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Game X Coin
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Zenellt 07 June 2018 05:40
Cool, looks like this is beneficial to both gamers and developers. Such thing is very valuable, and everything is understandably argued on the site. Contribution is a must!
Barman9 23 June 2018 07:07
The site is well done, team is good, large enough, ambitious goals. I have only one concern and it's big - the competition is big.
Magnum666 10 July 2018 03:33
What does it mean to 'trade GXC for other gaming currencies'? What other currencies? Haven't seen any.


Game X Coin (“GXC”) proposes a solution to this problem by building an ecosystem that connects game developers, players, and games using blockchain technologies. A blockchain gives the GXC ecosystem three unique and important characteristics: 1) a blockchain’s distributed ledger prevents in-game assets from being manipulated and preserves their value 2) a blockchain fosters trust between game developers and players so they can build a mutually beneficial ecosystem 3) a blockchain drastically reduces expenses for both players and developers by removing intermediaries, such as transaction intermediaries and payment gateways, and shares the profit arising from it with game developers and players.

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Get the list of the fastest-growing ICO projects in your email