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Jarvis Edge 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Borderless trading with the Jarvis Exchanges.
Buy Apple stocks with Bitcoin. Collateralize your Ether to borrow Dollars.
Trade Forex from a Litecoin deposit. Send Monero to a Dash address.
Pay in fiat from Cardano. Lend your Google stocks.

ICO IS CLOSED: 1.54M have been raised, 1.244M during the private sale, 296k during the public sale.


Problems :

  • Data and funds are scattered among multiple applications, complicating users journey and being at risks. To manage our finances, we need to juggle between many applications and between the traditional and digital, centralized and decentralized world. To trade Fx, pay with crypto, launch a Dapp or invest in stocks we need many different solutions.

  • Decentralized applications suffer from unfamiliar processes preventing mass usage, like seed phrase, pay gas, non-human readable addresses etc.

Solution :
Our value proposition is to be enable every one to manage all their financial life and access to multiple opportunities with a single login.

Jarvis is a decentralized financial hub which transforms multiple centralized and decentralized, traditional and digital, upcoming and existing, financial services, products and markets into applications accessible from users wallet. Jarvis makes decentralization accessible to everyone, through the same user-experience as in centralized application, leveraging from solutions such as state channel, universal login, meta-transaction etc.

Users have full control over their funds and data, and, similar to a smartphone, they access a list of in-house or partnering "apps" like Forex, lending, gaming, exchange etc.

  • The Jarvis Reward Token (JRT) rewards the token holders with a percentage of the ecosystem's revenue.
    10% of revenues are shared among every token holder and an additional 15% among the original TGE participants.

  • Jarvis provides a built-in semi-decentralized exchange and broker allowing to gain exposure to multiple markets and cross-chain and cross-asset exchange.
    It allows Forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and tokens trading with or without leverage.

  • Within Jarvis, users assets can be managed in a centralized or decentralized way.
    They can be utilized as a medium of exchange or of payment, as collateral for a loan or lent to a liquidity pool.

  • The user interface has been designed to provide the most innovative user experience and is entirely part of our branding.
    The interface is enhanced by Jarvis, an AI with conversational skills and ability to perform tasks that simplify operation

  • The founders and ambassadors of Jarvis are followed by large traditional traders communities. These communities have been supporting the project since the begining.
    They were the first who tested the prototypes, gave feedbacks, and participated in a successfull private sale (over 1 million dollars).


When decentralized technologies are applied to personal finance they can enable new features and deliver solutions that are not possible with traditional Fintech. Jarvis is designed to drive large scale adoption of these technologies by improving how users manage their funds, trade, invest and interact with their holdings.

Click to download the whitepaper

Hi everyone, I am Pascal Tallarida, CEO and co-founder of Jarvis. I am excited to introduce you to Jarvis. Your personal financial hub!

Jarvis has been designed to give as much freedom as possible to the users by making it easy to access existing centralized and new decentralized technologies from the same interface.

Think of Jarvis like a wallet where all assets are securely stored and interoperable. You can connect this wallet to a wide range of native or external "apps" like trading or payment gateways with just one click so you can immediately trade on any financial market, or pay in fiat using any assets you hold, including your stocks. Think of it like a "plug-and-play" wallet that you can use to create your own financial hub.

From Jarvis you can pay. You can trade. You can invest. You can borrow. You can lend. You could even play poker, or bet on a sport match through partners Dapps. All of this, from the convenience of your wallet. It is like having one account from where you can seamlessly access Robinhood, Revolut, Acorns, Zopa, Coinbase, Binance, FXCM, Betclick etc...

And now imagine how cool would it be to simply communicate with this wallet to navigate easily among the ocean of possibilities it enables. Because this wallet is equipped with smart AI, you can reach any feature,
any data, anything, by just writing or saying it. This is what we are doing! We want to change the way you trade, invest, pay, and the way you manage your finances.


Jarvis is a financial ecosystem built on the Jarvis Technology Framework.

The framework includes :
  • licensed centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges and broker;
  • a web3 wallet advanced escrow type functions;
  • a network of liquidity pools which aggregates the liquidity of several centralized and decentralized liquidity providers and protocols.

The framework allows :
  • to choose to manage one's assets in a centralized or decentralized way;
  • access multiple Dapps;
  • instant cross-chain and cross-asset class exchanges;
  • multiple off-chain trades with only one on-chain settlement to trade leveraged products;
  • users to access any financial market;
  • the utilization of any asset as a medium of exchange, or of payment, as  collateral for a loan or margin trading, or to contribute to a liquidity pool;
  • the automation of every process needed for exchange, transfer, trading, loan and payments so that users can easily derive value from the underlying technology.

Network of liquidity pools
Aggregating exchanges, brokers, market makers and users multi-asset liquidity.
Allowing instant cross-chain and cross-asset class exchanges.
Fiat and payment gateway
An interoperable payment network that can use any asset to pay in fiat.
Escrow functions
For collateral credit, instant trading and transfer, lending and margin trading.

Centralized and decentralized
Users can chose how to manage their funds and assets.
Infinitely scalable
Off-chain matching engine that can handle millions of transactions per second.
Secure by design
Users retain control of their private keys and can use cold storage solutions.
Open API
Enables interoperable liquidity to  both centralized and decentralized applications.


How we intend to deliver decentralized technologies to mainstream users.

We have designed user interfaces that improve the user experience for everyone.

These interfaces embed a conversational AI to provide a new way to interact with software. The AI can prevent mistakes, help automate tasks or ease navigation within the applications. If a user would like to open a EURUSD chart, open their Bitcoin wallet, or get the price of Amazon shares, they can just write or say it.

Through these interfaces, users can manage their assets, use various Dapps, trade, invest, share and discuss, etc.

The mobile, desktop and web app integrate a web3 browser to launch Dapps. While the mobile app has a focus on payment and asset management, the desktop and the web one focus on trading.


A trading platform to replace your broker and exchange apps.
The fully customizable web/desktop application gives access to any financial markets from users wallets with innovative trading, analytics and social tools.

The platform provides stop loss order, margin trading, OTC, paper trading, algo-trading in any language, our innovative "mouse-trading" feature, a social network, etc.


A wallet interface to replace Fintech apps

The mobile application puts users finances at their fingertips and enables quick deposits, exchanges, transfers or payments.

The application allows to pay in fiat using a Crypto debit card or directly the Smartphone (NFC) with any asset, to rebalance users portfolio allocation in one click, etc.


Jarvis Reward Token (JRT)
Once the stable coin is released, Jarvis will reward contributors, users and partners by redistributing the generated income of the Jarvis Ecosystem on a monthly basis.
Jarvis Dollar (JUSD)

The Jarvis Dollar token is a centralized stable coin backed by real dollars. It can be used as a medium of payment and as an asset for trading crypto/fiat pairs or can be used to trade digitized Forex and stocks from a wallet.


Reward contributors

The Jarvis Reward tokens will be distributed to participants through a crowdsale, and to users, partners and developers who will contribute to the growth, through two reward pools, one managed by a DAO and one by Jarvis.

Sharing revenues

The revenues are converted into the Jarvis Dollar and shared among Jarvis Reward holders :

  • 10% among every token holders
  • 14% among the TGE participants in addition to the 10%
  • 1% among early and presale participants in addition to the 24%


To give more value to the original TGE participants, up to 5% of the two exchanges revenue will be shared between them in addition to the 20% shared between every token holders.

TGE details                                        
Total supply420M
TGE token price0.1 USD
Unsold tokensBurnt after the TGE
Buy back programYes, to burn them
Presale dateNovember 26 2018 - January 23rdth 2019
Mainsale dateMarch 1st - March 21st 2019
Hard Cap21M USD
Currency acceptedETH and USD.                                                                  
30%during the presale
20%during the first week of mainsale
10%during the second week
0%during the third week
Token distribution
260Mfor the TGE
20Mfor the bounty
85Mfor the reward pools
55Mfor the team and advisors


Independent audits are performed every 30 minutes and published on the Ethereum Blockchain. The off-chain matching engine, the banking account, the smart contracts for both token are all audited.

Licensed since March 2018 by the SVGFSA in St.Vincent.
Partner companies in the EU are providing additional umbrella licensing coverage while Jarvis finishes the process to become regulated in the EU.


The team represents the Jarvis Project: the meeting between different skills and experiences from different backgrounds. A mix of traders and analysts with a huge trading community, developers passionate about decentralization, investors and former brokers top executive with a great experience and network, people who have worked in charity and social impact or who have led projects in Uber. The team is very diverse but united around the same idea: delivering the value of decentralization to everyone.

Jarvis is born after the meeting of Pascal and Cyril. Cyril has occupied C-Level position at Alpari, Interbank Fx or more recently at JFD, leading them to be ranked in the worldwide top 10. During his successful career, this visionary who set up a precedent in the brokerage industry at the head of JFD's, became passionate about technologies that can disrupt industries. Pascal is a senior Forex trader and entrepreneur who founded DMTrading, a community of 21K French traders. He coached thousands of traders and launched a trading platform, Jarvis Trader, to ease trading, analysis, and sharing. It was on this occasion that he met Cyril, who convinced him to start looking at crypto and Blockchain and to embrace it. They co-founded Jarvis. Cyril had been involved in the implementation of the concept, ideas, and financing, but is not involved in the operational side.

Joe Cocker


  • We have already raised 1M dollars in a private sale (7% of the tokens allocated to the token sale)
  • We have finished and tested the backend of the exchanges whose off-chain matching engine reached 5 million transactions per second
  • We have released two prototypes for the interface of the exchanges; one for Forex trading, and one for Crypto trading, tested by over 700 users.

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


The Jarvis Exchange allows fiat, crypto, stocks, Forex and CFDs trading, and allows assets to be utilized as a medium of exchange or of payment, as collateral for a loan or for contributing to a liquidity pool. The systems uses Jarvis Reward Token (JRT) to help grow the user base by redistributing the income of the Jarvis ecosystem as a reward to token holders, users, partners, and developers. This token and its associated structure aim to create an unending cycle that will continue to support the growth of the project. On a monthly basis, a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 40% of the revenues generated by Jarvis will be dispatched among token holders.

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