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MANCRYPTOS 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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About the project

Fund Platform is the service for creating trading and investing cryptofunds based on a
decentralized, comfortable and protected mechanism.

Fund Platform cooperates with developers of the project NEM (New Economy Movement). The token emission will be realized on the NEM platform.

Thanks to our platform funds’ administrators and investors will be able to reach effective communication with the least of wasted time and with the maximum of convenience.

Those users investing money won’t hesitate for their disappearance because the liability of funds’ security is lied on Fund Platform service.

Nowadays there are over 90 cryptomonetary (tokenized) investing funds in the whole world. But for the open of a fund there should be much of expense. Investors need to spend a lot of strength and, moreover, money in order to choose an appropriate fund.

Fund Platform solves these problems by means of creating investing platform, allowing to control over funds through easy and fast tools and to create and provide funds without huge financial expenses.

Here traders can produce tokens for their own funds and subsidiary tokens (subtokens) in the frameworks of each separated fund and investors can create, diversify, organize and manage their own investing portfolio.

The structure of Fund Platform service

We offer two main products intended for two types of users:

● Investor’ cabinet
● Fund administrator’ cabinet

Principal advantages of Fund Platform

For investors

● higher indexes comparably to traditional hedgefunds;
● low barrier of entry;
● multicurrency wallet;
● existence of its own reserve fund at Fund Platform;
● totally fair accounts, given by funds.

For funds

● Open of a personal fund and tokens’ emission aren’t required special skills;
● function of internal tokens’ emission with different strategies and products;
● existence of a personal independent risk manager;
● opportunity to transform a fund to an independent resource;

The process of trading on an exchange is constructed through special WEB terminal without an open access to funds.

Verified funds have an access to juridical supervision and extended a set of options: input/withdrawal currencies to an exchange without API, lower commissions etc.

About tokens

Fund Platform communicates with developers of NEM project (New Economy Movement) and an emission of token FUND will be realized on exactly NEW platform because it meets the requirements of security and corresponds with main objectives of Fund Platform in compare to Ethereum (for example), where it is needed to create several smart-contracts for an every fund.

Funds can produce tokens on the NEM base as well as on platform’s token FUND that can notably reduce the value of fund’s foundation.

Pre-ICO and ICO

Number and cost of tokens FUND

167 000 000 Tokens FUND will be produced.

At the stage of pre-ICO there will be 10 000 000 tokens.

At the stage of ICO there will be 90 000 000 tokens.
1FUND = $0,1

On pre-ICO you will receive a 50% bonus on purchased number of FUND tokens.

Distribution of tokens FUND

A pool of 25% tokens will keep in the company, providing planning development of Fund Platform and will be its reserve. Designated tokens won’t be sold during 24 months by their freeze through NEM Platform.

10% of tokens will be at the disposal of developers of platform and the main team. These tokens also won’t be sold during 24 months by their freeze. So, designated tokens will provide motivation for founders of platform and for the main team after ICO.

5% of tokens will be distributed after ICO among participants of bounty-program

Those tokens remained after ICO will withdraw automatically. An additional emission is not provided.

Purchasing and accounting of tokens FUND

Due to special registration form on the website You can purchase tokens on the exchange of cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XEM and others updated by the moment of the deal.

After ICO you will receive tokens FUND in your profile which you can withdraw for an every of available wallets of NEM project and activate delegate mining in order to selling in long-term outlook or keeping or you can sell tokens on cryptoexchanges.


Media about us

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


Fund Platform will simplify the process of creating cryptofunds. The service will allow traders to create funds quickly and cost-effectively and provide a convenient tool for investment to private investors. Fund Platform acts as a platform where traders in private offices create funds in a few minutes, users invest without worrying that they will disappear at one moment - the responsibility for safety of the funds lies on the Fund Platform service. Fund Platform helps to create funds without pouring huge amounts of money into marketing and creating website. And for ordinary users F.P. provides a simple tool for investing money in cryptocurrency. Fund Platform users will exchange tokens of all project exchanges for any cryptocurrency using FUND token.

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