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Z_human 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Hello, everyone! This is an announcement for the upcoming Token Sale Event held by Electrominer - a cloud mining platform powered by renewable energy where users will have the opportunity to rent hashing power for mining Bitcoin and other PoW-based altcoins on various algorithms. We are building sustainable, state of the art Mobile Data Center facilities with cutting-edge mining equipment powered by our own solar energy station.

We are planning to locate our mining facilities in Imperial County, California.



Eastern California sees over 300 sunny days per year and is one of the best locations to produce renewable energy, which is why Electrominer will build its own 7.5 Megawatts solar energy plant in the Salton Sea area. Our solar energy plant will sustainably power cryptomining data centers and help us to minimize operational costs, offer our users lower rental fees, and reduce the negative environmental impact of mining PoW based cryptocurrencies.image loading...


Electrominer's Mobile Data Center Units are housed in modified and insulated shipping containers, accommodating diversified mining equipment and an exclusively designed air cooling system.

We are currently testing the prototype with a maximum capacity load of 130kW to accommodate 60 ASIC miners and over 200 GPUs.
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The Electrominer platform is a web portal where users will be able to rent hashing power and mine various coins using various algorithms.

We are currently developing a mobile application which will allow our users to access the platform and manage their mining capacity on the go.
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Each Electrominer Token (ELM) represents a share of available mining capacity. The token's role on the platform is to allow the system to determine the amount of mining capacity available for rent to our users. ELM is a lifetime ticket that guarantees a share of the available hashing power. Since our token's total supply is fixed, the amount of capacity represented by each token will grow proportionally with the further expansion of our mining facilities.

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We realize that the amount of hashing power generated by Electrominer in 2018 will not be enough to finally proclaim Blockchain as a “green” technology. However, Electrominer’s business model of sustainable cryptomining through renewable energy empowers us to reinvest a significant portion of revenue into the further expansion of mining and renewable energy facilities.

Considering the annual growth of assets and rental revenue as outlined in our White Paper, Electrominer’s commitment of planned annual re-investments into expanding our facilities will only further our self-sufficient and self-expandable ecosystem. It is projected that annual reinvestment into solar energy and mining equipment will lead to 30% and 10% capacity increase respectively.

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Electrominer was created to address the challenges of mining PoW based cryptocurrencies. The rise in popularity and success of cryptocurrencies was achieved due to the interest and passion of crypto-enthusiasts just like you, Bitcoin's earliest users. Back then, almost anyone could mine crypto because mining was profitable using nothing more than the average laptop. Compare that to present day cryptomining, which now has an entire industry built around it. Today's mining enthusiasts have to invest in expensive specialized mining hardware to turn a profit, or take a risk by investing into long term cloud mining contracts based on static hashrates.

By simplifying the process and lowering the risks typically associated with cloud mining, the Electrominer project aims to attract both newcomers and seasoned veterans. In doing so, we hope to bring more actual users into the crypto world, rather than becoming yet another selfish industrial mining company driven by greed.

So, what is Electrominer?  

Electrominer is a mining pool. We have our own datacenters equipped with ASIC and GPU miners to mine profitably and effectively, our own solar power station to efficiently power our equipment, and our platform's mining capacity will be available for anybody to rent and utilize for mining through the web portal.

What are Electrominer Tokens?

Electrominer Tokens (ELM) have a fixed supply and represent a share of total mining capacity available for rent on the Electrominer platform to use for mining Bitcoin and other PoW based coins. Electrominer's total mining capacity will grow proportionally with the expansion of our mining facilities.  In other words, Electrominer Tokens allow you to access the Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform to mine a variety of coins. ELM will never become obsolete, outdated, or broken. ELM can be used for mining coins and sharing in Electrominer's ever-increasing mining capacity, and it can be sold at any time.

Electrominer is open to anyone who shares and is willing to contribute to our vision for revolutionizing the mining industry in order to make cryptomining accessible to everybody, while simultaneously working to reduce the harmful environmental impact created by typical cryptomining services.

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Electrominer is a self-powered Mining Platform where users rent hashing capacity to mine various coins/algorithms. Our mining facilities will be powered by our own solar energy station. 

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