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Lynchpin Token 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Welcome all new members to
LynchPin (Lyn) Token Official Bitcointalk community group!
The best place to stay up to date and ask questions.

Please respect our thread rules
- Keep topics relevant to LynchPin (LYN) Token
- Post in English Language
- Be respectful to all users in the group
- Spamming or personal advertisement will be at risk of being removed

Please be careful about scammers via bitcointalk or any other social media platforms trying to ask you to send money to any address in exchange for LynchPin (LYN) Tokens.

Official channels for Lynchpin are
* Bitcointalk ANN
* Twitter
* Telegram
* Facebook
* Website
* Linkedin

Name: Lynchpin
Symbol: LYN
Token technology: ERC20
Decimal point: 18
Total supply: 5 million tokens
- 2 million private sale
- 2 million public sale
- 1 million for the team

- Public phase 1 - $4.50 per token (November 15 to December 23, 2018)
- Public phase 2 - $4.75 per token (January 1 to February 26, 2019)
- Public phase 3 - $5.00 per token (March 1 to May 1, 2019)

To create a token that solves
- Volatility
- lack of intrinsic value
- Inflation & deflation
- lack of utility

Points to take note
  • The tokens for team and private sale are locked for 12 months but for public there is no lock up. The reason for the 12 months lock up is to give the team ample time to grow the business and push out for adoption.

  • We do not offer bounty and no free tokens given out for marketing. This stops bounty hunters from dumping when the token is listed on exchange after ICO which is what most ICOs are facing even if they launch a successful product

  • Our focus on our project is making digital assets spendable. The lack of such focus in the industry have made cryptocurrency as a speculative trading tool in the market. Almost USD600 billion have gone out from the total market cap of the industry which is bad.

  • The token and project is focused more on utility propositions which is lacking in cryptocurrencies. Our job is to build intrinsic value so that our token holds for its value to be used as payment for goods and services.

  • Lynpay payment solution focuses making digital assets spendable thru our debit card and P.O.S terminals which accepts BTC/ETH/LYN as mode of payments. We are providing 2-3 tiers of exclusive metal debit cards and 1-2 tiers of plastic cards. The metal debit cards comes with a lot of benefits like airport lounge access, Invites to exclusive events and parties worldwide, tailored made concierge service and many more.

    For anyone to apply our debit card, they have to pay a subscription fee with LYN tokens only or they can hold a certain number of tokens for 6 months before being issued with the card. We will also be launching an affiliate program where we will pay up to usd100 in tokens for every new member recommended. VIP metal debit cards will be issued to outstanding affiliate as a reward.

    The POS machines will serve as a payment gateway using cryptocurrencies directly which ultimately has a total lower transaction cost. As you can see worldwide especially in china, it shows you how effective just with the phone and an app you are able to make payments for goods and services.

  • We have also partnered with where you can use your tokens to make purchases for premium products on the website. Every month there will be a black Friday sale on the website where the previous month’s stock can go up to 80% discount from normal price.

  • We have also partnered with RMP games where Lyn tokens can be used to pay for purchases on the website.

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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


A token that solves critical problems in the cryptocurrency industry. Making digital assets spendable to create a token that solves major problems in the Cryptocurrency industry. Firstly solve issues with tokenomics. A project has strong tokenomics which solve volatility, lack of intrinsic value, inflation and deflation and lack of utility.

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