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Emissary Guild 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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The disruptive trade finance marketplace, built to better global commerce.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit| LinkedIn

Envoy is a trade finance marketplace powered by blockchain.
We have unified the old with the new by creating an interoperable platform that is both a legacy system compatible and blockchain-agnostic.
Bringing together the siloed systems used by different stakeholders around the world, simplifying supply chain processes and dramatically increasing liquidity, Envoy will transform the way businesses and investors interact through advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, superior automation and by championing cross-border collaboration.

Bounty Program is Live

Building The Future Of Trade Finance On Blockchain

Blockchain is the panacea to trade finance’s pain points.
A type of distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain can be used to record the details of
transactions, apply cryptography to the data and then distribute the updated ledger across the
network for all to see. For this reason, it is the perfect solution for trade finance and supply chains
because, much like complex supply chains themselves, the data isn’t centralised.
There isn’t one clear or dominant owner who controls all elements, and information added to the blockchain must be validated by consensus.

Introducing Envoy

We are going to turn the world of trade finance on its head by creating a marketplace that will unlock previously unavailable liquidity by tokenizing access and allowing individuals and institutions to crowdfund the trade financing process. Disrupting the barriers that both buyers and sellers face to free up cash flows, and cutting out the network of affiliate banks and the mess of paperwork and commissions that goes along with it, we will make funding trades easier, more efficient and better available to businesses looking to claim their place on the world stage. What’s more, we will allow individuals, who would have otherwise been unable to do so on their own, to participate in the lucrative trade finance industry.

Powered by blockchain, Envoy will bring together stakeholders at every stage of the trade finance supply chain in a highly secure, totally transparent and risk-averse environment.Generating smart contracts that provide assurances to all parties, we will give our users the insights they need to make better financial decisions and encourage staking in businesses they believe in. By settling transactions on Corda’s cutting edge platform, friction points are finely polished and business operations smoothed to get goods moving, get them selling and get revenue streams surging.

Why Corda?

Corda was selected as the blockchain rail for the Envoy platform because it was custom built with trade finance and supply chain in mind. And with their enterprise solution rolled out on six continents and currently being used by over 200 companies, it is the largest and best supported platform in the space. An open-source solution that removes costly friction in business transactions, Corda is simple to use, relatively easy to get up and running and natively provides many essential trade finance
functions and comprehensive financial settlements protocols.

Key amongst these are:
● KYC procedures
● Reference data
● Credit rating data
● Trade finance orchestrations
● Dual use goods checks
● Sanction screening services

All of which we can plug-in and use to immediately kickstart the Envoy marketplace. Utilising smart contract and blockchain technology, Corda allows businesses to reduce transaction and record-keeping costs, and to simplify business operations. These benefits lead to substantial increases in efficiency, taking businesses to a new level of productivity and gives our users the oversight they need to make better investments.

Token Allocation


OCT 2017
Team and strategic partners initiated
JAN 2018
Smartym development team initiated
FEB 2018
AUG 2018
Private sale Round A 30%
SEPT 2018
Private sale Round B 20%
SEPT 2018
Pre sale Public Round A 20%
OCT 2018
Pre sale Public Round B 10%
OCT 2018
Public Token Sale
NOV 2018
Wallet deployment
Q4 2018
Token issuance
Q4 2018
Exchange listing
Q4 2018
Exchange listing 2
Q4 2018
Beta testing
Q2 2019
Platform deployment with asset class 1
Q3 2019
Create Asset Class 2 & 3
Q3 2019
Integrate additional underlying blockchain interoperability
Q3 2019
Ensure Ratings System deployment
Q3 2019
Create third-party 4 & 5(other asset classes to follow asap)
Q4 2019
ENgage Engine Deployment
Q4 2019
Begin pluggin in third party Security-Tokenized Funds

Bounty Program is Live

Website Whitepaper Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit| LinkedIn

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The disruptive trade finance marketplace, built to better global commerce, powered by blockchain. We have unified the old with the new by creating an interoperable platform that is both legacy system compatible and blockchain-agnostic. Envoy will unlock billions of dollars of once unavailable funds to a liquidity starved industry allowing SME's growth through our risk mitigated marketplace platform, enabling transparent invoice settlement fast invoice settlement solution via off platform settlement on corda private ledger for private safe transactions. Envoy upgrading the way the world trades for economic growth on blockchain.

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