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  1. Welcome Travelers!

    CameronGoneTrippin , 2018-04-12 22:11:41

  2. Episode 4

    CameronGoneTrippin , 2018-04-30 22:49:22

  3. (Episode 4 - Travel News) This Couple Wanted to See Inside Their Neighbors’ Houses So They Started a Weird Homes Tour

    CameronGoneTrippin , 2018-04-30 22:53:32

  4. (Episode 4 - Travel News) These Are the Hottest Destinations for a Summer Vacation in 2018

    CameronGoneTrippin , 2018-04-30 22:52:55

  5. (Episode 4 - Travel News) National Travel and Tourism Week

    CameronGoneTrippin , 2018-04-30 22:51:54

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HeikoGross 11 June 2018 04:54
Couldn't check the WP so far, no time. Are they putting their own AI, and what does it do in the system>
Aretelan 02 July 2018 20:31
I think launching such platform, token-based, could be a very hard task as there are many competitions on this market. Still, the way of this project is intriguing to some extent.
Everettim 10 July 2018 12:22
Very few ICO are trying to comply with SEC rules. This is one off. I assume that idea is rather bearable, but the way it is presented - not. Not sure about the adv campaign as well.


GoneTrippin's revolutionary platform and ecosystem have been designed to Make Every Trip an Adventure™. The myriad of issues that business owners and consumers face, especially in the travel industry, are long overdue for a solution. GoneTrippin is poised to create a win-win-win ecosystem, improving the experience of customers and business owners while pushing the entire travel experience into a new age. The GoneTrippin application will create the ease-of-use that travelers want and the exposure that small businesses need. The app will allow users to plan trips, see cost estimates, find locations that meet their unique standards, and pay for goods and services through the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology.The GoneTrippin Ecosystem GoneTrippin's platform is built on an ecosystem of users, providers, and the services offered, and deployed by a combination of carefully designed algorithms in harmony with a co-op team. The Provider Co-op facilitates the interactions between providers and the array of tools and technologies on the GoneTrippin platform. GoneTrippin's proprietary AI Powered Transaction Manager has been designed to allow users to maintain their purchasing power and providers to get the value of the goods and services they provided without worrying about the market. Market Driven Exchange eases market interactions by facilitating the process and allowing all transactions to take place directly in the GoneTrippin application. This allows users and providers from all walks of life to get involved in this exciting new technology without needing to learn all of the intricate details. GoneTrippin's Reward Program incentivizes the collection of location data by offering GT rewards to users whose updates are accepted.

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