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hiperhoblin 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Loyaltychain is a revolutionary digital ecosystem for  small and midsize business powered by AI to manage customer’s loyalty. It allows to build trusted and effective loyalty programs, provides business with instruments for creating digital loyalty assets. The Loyaltychain is a huge loyalty ecosystem combining aggregator and facilitator of applications, mobile solutions and expertise on the open platform (open for third party solutions) with internal economy based on LLT token.

Loyaltychain is an open modular platform, which can be changed and scaled according to the market demands and changes in the external environment.

Loyalty programs nowadays are the heart of marketing business strategy. They build long-term relationships with clients and partners. Marketing strategies today appear to be a significant financial loss for the business without an effective loyalty system.

Core challenges related to loyalty programs was well described in the Deloitte report “Making blockchain real for customer loyalty rewards”. *

Expensive and difficult
There is key decision criteria to select a loyalty program before an owner invests their money to any loyalty program: total ownership cost for IT solution, time to market and operational cost (which is mostly related to salaries of stuff). The choice of loyalty program is also not easy for small and midsize business because of high switching cost in case of wrong decisions.
Loyaltychain allows to create almost any type of a loyalty program as simple as 1-2-3 using templates and blocks. There will be no switching cost at all to tune and change a loyalty program. Business could improve its program as it goes. It doesn’t require additional software development, support and maintenance activities.

The key risks of fraud in loyalty programs are the lack of monitoring of loyalty transactions and the use of scam-prone systems (allowing changing data or history for staff). World market of loyalty marketing is estimated about 14 trillion USD, about 70% of which are under the threat of fraud. **
The Loyaltychain platform provides protection against unfair behavior of employees and scammers based on the Blockchain technology and antifraud systems.

Low efficiency
Key factors of discontent with loyalty programs are their low efficiency, unjustified expectations for business and clients. From 40% to 60% of all the emitted loyalty cards in different regions have been never used by the clients. *
Loyaltychain is powered by artificial intelligence, which allows increasing the effectiveness of loyalty programs up to 1 000%. At the same time it provides an opportunity to improve the quality of services and customer satisfaction through automation and robotization of services and communication channels. ***


  • Simply and easily creating any type of  loyalty programs with the fastest possible Time-To-Market (construction set).
  • Formation of customers loyalty just from beginning of business.
  • Coalition programs creation based on the synergy of various sectors of the economy (no need for additional integration mechanisms).
  • Opportunity to get financing for opening a business on the basis of the created loyalty program (crowdfunding).
  • Low cost and a wide range of applications for computers and mobile phones for small and medium businesses (open source platform).
  • Unsurpassed protection against staff fraud (antifraud, blockchain).
  • Effective loyalty marketing controlled by artificial intelligence.
  • Quality solutions due to automation/robotization of various services and communication channels.

* Making blockchain real for customer loyalty rewards programs by The Deloitte Center for Financial Services
** Loyalty Programs & Fraud: What You Need to Know
*** How Harley-Davidson Used Artificial Intelligence to Increase New York Sales Leads by 2,930%

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Facebook: facebook.com/Loyaltychainio/
Telegram: t.me/loyaltychain
Medium: medium.com/@loyaltychain
Twitter: twitter.com/loyaltychain
Reddit: reddit.com/user/Loyaltychain
Bitcointalk: http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2376034.0

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International business today operates more than $14,000,000,000,000 in points of loyalty for various systems. At the same time, the mechanism of exchange between these systems is either not possible in principle, or is very difficult from the point of view of technical implementation.

70% of the loyalty programs market is under threat of fraud today.
Loyaltychain Ecosystem is an infrastructure IT project that allows businesses to create their own solutions for loyalty programs based on the existing multi-functional platform. We use blockchain technology for transparency and security of all processes.

Loyaltychain Ecosystem is designed for small and midsize business to be easy to use . Open platform code creates the opportunities for third-party developers. Additional services and opportunities for multilateral integration allow solving all the tasks of creating loyalty programs or exchanging between them.

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