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FyrusPro 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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LIVE beta is up! Trade real currency, earn some FYR and get whitelisted for BLOCK-0 Mining Event.
Join us: https://fyrus.pro

Now in LIVE beta! Learn more here

The Fyrus Pro project is now ongoing!
Demo is live; Better version is live!
Bounty is active
Currently in Public Token Pre-sale

About Us

Fyrus Pro is a community driven exchange platform designed to be a more accessible market place for all.


The platform charges very low fees for transactions, and no fees at all for deposits to and withdrawals from the platform. In addition, transaction fees are refunded back to the users in Fyrus, FYR tokens.
The exchange will only keep as much revenue as is necessary to cover operations cost.

Listing new coins on the platform will go through our Voting+ listing process. Unlike other exchanges, alt coins do not have to be in the top few spots to be listed. A threshold will be determined for each round of voting and any coins with enough votes past the threshold will be listed. This helps to reduce the financial burden of smaller coins and provides a more level playing field against the bigger cryptocurrencies.

However, it is not to say that voting is the only thing that is required for coins to get listed. Multiple verification and due diligence checks will be conduct on the asset's project to protect the users of our platform. This process would include the creation of a common platform for our community and the project's founders to discuss on the many aspects of their project, leveraging the collective wisdom of the public to help filter out any malicious actors.

The launched exchange platform will be capable of handling millions of transactions per second. The API will be free and open, allowing users to trade and view order books in real time.

In addition, Fyrus possess the expertise to provide state-of-the-art reporting and analytics capabilities that meet the requirements of billion dollar hedge funds and institutional level investors. The community will have access to features such as profit and loss tracking, performance and risk attribution, trading metrics analysis, benchmark comparison, etc. The community will also be able to create ad-hoc tear-sheets and detailed period reports on their trading activities. All these are provided so that our traders will have the best possible tools to revise their trades and maximize profits.

The platform will also have a decentralized governance upon launch, with FYR token holders able to vote for all matters related to the platform, enjoy reduced trading fees and participate in exclusive events.

Current Status

Currently we are in our Public Token Pre-Sale, and we're looking for beta testers. As such, we have created a one-time limited double bonus event! For the duration of the pre-sale, bonus is doubled from 25% to 50% to reward our early supporters who believe in the project and help us identify bugs!

FYR token

FYR tokens are ERC20 compliant utility tokens that facilitate all aspects of the platform.

Voting Power

FYR token holders are considered part of our tight knit community and is granted the voting rights to all matters related to the platform. This includes the listing of other assets through the Voting+ mechanism.


FYR token holders will be granted access to exclusive events, such as airdrops of newly listed assets, and other benefits on the platform.

Platform Wide Acceptance

FYR tokens will be used for any form of transactions on the platform, such as putting up security deposits, payment and rebate of transaction fees.

FYR token distribution

55% will be mined and distributed via our Involvement-Based mining mechanism
20% will be mined and kept by the team
15% will be mined and reserved
10% will be mined and used for platform development and operations

Tokens for Airdrops and Bounties are taken out from the 20% distributed to the team as necessary

Invomine distribution

Majority of the tokens (55%) are mined and directly distributed to users via our Involvement-Based mining mechanism or Invomine.
55% of the total supply, will be split into individual portions to be mined everyday over the next 2 years.

For every trade that the user made, the user will mine and receive FYR tokens equivalent to at least 100% of the trading fee within minutes after the trade has been executed. FYR’s price will be determined by the market price at time of trade execution.

Under this model, users who are more involved than others will receive more tokens than others, in a fair and proportionate way. A record of acquired tokens will be visible on both on the blockchain and the user’s dashboard.

In order to prevent malicious trading, a cap will be placed on the total daily trading volume for all users. Any more trading beyond this threshold will not contribute to your daily total.

Burning Mechanism

On a daily basis, 100% of the trading fees made from the previous day will be used to buy back FYR tokens and the FYR tokens will be burnt.

Bounty Program

Please see here for official thread.

What you can do now

Join our content creation bounty to be whitelisted for our Genesis mining event: BLOCK-0!

Stay tuned

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


Fyrus will be a community of crypto-enthusiasts, and an exchange platform that gives back to the very same community that uses it. On Fyrus, everytime user have to pay transaction fees he will be rewarded at least 80% in Fyrus tokens (FYR) with reference to the average price. Rewards programs are also being devised to reward users for providing liquidity, encouraging growth of the platform and other actions that support the community and its decentralized governance as a whole. Also Fyrus platform features both low transaction and listing fees. FYR token holders will have the power to make major decisions for the exchange platform and get more assets listed.

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