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Real estate is historically the most stable form of investment and one that involves the least risk as an investment mechanism. The global total value of developed real estate is over 217 trillion USD, which is higher than the total global traded equities and securitised debt instruments put together. In 2016, global transactions volumes reached 661 billion USD. Given the size of this market, and the fact it is very fragmented and has not advanced sufficiently in the tech age, we believe it offers many opportunities.

Whether someone is an investor building up a portfolio, a newly wed buying their first home, a person building up capital for their ultimate retirement home, someone building up a secondary investment to gain a steady monthly rental income, or someone who just wants to get into the rush of an exciting property boom, there are plenty of reasons to invest in the property market. But the cost for entry is huge. Many people are content to just buy their own home, but what if there was a solution to enter the market with as little as 1000 USD? And for those investors with more – what if there was a solution to make it quick, effortless, efficient, transparent and secure?

Etherty addresses all of the above and will provide a platform for the buying, selling and global trading of properties – from first time buyers, to seasoned or new investors. By offering a portfolio of properties backed by standardised indicators to our users to crowdsale, buy and trade just as in the stock market, and coupling it with all the necessary services to facilitate their investment, Etherty intends to break all barriers for seamless international property trading. Imagine being able to gain access to a country’s property boom from anywhere in the world, without the need to get involved in local bureaucracy and processes, using straightforward and transparent transactions secured by blockchain and smart contracts. Etherty will ensure all the above is possible.

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CCC+ Ommer
CCC+ London Football Exchange
CCC+ Inbest
CCC+ Arevalor (ORB token)
CCC+ Nau
CCC+ Etherty
CCC+ Pibble
CCC+ Loomia
CCC+ First Fair
CCC+ Catholic Coin
CCC+ Cruisebit
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