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Fundaria 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Website (pre alfa)
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Profit sources

Bounty (10 more tasks)
Idea example: Chatik
Chatik ANN thread

Hello ladies and dudes !

I've prepared bounty program for bounty hunters. All bounty tasks listed here

I've prepared pre-alfa version of the Idea Development Part of Fundaria. You can check it by visiting . The web site is only adapted for Chrome, Firefox/Mozilla and smartphones. Microsoft and Apple browsers users, sorry - please try install Chrome. I promise adapt it for Edge and Safari later.

If you are still not clicked on the link, I'm telling what I developed as well:
- Preparing business idea for further final posting (the idea is called "Fundaria" at this moment, it has already posted and any business idea can be posted in the same way) *1
- Saving information about stakeholder: first and last name, info 'about', skills, social links, profile image, avatar.
- Uploading logo, name and slogan and design them with many fonts to choose and font effects and text shadow (you can see how it works on "Fundaria" idea example).
- Advanced chat system with options to create theme, group and private chats, with customizable responses stream and feature to create messaging branches by answering solo messages. Practically, it can be the first in the world combined chat and tree-like commenting. Additionally there are 23 commands which can be implemented by using # symbol. For example #private, #create chat or even #message background (yeah, blanket in the command - why not?). Every multi-themes chat related to every contrary business idea and all private and group chats available from everywhere. Really, you should estimate it - I thought of everything to the last detail
- Joining the business idea team as a teammate or an advisor, seeing teams
- As it has been already seen, create bounty tasks, registering for them, posting proofs of work, accepting and declining of completed tasks
- Posting profit sources, advantages, risks, questions & answers about the business idea (all these you can find by navigating the site)
- Uploading whitepaper (with ability to expand for uploading any document)
- Create 'ideas contest' when you can post any idea related to the development of the main Business Idea and win Stakes if your idea will satisfy contest conditions.
- Rating system which now consists of four rates: profitability, prospect, topicality, uniqueness. I'm planning to implement ability to expand quantity of rates to any number when you can suggest your rate and all can vote for new rates and high-voted will be used in rating system for all business ideas. Let's call it 'evolving rating system'
- Posting slides
- Collecting investment intents. This is modern feature not implemented anywhere. I find it to be useful and hope community will understand its advantage. Especially the idea author would be useful to know people's intentions to invest in the idea and see requirements which investors want to set
- Planning. This functionality is the second part of Fundaria itself. This is much more then every roadmap you can see with the project. Described above is the Idea Development Part. Planning is the functionality which belongs to Business Development Part. This is the place where you can : post funds, projects and tasks, define costs and times (with downtimes!). You can see how it looks here: . By the way for every business development, based on an invested idea there will be created sub-domain (while for the idea is created such address:

Business Development. Fundaria is not only idea preparing and evolving service. Fundaria has already had initial version of the business development. "Fundaria" as the Idea has been already planned using these tools: Although we can plan our business activity, all software tools of business development version 1.0 are completed only on 5%. If you want to see all intended works on this big part of whole Fundaria project here is an image:

*1 At this moment you can prepare your business idea for posting and get link to send it for promoting. I split actions 'preparing the idea' and 'posting the idea' because when you finally post prepared idea there are created two databases for every idea. At this moment 'post idea' action is implemented only by me fot he "Fundaria" idea. If you want to post your well prepared idea, you should show your idea to me and I will accept it or ask to add more details. In the next month there will be implemented automatically posting of the idea without handful accepting.

I hope all this work proves my competence. Imagine how cool it will be when Fundaria will be on it final 1.0 version stage. At this moment alfa version of the Idea Development Part is completed on 70% of 1.0 version. I have been waiting for start posting on Fundaria at least 5 of my business ideas and initiate Stakes sale on every of them. But now I should take care of some necessary options for alfa version which will be ready before Stakes sale will start . And the main of them of course customizable generated smart contracts. It will be cool when people who do not know how to set contract with Solidity be able to create their own custom contracts by selecting from many options in the form.
At first I want to admit that using 'Stakes' word in this context is not accidental. All tokens in Fundaria are Stakes of businesses created here.
By now I suggest such options for generated contract to be selected from:
- Name and symbol
- Owner address
- Amount of supplying Stakes
- Share of Stakes to team (may be frozen)
- Share of Stakes for bounty and advisors (always must be transfered after the Stakes sale)
- Start date of Stakes sale
- End date of Stakes sale
- Freezing period for team's Stakes
- Is the course (price) for Stake during Stakes sale is defined if yes - define it (in ether)
- Periods during Stakes sale have different Stake courses (set timestamps and courses)
- Max cap according to planned tasks (optionally). If yes:
- Allow or not accepting ether for over capped Stakes. If allow then:
- Set period during which an idea author and the team should make additional planning to these additional ether. During this period these ether can be withdrawn. This lets idea author to make additional planning and show it to public. If no planning will be showed or planning is bad - investors can withdraw their overcap invested wei (during defined period).

If max cap is not defined then:
- Spread all supplied Stakes among ether senders proportionally (if course of Stake is not defined)
- Issue more Stakes exactly accordingly to defined course

Also there will be some additional options (optionally):
- Minimum cap. If settled then at the end period if sent ether less than minimum cap - open ability to withdraw them
- Limit period of withdrawing ether. For the not withdrawn ether give Stakes. This ability gave team a chance to prove their power with a tiny amount of money and allow community to take a look at the team and at the project from different angle, how they can use limited money to achieve great results.

If max cap is not achieved and min cap not defined two options are available:
- All unsold Stakes remain for the team
- All unsold Stakes are burned
- All unsold Stakes are partially burned and partially remain for the post sale

Post sale is the continous period (may be unlimited) during which special rules for Stakes sale are set. At first is set higher price for Stake (for example X2 to regular sale price). And this price can be changed but cann't be lowered. A team can show their ability to develop business which can lead to better perception of their project by investors and public and finally these post sale Stakes can be successfully sold. At the same time investors which bought Stakes during regular sale are always have price advantage.

Fundaria creates impressive protection of investors interests. Contract customizing tool will have option to set the ability for investors to withdraw part of invested money during the initial business development period. But this should be the initial investor, who bought Stakes during pre, bonus or regular sale period and she returns Stakes back.  Investor can withdraw an amount which is calculated with subtraction of actual business development time passed period transfers to Pool (past distributions) and the next month planned investment spendings (see rule below).

Also can be set in contract, that project finance manager (or contract owner) can transfer only limited amount of money from Sales Contract to Pool Wallet every time period. If business development begins, for example, on the 1st of January and lasts 1 year, during the next 365/12 days (almost whole January) no more then 1/12 of current investment cap will be able to be transfered to Pool Contract. This option protects investors from scam or bad projects and allows to save at least part of investment if team does not justify expectations.

I suggest implementing these options for contract creating to make investing in new businesses more rational and responsible both for business developers and investors.

All discussions on these propositions are welcomed. It would be great to receive more various options to be implemented for the contract customizing. I will try to implement all of them.

I see clearly ability to finalize at least 'light' (but functionally enough) beta-version of Fundaria using only my working force. So Fundaria's contract do not have minimal cap. Planning will be corrected depending on investment involved.  

Of course much attention should be paid for    promotion. Now I see several ways to promote Fundaria. For example:
- Pay articles sites owners and to qualified writers with bounty Stakes or with received fiat money for posting much of original promo articles
- Create nice looking physical promo booklet where Fundaria essence will be explained in the best way and send letters with such booklets to many idea authors, for example patent holders around the world
- Prepare and post several my own business ideas (at least 5 of them)

I have such practical tasks to be implemented in the nearest future:
- Implement decentralized SQL database on blockchain-like architectured network and store all DB content there
- Implement local program on Meteor or similar framework for Fundaria. So we will not be depended on central administration of Fundaria developers and will be able to expand development process quickly
- Implement all available cryptocurrencies to be used for transactions on Fundaria's business development part
- Implement AI integration to business development for increasing quality of accepted business decisions by their teams

I've reserved around $134000 for special aim: these finance resources can be distributed by Fundaria Stake holders! These are around 20% of all planned funds to use. You will be able to create your project and task during the Fundaria business development process. This whole amount is divided between Stakes holders and everyone will be able to use them for those aims which they want. Of course all distribution and using will be visible to all observers of Fundaria business process.

As for business processing Fundaria will be opened for all people to observe how the money will be used. Everyone will track each cent. Proofs in form of documents, cheques scans, photos or videos or, at least, qualified and fair easy-checking explanation will be prepared on each or the most important tasks.

Thankfully to strategy of Fundaria development we are able to show to public all money transfers and all reasons of these transfers to all stakeholders or even to all public. Every idea's (business) team can choose its own policy on showing their business activity to public. You will be able find such info in the punkt of menu: "intentions".

I'm, Ayaho Olexiy, was preparing to implementation of Fundaria for a very, very long time. And I know what to do and how to do in most effective way. I want to achieve such goals and see future times when everyone will be able to post any business idea and everyone else will be able to implement it and poster of idea -- the idea author and his team of co-authors if they are - receive 5-10% of all future profit of the business which will be built on this idea.

There are draft slides of the next idea on Fundaria: You can also read about the advantages of this interesting business idea here: . Stakes sales soon!

_________________Contract Spec V0.99__________

Name....................................................................   "Fundaria Token"
Symbol..................................................................   "RI"
Pool Cap................................................................   $1'002'750 (
Share Of Stakes For Bounty And Advisors...................   7%
Share Of Stakes For Team........................................   45%
Share Of Stakes For Bonus.......................................   3%
Share Of Stakes For Stakes Sale Participants...............  45%
Pre Sale Start Date..................................................  2017 Nov 09
Start Date Of Stakes Sale........................................   2017 Nov 22, 18:00PM GMT00
End Date Of Stakes Sale..........................................   2017 Dec 22, 18:00PM GMT00
Is Course Of Stake Is Defined On Stakes Sale Start.....   yes
Private Pre Sale Stake Starting Price..........................  USD $0.01
Sale Start Stake Price.............................................   USD $0.1
Sale End Stake Price...............................................   USD $1
Post Sale Maximum Stake Price.................................  $10
Is Price Dynamically Increasing................................   yes
Allow Change Pool Cap............................................   yes
Minimal Cap...........................................................   no

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Fundaria is the service to turn ideas into businesses and support them. Describe business idea, fill it with usefull information, build team, run bounty, make planning, customize and generate smart contract, run Stakes sale (ICO). If success: manage finance, tasks, time, projects, team & assets with Fundaria business dev. tools.

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CCC Data Choice
CCC GreenHashes
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CCC Fundaria
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