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little Phil 14 Jun 2018 23:15

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¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸Little Phil¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸

Putting an end to the exploitation of charitable giving by providing Proof of Impact and Proof of Need assurances for donors

Official channels: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Github | Linkedin | Medium | YouTube

We believe anyone can be a philanthropist

Download the Whitepaper

Industry size and problems:
In 2016, an estimated USD 500 billion was donated to charities worldwide. To better compete for a portion of these funds, charities often rely on third-party marketing firms for their fundraising activities. Charities face expensive upfront marketing intermediary costs (up to 17x the value of each monthly pledge) that are prohibitive for smaller charities to engage with and decline of approximately 50% in donor engagement from younger generations. Current fundraising methods fail to find traction with younger generations because of pushy outdated sales methods, trust issues, and a lack of transparency. The two common obstacles to giving are not knowing if the receivers have genuine needs, and what the impact a donation would actually have on the cause in relation to administrative and marketing costs.

Little Phil Solutions:

Little Phil uses blockchain technologies to address these and other issues by providing Proof of Need and Proof of Impact. Charities will also have access to funding at a much lower cost than they currently incur. Little Phil platform fees are capped at just 6%.

Proof of Need: Little Phil will use multiple data points and machine learning to create Unique Digital Identities (UDID) that are cryptographically secured. These data points could include biometric data and would be used to confirm receipt of donated goods and cross-reference receiver history to establish authenticity.

Proof of Need - reducing fraud and guiding better decisions example:
1. John approaches a welfare charity for assistance with paying an overdue phone bill.
2. The charity worker begins registering them by creating a UDID.
3. The system alerts the charity worker that a duplicate UDID already exists.
4. The charity sees that another organisation paid the phone bill 2 days ago.
5. John advises he still needs money for food.
6. The charity worker decides to assist him with donated perishable food instead, providing for
John’s immediate needs while holding onto the funds for the next person.

Proof of Impact: Positive reinforcement achieved by means of: an immutable public ledger for donation traceability; UDID assurances that funds aren’t going to waste and/or that goods have been received by the appropriate person; direct appreciation shown from the receiver to the giver; and social sharing impact statistics.

Proof of Impact - child welfare example:
1. Lisa decides to purchase school books for a child in Peru through the little Phil platform in her local fiat currency which is held in a ‘just in time’ smart contract.
2. The local supplier is notified of the order and delivery details. They know the funds are guaranteed (pending delivery).
3. Multiple bio-signatures confirm delivery to the receiver, instantly unlocking the smart contract funds to purchase the equivalent value in LPC from exchanges.
4. The LPC is distributed to the supplier’s wallet, with some reward tokens returned to Lisa.
5. Lisa is notified of the delivery with a warm, personalised thank you from the child, making her day. She shares the moment with her social network, which inspires some of her friends to check it out and donate as well.
6. Lisa can see her network donated an additional $200 and is amazed that her mere $10 donation resulted in such a big impact; she can’t wait to share again.

Initial Coin Offering

The little Phil platform is powered by its own native token, little Phil coin (LPC). As the platform requires LPC to be listed on exchanges to operate, we will be holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A total of 400 million LPC will be offered at USD 0.10 each, with a variable bonus rate throughout the ICO process. There will be an initial circulating supply of 850,000,000 with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 LPC. We are currently in the private sale stage of the ICO which should be ending in mid to late August, further details will be released shortly.

ICO Start Date: 08 August 2018
ICO End Date: 19 September 2018
ICO Price: USD 0.10 per LPC with variable bonus rates starting at 40%

LPC demand
Demand for LPC increases in proportion to the growing number of people using the platform. This is because:
• All giver transactions are converted to LPC by the platform;
• All charity platform integrations will use LPC;
• All transaction fees are payable in LPC; and
• All LPC for platform usage is purchased from external exchanges.

Checkout the whitepaper and come chat with us live in our Telegram group Smiley

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Barman9 05 June 2018 12:33
One of the best out there. Why? Because it is disruptive in the way the fundraising methods and techniques are done. Best regards.
Drinken3 09 June 2018 10:42
When the first launch is scheduled for this amazing project?
HeikoGross 12 July 2018 12:21
That ICO is leading among its competitors on the arena. The team develops new mechanisms for charity fund collection that will allow save more lives and support it. I believe in this project.


The current charitable fundraising system is broken, the next generation of givers are simply not responding to appeals. Trust in charities is decreasing due to increased reports of scandals and misuse of donated funds. Powered by blockchain technology, the little Phil platform is an entirely new way of giving that fixes these issues using a public ledger, smart contracts and unique digital identities (UDID) to provide givers with the Proof of Need and Proof of Impact required to re-establish trust in giving to charity. With little Phil, you can track your money all the way to the cause, be acknowledged by the receiver, and share #littlePhillgoodmoments.

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