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Godbex Solutions 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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It’s time! GODBEX launches ICO with September 24, 2018 #joinus

Godbex - Secure and scalable next-generation gold bullion and cryptocurrency platform

“From bad news to a great success,
from losing to winning, from panic towards GBE token”

Revolution of the existing trading markets by linking the oldest and newest world’s currencies

Combining the oldest and newest world’s currencies, GODBEX revolutionizes the existing trading markets by linking the current and future cryptocurrencies with gold bullion, while maximizes customer’s profit by taking into account price changes of both financial assets. Within  the  platform  user  has  four  modules  available:  Gold  Bullion  Market,  Exchange,  Digital  Bank  and  Digital Assets Management. Each user has one account assigned – access via web or mobile (Android, iOS), where his total balance is denoted as a combination of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and the amount of gold that the user owns.


  • Real-time trading of gold bullion.
  • Next-generation exchange where an investor can buy any cryptocurrency with either fiat currency or traditional unit of gold, a Troy ounce. Furthermore, exchange allows transfer of value from cryptocurrencies to gold bullion.
  • Digital bank module that allows instant deposit/withdraw or payment using debit card. Debit card’s total balance represents a total value of fiat, cryptocurrency and gold.
  • Consulting services for investment or trading with cryptocurrencies and gold bullions.
While cryptocurrency traders have recognized gold bullion as an excellent exit from cryptocurrencies when its price is decreasing, the traditional investors have recognized cryptocurrency as a prospective and certainly interesting investment segment that can provide high return of investment in a short period of time. And since the cryptocurrency investment can be partially compared with investing in stocks, gold is certainly an instrument that prevents loss of equity, so avoidance of inflation and value retention are guaranteed. Watch the video here!

Token Sale

Token: GBE
Price: 1 GBE = 1.25 USD
ICO start: 24 Sep 2018
ICO end: 31 Jan 2019
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat (USD and EUR), Gold bullion
Soft cap: 20,500,000.00 USD
Hard cap: 91,250,000.00 USD

GODBEX token is much awaited! ICO sale is live right away from September 24th, 2018 till January 31st, 2019. The GBE token, utility token, will be official currency of the GODBEX platform and has three main applications:

  • Bridge, i.e. link for value transfer between cryptocurrency and gold bullion and vice versa;
  • Significant discount (minimum of 50%) when user use GBE token to pay transaction fees;
  • For listing on our exchange, interested parties will have to contribute with a certain amount of GBE tokens.

Join us!

WEB: https://godbex.io/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Godbex_Ltd
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/godbex
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Godbex
YOUTUBE / VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO_qmXaiJ98
WHITEPAPER LINK: https://godbex.io/assets/documents/GODBEX-whitepaper-ENGLISH.pdf

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Godbex revolutionizes existing trading markets by linking a gold bullion - physical gold in the form of gold bars (meeting Good Delivery standards - London Bullion Market Association) with the current and future cryptocurrencies, while maximizes customer’s profit by taking into account price changes of both financial assets.

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