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  3. Token sale is now public !

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Token Sale Overview

                                              Total Supply                        20,000,000

                                              Hard/Soft Cap                     CHF 2M/CHF 1M

                                              Price per Token                    CHF 0.10 (~0.10 USD)


EZYcount’s vision is to develop an AI-powered accounting system on top of its existing software that will free self-employed and small business owners from accounting tasks allowing them to focus their energy, time and money on growing their business.

During the EZYcount ICO phase, we are offering you the exclusive opportunity to invest in our project by purchasing EZY TaaL tokens.


Which problems does EZYcount solve?

1) Accounting for small business is still very manual
Around 30% of small businesses still use Excel as their accounting software. This is more than 160'000 businesses in Switzerland only. On average these business owners need to invest 4 hours per week and CHF 5'000.- per year for their accounting. This energy, time and money are just wasted. After talking to hundreds of self-employed in Switzerland, we realized that self-employed    don´t want to just simplify their accounting tasks, they don't want to do them at all! The solution is to automate every accounting process thanks to EZYcount AI.

2) Software licensing is broken
Software companies face difficulties in enforcing software rights and building distribution channels because software licensing laws vary greatly in different countries across the world. Moreover, there is a constant race between software producers and hackers, and software companies invest considerably energy and resources into creating friendly and secure software licenses.
EZYcount addresses this dilemma by offering software licenses that are as secure and flexible as possible, and easy for license owners to manage.

What is EZYcounts solution to solve these problems?

AI automated accounting
Building on top of its current solution, the EZYcount team is increasing the automation of accounting one step at a time, starting with rule-based automation and ending with AI automation. EZYcount AI automates every manual task performed by the user. It starts by connecting to all sources of accounting data such as bank accounts, credit card, webshop or document management systems (Dropbox or Storj). Based on these data, EZYcount AI creates bookings and generates financial reports. Finally, EZYcount AI features a chat-like interface that allows users to communicate seamlessly with it, viewing it as a trusted advisor over time for all their accounting queries.

Blockchain software license or Token-as-a-License (TaaL)
It is possible to create tokens on a blockchain that represent software licenses, also known as Token-as-a-Licence (TaaL).
EZYcount creates TaaL by using the Ardor official wallet which interacts with the Ardor blockchain and child chains. After purchasing the TaaL, the token holder is free to transfer or sell the TaaL using a secondary market that is built directly over the blockchain, in our case, the Ardor marketplace. EZYcount checks the validity of a token against the blockchain ensuring that token holders have access to the software.
TaaL makes distribution and securisation of software licenses easier for software developers. It also makes the management and resale of software license easier for software owners. All in all, TaaL has a higher value as a normal software license.

How will the EZYcount TaaL increase in value and what is the opportunity for the investors?

EZYcount TaaL is a utility token, possession of which grants access to the EZYcount software suite. Since the number of the EZYcount TaaL tokens is fixed on the Ardor blockchain, the value of each token is directly related to the number of clients EZYcount will acquire going forward. Token holders will benefit from the small hard cap of CHF 2 million as it ensures a huge potential for the growth of the market cap and therefore an increase in token value. EZYcount is going to develop an AI-based accounting which will disrupt the accounting software business not only in Switzerland but worldwide. As a consequence of this significant investment into the EZYcount technology EZYcount aims for a market penetration of at least 5% in the accounting software market for small business in Switzerland, followed by an international expansion. This will increase the demand for EZYcount TaaL and therefore its price on the secondary market.

Token Sale Stages

                                   15 JUL-14 AUG                        +20% TOKENS (CHF 1 = 12 TOKENS)

                                   15 AUG-14 SEP                       +10% TOKENS (CHF 1 = 11 TOKENS)

                                   15 SEP-15 OCT                        PUBLIC SALE (CHF 1 = 10 TOKENS)

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation





EZYcount in the media

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The EZYcount TaaL tokens are tradable and are designed to appreciate in value as the EZYcount products become more popular and the demand for the license tokens increases. They, therefore, represent an opportunity for investors and for EZYcount product users. You have now the opportunity to buy EZYcount TaaL. To buy EZYcount TaaL tokens you can either participate in the private sale to get an early bird bonus or you can buy tokens during the public sale. Please find below the schedule for the private sale and the public sale.

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