymity and guarantee security, powered by the liberal and progressive blockchain technology.
Digithoth Token is managed by entrepreneurs and businessmen from the book industry. Their extensive understanding of the industry is coupled with finance specialists and blockchain experts. Together they have set up a strong foundation for a platform which can change payment systems for every book industry participant.
The platform and token will solve three major problems for businesses and consumers of the industry: eliminate large fees, guarantee security and ensure anonymity.
The importance of anonymity for consumers is a given. In most societies and for most people it is preferable not to disclose personal information but through traditional payment methods the payer’s records have to state their purchases. Cryptocurrency payments never require personal or financial information, and can be done with 100% anonymity.
Digithoth Token will launch a token sale to fund the development of the platform and project. Private pre-sale will begin on 15th of May, 2018 and various businesses from the industry are already in talks for partnership with Digithoth Token and will add the payment solution to their websites as soon as the final version of the platform is launched in the first quarter of 2019.
The token sale is coming up soon. Follow our bitcoin talk posts for full updates.


1.   Website X offers DIGITHOTH Token as a payment method.
2.   Reader A wants to purchase Books.
3.   The Book costs 50 DGTH
4.   Reader A chooses DIGITHOTH Token as a payment method and is lead to the payment page.
5.   Reader A enters the amount of DIGITHOTH tokens he/she wants to pay.
6.   Reader A uses his/ her crypto wallet (e.g. DIGITHOTH Wallet) and pays 50 DGTH.
7.   Website X receives 50 DGTH in its crypto wallet and unlocks the Book for the Reader.
8.   The exchange is complete.
9.   Reader A has not disclosed any personal details or financial information throughout the process.
10.  Website X is at no risk of having its account shut down and lose its profits.


The digital archive which will be developed by DIGITHOTH, will be run & maintained solely by Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will be used in many processes as Digitization of books, avoid duplication of content and manage the complete open source database. With the advent of Blockchain technology and its worldwide hype and acceptance it has appeared that the technology is not limited to financial sector or cryptocurrency only. This technology has cranked up a notch in pretty much every field. Considering the fact we came up with an idea of preserving the rare excerpts, manuscripts and even other regular books in a digital archive. No one can deny the fact that there are several organizations which are working at world level to preserve the exceptional pieces of knowledge. However, almost all of them have realized that it is impossible to save them from the natural and climatic calamities. To counter the problem, an online backup system is required.
It is quite absolute and concrete that Blockchain is able to protect and keep the content authentic, reliable as well as identifiable. At DIGITHOTH, the members or audience will be able to upload the content they have with them and DIGITHOTH ARCHIVE is going to pay them for it!
The content will be hash referenced and searchable in a user friendly manner. This will ensure that the visitors can access and read whichever book they want at whatever time they want. The access rights will be defined upon the nature of the new content, i.e. should it be made public, private or consortium. This will solely depend upon who needs to be authorized to access it. DIGITHOTH provides security and integrity of stored content. The idea is to create a multi-national digital archive from where anyone can access the required content and anyone can participate in enhancing the archive by sharing his collection. And there is no harm when you will get paid for sharing your rare collection of books! Cyber security has been made essential and alongside the recording of immutable and accurate data.


70% of collected funds during TOKEN SALE stages, will be liquidated into fiat currencies, which will be used to maintain sectors of the development which cannot be paid through cryptocurrencies at the moment and to protect the project from cryptocurrency volatility. The funds will be allocated for the development of the project and reaching the goals we have set in order to push DIGITHOTH token into the top cryptocurrencies and deliver the DIGITHOTH platform according to our roadmap. Funds will be allocated to the following sectors:

Structure Development 55%
These funds will be allocated for the costs of developing the DIGITHOTH platform and all the technical work which will go into the process. This includes developing the CRM, wallet, payment platform, API, Artificial intelligence system, DIGITAL ARCHIVE & DApps.

Marketing 20%
These funds will be allocated for the costs of our marketing strategy, including but not limited to branding and brand awareness, public relations, ad campaigns, social media campaigns, newsletters, and any means deemed necessary to expand the brand and reach our goals.

Security 10%
These funds will go into creation of a secure platform for every stakeholder of DIGITAL THOTH. Security is a serious concern at DIGITAL THOTH and every considerable step will be taken to ensure it.

Legal 5%
These funds will be used to cover the costs of adherence to all the legal matters that will shape DIGITHOTH as a law abiding symbol of unification in the future.

Maintenance 7%
These funds will be used to maintain the ecosystem, and platform created by DIGITHOTH.

Miscellaneous 3%
These funds will be used to cover the costs of our day-to-day operations which will keep the DIGITHOTH development and brand alive. This includes but is not limited to the recruitment, specialists who will join the team, office expenses and more.


DIGITHOTH TOKEN presents the opportunity for private investors & early birds to become the part of the innovation that will change the future of $143 billion industry. Private pre-sale is live  




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DIGITHOTH Token is a Premium Payment Solution for the $143 Billion Book Industry. It is a standard ERC20 contract that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Introducing not only a payment solution as well as an Open-Source Digital Archive managed by Artificial Intelligence along with an autonomous portal to facilitate content writers which will bridge the gap between the key players in this multi-billion dollar industry. The digital archive which will be developed by DIGITHOTH will be run & maintained solely by Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will be used in many processes as Digitization of books, avoid duplication of content and manage the complete open source database.

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