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Sohailul 25 Oct 2018 13:49

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Regardless of whether you're looking for inspiration to be more dynamic or you're as of now a wellness buff who wouldn't see any problems a couple of additional advantages for working out, Dtrack is an extraordinary method to gain rewards for moving practicing your body. As specified above, Dtrack is cryptocurrency you earn by exercise and movement of the body I.e walking, jogging, driving, swimming etc to earn DTK, you need to download the Dtrack mobile application and keep it running on your mobile phone regularly also you could get our partners smartwatch which will synchronized with the dtrack application, Whenever you walk or exercise your body , or by doing any activity it tracks your steps and heartbeat and pays you in dtrack and furthermore there will be an amazing feature in the mobile application which will allow it's users to switch modes I.e when swimming, driving or riding a bicycle you can simply switch modes in other to be on track, this mode will be added to the mobile application. After accumulating enough Dtrack token, you will be able to redeem them for items like sports watches, Amazon credits, music downloads, eBooks, airline miles, or gift certificates to various retailers and also you will be able to exchange dtrack token on an exchange market for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Offers constantly changed and are largely based on whatever deals dtrack has made with various retailers. Using blockchain technology transactions are all viewable and transparent on the dtrack mobile application available for free on both iOS and Android store upon launch. Users need to be tied to their mobile phone, so if you take a walk and forget your device — or you’re someone who prefers to jog without lugging along your phone — Dtrack got you covered. there will be a way to synchronize the app with our partner’s smartwatches or fitness trackers. One of the future implementation of dtrack is the virtual reality, there'll be a VR version of the mobile app were user can also exercise, i.e doing the above already mentioned (walking, jogging, swimming and driving) simply by putting on their VR headset, and still mine cryptocurrency (DTK TOKEN). lots of exciting features will be added in future updates. Also, the application should dependably be running on your phone while moving or exercising your body. On the off chance that you swipe up or constrain quit, it quits following your means and heartbeat. Amazingly, it has a battery saver mode which it defaults to when you initially download the application, however you do even now make a couple of ventures in the trade. we set to create for less battery life it really goes through.






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The Dtrack Token introduces Proof or Exercise (POE). The POE is a smart contract-based rewards system that it’s activated by detecting locations in the geolocation coordinates smart contract and by tracking your steps and heartbeat via the Dtrack mobile App and smart contract to deliver block reward. Token earning structure estimates, these are based on mining difficulty, therefore the more tokens you can earn the more valuable they will become.Smartwatch integration; there is a mining technology in the dtrack app which enable the user to synchronize the application with the dtrack water-resistant smartwatch.

Before we started thinking about our project, we had one thing in our mind. How might we prevent the enormous mining ranches from getting all the market hashing power? The fundamental motivation behind why we cherish digital currency is that it gets rid of the middleman. We really believed that we could dispense with the uncalled for conveyance technique for digital currency mining. Huge mining ranches have instructed us that the ones who have more cash, profit; simply like in the public arena these days. With Dtrack tokens, we are on the whole equivalent.

Our goal is to motivate people into exercising and becoming healthy with currency and to compensate them with the dtrack token. As a company our vision is to foster the global adoption of blockchain technology through fitness, we intend to persuade every individual to remain fit and as such causing global adoption of cryptocurrency.

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