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EsoICO 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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KYC is now open - No ID Required! Go to esoico.com/kyc to create your account. Presale starts on Friday!

* * *

Eso is a suite of fully decentralised, end-to-end encrypted tools. Each and every one of them secured on the Eso blockchain.

The Eso Whitepaper is here! Get it from https://www.esoico.com/

Eso features include:
  • Secure Password Management
  • Private Communication - chat to any user about anything, end-to-end encrypted and fully decentralised
  • ESOS Crypto Wallet with no ETH required for gas, and private key owned by user
  • Notepad & Pasteboard for quick, ultra secure notes.
  • Private Agreements between multiple users, secured on blockchain.
  • Meeting & Task Manager
  • Private & Shared Calendars
  • Corporate Voting
  • Announcement Channels

The Eso team is the same team that brought you ClearPoll. We are one of the few teams having held a successful ICO, developed the product as promised, and launched. ClearPoll has over 12,000 users already, after just two months of launch. POLL tokens reached x100 at their peak, with an ICO price of around 10c and an ATH of over $11. POLL was successfully listed on several exchanges immediately after the ICO ended.

To look after our POLL holders, we are offering an airdrop of POLL/ESOS! See details here:
The airdrop snapshot will be on November 15. Get $POLL from Kucoin or Cryptopia.

Follow Eso:

Twitter @EsoApp
Telegram: https://t.me/EsoICO
Reddit: reddit.com/r/esoapp
Facebook: https://facebook.com/esoapp

Bounties will be posted and linked here soon.

Important dates:
KYC opens November 12
Presale commences November 16
Main sale commences January 4

- Eso Team  Smiley

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There are no direct competitors offering a comparable solution. There are encrypted chat platforms such as WhatsApp, but they are centralised and lack almost all of the tools Eso offers. There are blockchain hardware solutions such as the HTC Exodus device, with a hefty price tag of over $900 and do not include the Eso shared tools such as group meetings, announcement channels or calendars. One of the key advantages of Eso is that the system is completely decentralised, there is no central server in the middle, and nobody has access to any user’s private key other than the user. It is completely impossible for the Eso team to access any data on any Eso user’s account. There is no possible security compromise of our systems or servers that could lead to your data being decrypted or accessed in any way. There are two levels of encryption. The data within the contracts is encrypted with a password, and that password is stored on the contract encrypted by the user’s public key. Eso will be open source once launched, allowing anyone and everyone to analyse the code and see for themselves how Eso works. We are so confident in the security and privacy of the user’s data, we intend to host a hacking contest in the future, including a bounty. Eso is arguably the only place a user can have a 100% confidential discussion, or store data that is completely inaccessible to others, including the platform owners.

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