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Mikelius 08 Oct 2018 14:12

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Blockchain based platform integrating mileage and point market

Have a M2O!
Have a Dream Life!


M2O's dream is to create a platform that will satisfy both consumers and operators. M2O will integrate the existing mileage and point markets and builds global membership services through Blockchain. Therefore, M2O will have such a sense of mission and will create a new paradigm of mileage and points market around the world by fully utilizing all of our capabilities.

Token name and ticker symbol: M2O
Token crowd sale START date and time(UTC): 29.10.2018, 16:00
Token crowd sale END date and time (UTC): 23.11.2018 16:00
Token price during Private sale: 30,000 M2O per 1 ETH
Token price during Pre sale: 30,000 M2O per 1 ETH
Token price during Token sale: 30,000 M2O per 1 ETH
Min investment for the investors Private sale: 1 ETH, Pre-sale 1 ETH, Token sale 1 ETH
Soft Cap ($): 5,600,000
Hard Cap ($): 56,000,000
Total Supply (tokens): 35 billions
Supply for ICO (tokens): 14 billions

Goals and Mission

M2O project strives to provide a new payment platform for everyone by achieving these goals:

1. Establish the world's largest Blockchain-based mileage/point bank by 2025                  
Establish a bank that serves as a benchmark in the case of the transition between M2O PAY and M2O COIN. Safely manage clients’ asset and provide clients with and reasonable investment opportunities. Replace banking operation through various platforms establishment such as asset management, escrow and exchange. Establish the world's largest blockchain mileage/point bank that meets the needs of global users.
2. Establish local joint ventures with service supply companies from airlines to franchise                  
Establish local investors, mileage management company, and joint ventures with and our company focusing on APAC (Asia Pacific) including China, Vietnam and Philippines, which are emerging markets of the block settlement and electronic settlement market.
3. Secure global affiliates and promote mileage consolidation and mileage promotion services membership and promote global marketing.                  
Establish mileage/points promotion program that reflects consumer trends by providing local mileage/points operating policies and services.
4. Secure market dominance through global payment platform, FINTECH, and taking over                  
Promote strategic alliance with global payment system company and M2O PAY to secure compatibility.                  
Secure market share and technology in advance through M & A related to mobile payment system, technology transfer, and promotion of patent.
5. Promote technical agreement and joint project with Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric                  
Promote AR/VR joint project based on blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric technology partner (ex: VR eSports Network project).


Henry Kim                  

Currently) CEO, MTO Global PTE.LTD.
Currently) Chairman of Blockchain Subcommittee, UAE Businessman Association
Formerly) Investment Partner, Rothschild Bank

Gwang-il Kim
Currently) Deputy CEO, MTO Global
Currently) 北京明宇時代信息技术有限公司 CFO
Currently) CFO, PEKING Limited                  
Formerly) Director, GNN
Formerly) Chief Researcher, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIEP)

Sung-jin Kang                  
Currently) Technology Director, MTO Global                  
Formerly) Application Specialist, Oracle Korea

Su-bok Hwang                  

Currently) Managing Director, MTO Global                  
Formerly) Finance Manager, Balance Industries
Formerly) General Manager of Planning and Management, SW SHIPPING               
Formerly) Finance Manager, POLARIS SHIPPING

Trusted Advisors

Gap-soo Seo
Leader of advisory group, Investment Advisor

Jeong-bae Lee
Chairman of Advisory committee Investment, Education Advisor

Yang-mee Kim
Member of Advisory committee, Platform policy

Yeong-bae Mun
Member of Advisory committee, Blockchain technology

Gun-il Wang
Member of Advisory committee, Cryptocurrency, exchange

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All the mileage and points, it will be one in M2O. M2O will integrate the existing mileage and point markets and builds global membership services through Blockchain. Our platform seeks to create a virtuous cycle on blockchain ecosystem and simultaneously occupy the market rapidly through its platform business with blockchain technology.

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