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IPUXofficail 21 Nov 2018 04:41

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Co-create the Future. Grow Smart. Trade Direct. Live Long and Healthy.
And Profit from Sustainability.
It is IPUX’s vision to co-create our future, leaving the global
environment in a better state than we found it, and to ensure a
growing population live long, healthy and prosperous lives.

Keeping in view this vision, our mission is to:
• Revolutionise trade and farming through technology.
• Foster fair trade and wealth distribution on our e-commerce platform;
• Improve the quality and security of our food by adopting smart,
organic farming practices.
• Provide traceability of food provenance.
• Supporting entrepreneurial development with micro-financing.
• Build healthy, beautiful and longer lives with our Wellness Real Estate.
• Provide authentic community-based tourism experiences through our
national network of connections.
• Empower farmers and communities with capability development and
thought leadership at our Wisdom Academy.
To realize these ambitions, we must invest in a sense of universal
responsibility, identifying and connecting ourselves to the environment,
our food source, as well as our local communities and our living space.
Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the
human family and the environment we live in.
As never before in history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new
beginning and a better way forward for a sustainable future for ourselves
and the planet. You too can be a changemaker. Be a part of this ICO program
and share in IPUX’s pride as we revolutionise; International trade and
sourcing of organic and natural-based products, Thailand’s farming
industry; micro-financing, Wellness Real Estate, eco-tourism and
knowledge sharing. This ground-breaking approach, leading to disruptive
transformation in targeted industries, is driven by a bedrock of blockchain
technology, smart contracts, AI, big data and IoT.
Unlike most ICO offerings, IPUX ICO program will fund the development of
seven core businesses, which form the commercial eco-system benefitting
people, planet and profit:
• TradeWeThai
• Smart Farming
• Product Sourcing – organic and natural-based products
• Micro-financing
• Wisdom Academy
• Eco-Tourism
• Wellness Real Estate
By supporting this ICO program, we will achieve:
• Economic benefits from using TradeWeThai e-commerce platform,
linking farmers and producers directly to consumers, giving farmers
and suppliers a competitive advantage, and offering users the
opportunity to engage in contract farming.
• Healthy food from well-managed, highly producing organic crops to
• Ease in sourcing organic and natural-based products.
• A supportive environment for business and financial security with
access to micro finance.
• Greater knowledge and understanding of our environment and
• Creation of authentic community-based tourism experiences
benefitting travellers and the connected communities they visit.
• Healthy, longer lives and enhanced inner and external beauty of
ourselves and of our surroundings.

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IPUX is not only successfully operating, and has blueprints to develop, e-commence, agriculture, and health and wellness related businesses in ASEAN, but we are also providing solutions leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI, big data and IoT, combined with a capability development program, that will disrupt and transform less-effective market models. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals, through funding from this ICO, we strive to improve the livelihood of disenfranchised farmers and communities, by offering technology driven solutions that are poised to revolutionise industry while respecting and protecting the planet. You can take pride in being a co-creator and member of an eco-system that will have far-reaching benefits to the health of communities and the planet, promoting fair trade and fairer wealth distribution, whilst delivering healthier lifestyle options to meet the growing demand from a growing, more sophisticated population with higher expectations.

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