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Gem4me Market Space
Announced pre-sale

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Gem4me_Market_Space 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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GEM4ME MESSENGER The Gem4me Market Space platform is integrated into the Gem4me messenger, which presently has 6 million users in 50 countries. As of Q1 2018, the projected numbers for future growth are 50 million users by EOY 2019 and 200 million users by EOY 2020.

>>>  Roadmap | White Paper | Team <<<


Technology that makes the creation and safe development of the business easy, understandable and affordable

1. Many Smart Wallet features

An ecosystem with a single point of entry into an intelligent wallet, the main advantages of which are speed, security and transparency with low transaction costs.


2.Advertising platform Gemme Ads

It combines several unique systems based on self-learning artificial intelligence, allowing you to accurately choose the moment and place for the most effective placement of banner and contextual advertising.[/center]

3. Token Gemme Coin

Gemme Coin (GMC) is an ERC-20 compliant utility token used for Gem4me Market Space operations. Token ownership lets users increase cashback, subscribe to the RichLand cryptosignal service, buy access to better crypto-fiat exchange rates, and more.

The token is designed to protect users’ information and funds. It canbe received and used to:

Getting Gemme Coins

1. Via Gem4me Market Space’s cryptocashback offers (including Back4Cash)
2. Via Back4Cash’s referral program
3. Via participation in the RichLand cryptosignal program
4. Via Smart Wallet’s (separate) cryptocashback offers
5.Via the ICO or by buying tokens from other users

Using Gemme Coins
1. Buying goods and services inside Gem4me Market Space
2. Buying access to a premium Back4Cash account (for better cashback rates)
3. Buying access to RichLand
4. Advertising via Gem4me Market Space’s Gemme Ads
5. Making client account purchases inside Gem4me Market Space

- Maximum number of tokens available for sale 1,243,287,500 GMC
- Token price 0,1 USD for the entire duration of the tokensale
- Early contributor bonus 1%-25% of the total tokens sold
- Payment methods USD via bank wire, BTC, ETH, DASH, BCC, LTC, XRP, XMR
- Countries prohibited from participation USA, Singapora, Somalia, North Korea and Syria, China
- KYC obligatory (post-tokensale)
- Surplus tokens all unsold and undistributed tokens will be destroyed

4. Smart chat bots
In recent years, dialogs of users and smart bots have moved to chat messengers and have become much more advanced. Today, bots perform more and more functions - for example, they help to search for a product or a store based on geolocation, reviews and estimates of other buyers.[/center]

5. Artificial intelligence
It allows bots to learn directly while communicating with the client, and the Gemme Ads marketing system takes into account behavioral patterns, is based on neural networks, advanced algorithms, decision trees and advanced technologies like Data Science and Deep Learning.

6. Blokchan-technology
Gem4me Market Space block-solutions provide transaction security and implement a unified for all services platform verification of customers (KYC), assigning ratings to participants in trading operations, scoring and crediting system users. All payment transactions are recorded in the block.


Closed pre-sale start-May 10, 2018
Closed pre-sale end -Aug 31, 2018
Public pre-sale start -Sep 1, 2018
Public pre-sale end -Nov 30, 2018
ICO start - Dec 1, 2018
ICO end - Apr 1, 2019
Token emission date - Apr 15, 2019


Gem4me Market Space’s key partner and the developer of the chatbot platform is Minsk-based Synesis: a world-class developer that coded multi-billion projects including Viber. Synesis’s involvement and expertise guarantee that Market Space can adapt to users’ needs quickly — and scaled on-demand.


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Global trading platform with integrated cryptofinance services built on the foundation of the Gem4me mobile messenger. Gem4me Market Space uses cutting-edge technologies that make it easy to shop, trade and build businesses easily and across borders. According to the projected growth rates, the number of messenger users will reach 50 million by the end of 2018 and 200 million by the end of 2019.

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