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FurtherNetwork 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Further Network
✈️ Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem ✈️


contact for media: social@further.network

About Further Network

Further Network is an innovative technology company building a Blockchain based Peer-2-Peer network to help Airlines, Agencies, Hotel Wholesalers and travel product issuers alike to solve the Billing, Settlement, and Payment (BSP) issues while removing the middle-man and completing BSP in real-time using Smart Travel Record (STR) and Aton.

Our vision
We aim to revolutionize the processes of travelling on B2B level so it could have a positive impact on day to day lives of all travellers.
Further’s disruption starts with Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem where any asset provider from small to large, Airline to Hotel or Tour Provider would be able to create their own assets, create their own modifiable services and publish them using their own smart contract and get real time payment throughout the system using Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We begin with tokenization of current assets from proprietary systems and for easy settlement and payment and continue with identity sharing and ultimately achieving a fully integrated set of systems with Blockchain which will directly tokenize the assets without any midware.

Travel is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of 7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. But the process of customer booking is based on the rules that were set more than 40 years ago. Even with the arrival of e-commerce, the standards didn't change to reflect the needs of a digital-era consumer. This is why you are having a badly designed experience with not many options to suit your needs when you travel.

Our Blockchain-based technology enables a faster and customizable ticketing and travel experience. We aim to help Airlines, Agencies, Hotel Wholesalers and travel product issuers alike to solve the Billing, Settlement, and Payment issues while removing the middle-man and completing BSP in real-time.

The ticket should be more than just a manifest of flight information. It must be customizable or even personalizable for traveler’s needs and preferences. With Further Network's unique technologies travellers will be able to change, sell, add options and customize their tickets. Moreover it will not be a simple ticket anymore but Smart Travel Record, a Further Network technology.

How it works?
STR, Smart Travel Record; a smart token, unique Further Network technology consisting of necessary data for flight, hotel or any other reservation or any other travel product. STR will help solve the issues of settlement and payment using Aton, our digital currency. STR would also bring more structured data and automation to the operational usability for vendors to offer their travellers specific rule sets.

About the Token

Our token is called Aton and it is based on Stellar. Aton will be issued as Stellar token and will not be issued again to increase amount by any central party included Further Network. We have 3 different use case for Aton in Further Network Ecosystem.

  • Settlement Currency
    Reconciliation and payment are two main problems for the industry. If the institutions only want to use the system for settlement, they can still use STR and other system tools. However, if the institutions want to complete the payment process, they will be able to pay with Aton in real-time.
  • Payment Currency
    Any end-user who uses our wallet will be able to buy tickets or make reservations within our network from any available product issuers. (Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, etc.)
  • Transaction Currency
    Aton will be used like the gas price in Stellar to compensate for the transaction cost occuring on the network. It will be collected by Further Network for maintenance and other costs of the network.


Core Team

Co-founder & CEO - Kadir Ozgur Oguz
Co-founder & CTO - Erdem Uney
Co-founder & CIO - Gokhan Koc
Co-founder & CCO - Cem Ersozlu
Co-founder & Business Development Manager - Eser Sevim
Airline Analyst - Gokhan Isci
Lead Backend Developer - Mehmet Duran
CMO - Alper Turktas
Research Team Lead - Cagdas Tatlici
Community Manager - Armagan Can Ercan


Consultancy - Kyle Wang - IBM
Travel Tech - Joakim Everstin - Sabre
ICO - Anuj R. Khanna - Peak State
Finance & Trade - Kaan Sariaydin - Morgan Stanley
IT Audit - Erol Lengerli - IBM & KPMG
Airline Quality - Brenda Anichini - Kenya Airlines
Ground Service Providers - Maurizio Anichini - IATA
Corporate Governance - Prof. Dr. Guner Gursoy - Okan University
Legal & Law - Tuna Cakirca - Chadbourne & Parke - Kinstellar and White & Case
Entrepreneurship - Mete Varas - Reidin & Zingat
Finance - Zafer Sonmez - Khazanah & Sabiha Gokcen


Product Timeline

Q4 2018
Decentralised BSP Platform

P2P Network will be launched
Decentralized Billing, Settlement and Payment Service will be provided for Air Passenger and Air Cargo Transactions
B2B Network with ticket tokenization for settlements and payments
Q1 2019
Passenger Wallet with Biometric ID

Individual Customer Wallet for Travel Assets and Aton Transactions
Biometric ID function will be enabled for all transactions
Q2 2019
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Travel Product Distribution

P2P Airline Product Distribution through network
Travel Agency App will be expanded with search and book capabilities
Data integration will be enabled with outside providers
Q4 2019
Blockchain based Passenger Service System (PSS)

Cloud based, lightweight PSS for small to midsize airlines
Native Blockchain based Airline Inventory Management and Ticketing System (PSS)
Native asset creation and tokenization of airline ticket
Customizable Travel Assets
Universal Travel Assets
Q3 2020
Open Network Standards and P2P Exchange Market

Open Network Standards will be launched for 3rd party software integrations to the network.
Engagement with software developers such as Hotelier, Activity Provider, Airport Operator, Ground Service Provider.
P2P Exchange Market establishment.
Wallet-to-Wallet search and purchase for exchangeable tickets.

Token Sale Schedule

May 2018
Private Token Sale
Q2 2018

Pre Sale Start
Q3 2018

ICO Start
Q4 2018

Exchange Offer

Token Distribution

Token Sale:     60%
Founders & Team:     16.5%
Ecosystem Development:     15%
Advisors:     3.5%
Bounty, Airdrops & Other Incentives:     5%

Bounty Campaign & Airdrops

** NEW **
Our Airdrop campaign is LIVE!
Join to receive ATON tokens.


Details about the other campaigns will be announced soon on our telegram channel and here, on this forum...

Join our Telegram
to keep updated and ask your questions


Official Website: https://further.network
Whitepaper: https://further.network/whitepaper/whitepaper-latest-en.pdf
Telegram chat group: https://t.me/FurtherNetwork
Telegram announcement channel: https://t.me/FurtherNetworkANN
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/furthernetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FurtherNetwork
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/furthernetwork/

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Further Network has started a Blockchain project which will provide a real-time solution for Settlement and Payment problems in Travel Industry. Further introduces new functionalities like Customizable & Transferable Airline Ticket, Hotel Reservations and also second hand market for all type of tickets.

- New Peer-to-Peer Airline and Travel Network which allows to settle & pay every provider in real time with Further's digital currency.

- Further disrupts all centralised models like IATA, BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan),GDS (Global Distribution Systems),ACH (Automated Clearing House) or Banks with "innovative decentralized governance model" for Airline & Travel industry which means liberalisation for the Industry.

- We also proud to introduce Smart Travel Record (STR) which is a Smart Token holding key data about your travel asset (airline ticket, hotel reservations...etc). Ticket and/or hotel reservation will be made through STR, which will have the ability to be exchanged, divided, combined and changed ownership while helping to accomplish the settlement and payment process.

- Further brings "the single settlement - payment account opportunity" named as "Universal Decentralized Billing Settlement Payment Platform" to Travel Agency Ecosystem to make possible to real-time and Peer2Peer settlement&payment with its own digital currency.

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