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lavina888 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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We offer an ambitious project covering several areas in the medical and healthcare industry, linking them in a single structure.
We distinguish two major focus areas of our project:
- Manufacturing of medical and healthcare equipment, on the ground of a global base of scientific and technological knowledge and proprietary developments;
- Creation of a web based Medical Platform, using blockchain technologies to fully support physicians and healthcare professionals, as well as people in need of medical care, counseling or simply interested in health issues and healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest advantages of our project is the fact, that it is based on a real and working production business.
The company is established in 1993 in Moscow. The main kind of activity is production of wellness and medical equipment, consultations and training.
We are working with the number of doctors and practitioners from different countries.
In 2015 we decided to begin transferring our main activities to European Union.
The same year we registered the company in Riga, Latvia under the name Scientific and Production Enterprise “ELIS” (S.P.E. ELIS).
Owners of ELCoins  are fully protected, as they can always decide, whether to exchange ELCoins for real products with a discount, or keep them for further actions.
At the moment, our company is developing a number of new medical devices and the Blockchain Medical Platform for the implementation of the project.
To date, we have already invested more than US$ 2,5 million  in researches and development.
We decided to opt for fundraising through the blockchain system and entering the ICO in order to accelerate the completion of the commenced unique developments that have no analogues in the world and the subsequent entry into the world market.

Objectives of the project:
- Development and production of portable and professional medical, healthcare and cosmetology equipment
- Development and implementation of the Blockchain Medical Platform
- Research of new technologies for the further creation of new devices
- Registration and patenting of products in the markets of the EU, North America, Australia, Russia, Asia, the Middle East and others.
- Creation of a network of healthcare centers under our own brand

The project has not only an attractive and highly profitable financial side, but also a high social importance and responsibility as it is meant to increase the availability of medical and healthcare services, to improve the diagnostics capabilities of various diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases, to enhance the quality of life, to significantly increase the rate of healing and timely assistance.

Developed equiment

Apparatus CARDIO.

The CARDIO is not just a device, but a whole complex of scientific and technological research.
Through the system of sensors, which are attached to several points on the human body, the device takes off the data of 77 indicators of the cardiovascular system.
Then, specially developed algorithms analyze the received data, and the device displays information on the device display with a diagnosis.
By doing so, the device will be able to predict the likelihood of a heart attack and stroke in a person with a very high accuracy, up to 95%.
With the help of remote transmission of information and special software developed by us, the data can be processed by medical experts for more in-depth analysis.
This, for example, will be necessary to assess the permissible loads for athletes and to prevent excessive effects on the cardiovascular system.

- A unique device that has no analogues in the world
- Forecasts the probability of a heart attack or stroke with an accuracy of 95% - It can save a person's life!
- Based on a number of scientific knowledge and the most up-to-date proprietary developments
- Measures and analyzes up to 77 most important indicators of the cardiovascular system
- Easy to use.
- Possibility of remote data transmission
- Specialized software for physicians

Apparatus Quantum

Every person wants not only to feel good, but also to look good.
Our company has developed a unique cosmetology device that combines age-old knowledge and modern technologies in cosmetology.
Skin rejuvenation by Quantum is an innovative technique in the field of aesthetic medicine and correction of age-related changes in the skin, providing the opportunity to effectively affect various skin areas and does not require time to recover after a therapy session.

- Symbiosis of age-old scientific knowledge and the most up-to-date technologies in the field of cosmetology
- Effectively restores human skin, gives the skin firmness and rejuvenation
- Favorably affects the body
- Saves time. There is no need to regularly attend procedures in the salons. It is convenient to carry out procedures at home.
- Saves money. The cost of a course of similar impact, consisting of several sessions in the clinic can reach several thousand USD.
The cost of the device does not exceed 1000 USD.

Apparatus Professional

- Measures the electrical parameters of the biologically active zones (BAZ) by R. Voll method;
- Measures the electrical parameters of biologically active points (BAP) according to the R. Voll method (including corporeal, head and auricular points);
- Conducts topical, syndromic, nosological and local (for example, determining the extent of injury of the spine, paranasal sinuses, teeth) diagnosis;
- Conducts drug testing (evaluation of the effects of various pharmacological and non-pharmacological agents on the human body);
- Conducts medical testing with the help of a built-in medicament selector;
- Conducts a vegetative resonance test by the method of H. Shimmel;
- Conducts electroacupuncture therapy; electromagnetic therapy; quantum therapy;
- Conducts bioresonance therapy according to the method of F.Morel and E.Rashe; complex therapy (the regime under which bioresonance therapy is conducted together with electromagnetic therapy with related auto nosode and preparations from the medicament selector).
- Support for the user through online consultations and the developed Blockchain Medical Platform.
- Special software for physicians
- Proven high efficiency of devices of this type

Please see more at: READ WHITEPAPER

ELCoin Blockchain Medical Platform

ELCoin Blockchain Medical Platform is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data.
We introduce utilization of blockchain technology to store patient health records and maintain a single version of the patient's true data.
ELCoin Blockchain Medical Platform will enable different healthcare agents such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and insurers to request permission to access and interact with medical records.
Each interaction is auditable, transparent, and secure, and will be recorded as a transaction of ELCoin's on distributed ledger.
Moreover, no privacy is lost in this process; ELCoin Blockchain Medical Platform is built on the permission based Hyperledger Fabric architecture which allows varying access levels; patients control who can view their records, how much they see and for what length of time.

Please see more at: READ WHITEPAPER


1993. Registration of company in Russia.
2015. Registration of comany in European Union.
Q4 2017 ICO.
Q2 2018. Start production and sales of Quantum.
Q1 2019 – Q3 2019. Start production and sales of Cardio and Professional in EU and Russia.
Q4 2019. Reaching sales volumes of 2000 devices per month.  
Q1 2020. Reaching sales volumes of 5000 devices per month.
Q2 2020. Start sales in USA and Canada.
Q4 2020. Start sales in Middle East and Australia.
Q1 2021. Reaching sales volumes 10000 devices per month.
2021. Entrance to markets of Asia, South America, Africa.
2022. Start fo development of health centers.

Economic Model.

                                                  2018               2019             2020             2021            2022           2023

TOTAL REVENUE BEFORE TAXES, USD   2.240.000    7.925.000    16.705.000    34.250.000    47.245.000    64.440.000

Please see more at: READ WHITEPAPER

Coin Specifications

Name: ELCoin
Symbol: ELC
Decimals: 18
Standard: ERC20 utility
Platform: Ethereum
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, EUR, USD
Unsold tokens policy: Any unsold tokens during the Token distribution will be burned.
Maximum Total Supply: 60,000,000 ELC
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Soft cap: $1,906,000

Token distributions

The distribution of tokens is an important part of the initial sale.
The number of tokens and frequency of their release directly affects their cost.

A total of 60,000,000 tokens will be released. These tokens will be distributed as follows:

- 30,000,000 (50%) will be sold at the stage from November 19 2017 (planned date) to February 05 2018.
- If pre-ordered and during the first week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC token is US$ 0,80 (6,7 % of the total number of tokens is 2,000,000 ELC)
- During the second week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC Token  will be US$ 0,85  (6,7 % of the total number of tokens is 2,000,000 ELC
- During the third week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 0,90  (6,7 % of the total number of tokens is 2,000,000 ELC)
-  After the 21 th day of the Distribution Period until the Expiration Date, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 1,00 (80% of the total number of tokens is 24,000,000 ELC)

- 12,000,000 (20%) will be reserved for use by the Reserve Fund in order to stabilize the crypto currency at the exchange
- 12,000,000 (20%) Tokens will be reserved for the founders/team
- 3,000,000 (5%) will be reserved for use of the bounty system
 - 3,000,000 (5%) Tokens will be reserved for advisers, mentors


Facebook Campaign - 18%
Twitter Campaign - 18%
Bitcointalk Signatures Campaign - 20%
Bitcointalk Support Campaign - 20%
Publishing Campaign - 12%
Project Creative Support - 12%

Please see more at: READ WHITEPAPER


Our team consists of highly professional members. Among them are a lot of  Doctors of Medicine, Professionals in Management, investments, Medical area and Crypro projects.

Please see more at: READ WHITEPAPER


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The goal of the project is to contribute to solving a number of problems that occur in the world medicine. We offer a comprehensive solution that is based on world scientific knowledge and proprietary developments in the field of diagnostics, treatment, prevention of a wide range of diseases, including the most common ones - cardiovascular diseases.

The release of the devices will successfully complement the creation of a decentralized system of blockchain medicine, aiming to expand the availability of medical services, improve their quality, reliability, and disseminate the maximum amount of information related to human health within the community.

Thanks to our project, the community will have access to a qualitatively new level of healthcare and longevity, as already hundreds of thousands of people have, who use the technologies and equipment produced by our company.

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