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EZ.Exchange 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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EZ Exchange is building a path to mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency trading platform is built by veteran stock market developers, stock market security experts and customer experience practitioners to make buying, selling and trading digital currency easy and safe.

EZ Exchange is driving toward a better digital future. Our exchange puts traders first, ensuring that users never again deal with a substandard customer experience when trading cryptocurrency.

Flexible and powerful - EZ Exchange puts you in control from a single interface.
Tools for beginners and experts means managing coins your way. Buy and sell coins from multiple exchanges. Access coins the moment they’re available. Purchase coins by credit card, bank transfer or online money transfer. Convert coins into cash. All at the touch of a button.

Connected and responsive - EZ Exchange takes your chats, email and calls.
Real people getting you answers when you need them. Step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sign up, buy, trade and sell. 24/7 personal support is available by chat, email and phone.

Secure and convenient - EZ Exchange gives you the best of all worlds.
EZ Exchange is built by developers entrusted with protecting global stock markets, bringing the rigor of established financial market security to cryptocurrency. That includes protection against DDoS attacks, server redundancy and social engineering, extensive hacker testing and AML/KYC compliance.

We’re taking security one step further by:
  • 95% of coins will be held offline in cold storage
  • Fully complying with industry standards
  • Aligning to recognized global standards and best practices
  • Preparing for ISO 27001 certification

Benefits for Token Holders
Beyond simply buying and selling cryptocurrency, EZX Token investors enjoy expanded benefits and share in the success of EZ Exchange.

EZX Token enables investors and users to:
  • Reduce transaction fees by 50%
  • Gain premium access to EZ Academy
  • Gain early access to new trading pairs
  • Gain access to advanced trading features
  • Reduced fees for monthly trading subscription

We are extending our private Pre-sale. Details about our public ICO will be announced soon.
Click here for more information.

For more information, please visit our website at: www.ezexchange.com.

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EZ Exchange has brought together the best talent across a number of disciplines to create an exchange like no other. EZ Exchange’s unique platform puts traders first, ensuring that users never deal with substandard security or a poor user experience when trading cryptocurrency.

EZ Exchange is committed to making cryptocurrency accessible and secure for all. Traders will have access to a comprehensive suite of training and support options to answer any questions or concerns they may have. And the EZ Exchange team is working with regulators to be fully compliant with recognized global security standards. With a simple and intuitive interface, robust customer support and industry-leading security, EZ Exchange is removing the barriers to entry for new traders and paving the way for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

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