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Paa Adu, Full Stack Developer
Zachary DiMartino, UI Developer
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MBYSMESH 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Introducing MBYS
The Professional Data Marketplace

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Our LinkedIn profiles are sold to companies without our consent.

For billions of dollars every year.

MBYS gives users complete privacy and the option to sell
professional data directly to companies.

A business to consumer professional data marketplace

Human Resources divisions paid over $2.4 billion in 2017 to access online professional networking profiles.
The people behind these profiles are never rewarded for their value.

MESH Token Protocol

The Mutual Evaluation Service Hash (MESH) Protocol eliminates the traditional Business-to-Business (B2B) model of professional data analytics and returns authority to you -- the creator of the data. Both businesses and individuals on the platform engage through the MESH Smart Contract, which facilitates peer-to-peer networking and HR and Recruiting data exchanges.

MBYS Platform

The MBYS mission is to create a world of seamless professional recruiting through the dissemination of truthful data. The MESH protocol was designed with the MBYS Platform in mind, however, the decentralized and autonomous protocol is completely open source. It is our goal for the protocol to be used on a variety of different platforms.

The MBYS Ecosystem

Users make a MBYS Profile that undergoes two levels of encryption to secure non-sensitive information, such
as first name, and highly-sensitive information, such as location and date of birth. User data is encrypted and stored
with BigChainDB
across storage nodes that are hosted among the network. MBYS Profile data is released to other
users through networking or to companies through data sales by executing an off-chain key exchange. To learn more
about the smart contract mechanism, please read our white paper.

Transactions are confirmed by MBYS network, and MESH token payments from business are re-distributed as
rewards for user participation

MBYS Mobile App

Create a MBYS Profile with your professional history. Your encrypted data will be stored in storage nodes with BigChainDB.
Find recruiting events and see updates of the companies you follow in real time with the Smart Calendar and Newsfeed feature.
Relationships take work, and MBYS sends you updates to reconnect with your contacts with the Predictive Reminders feature.


Captitalism is based on the formation of business relationships, getting your services noticed by employers, and companies
seeking talent to grow their businesses. There is neither an option that allows for a secure transfer of information between
people you physically meet, nor an incentivized reason to make connections. MBYS changes that.


Ibingira Nintunze
Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Omar Zaki
Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Shaheen
Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Kusch
Solidity Developer

Emeka Alozie
Chief Marketing Officer

Paa Adu
Full Stack Developer

Zachary DiMartino
UI Developer

Advisory Board

Sami Ahmed
General Counsel &
Chief of Compliance

Matthew Wilkens
Strategy Advisor

Akintunde Ahmad

Future Customers

Several blue chip companies have expressed interest in recruiting through MBYS.

Mesh Token Presale

The total token supply will be 30,000,000 MESH. The presale will open
May 5th, 2018 and will run until June 15th. The number of MESH tokens sold in the presale will be 30% of
available tokens, or 9,000,000 MESH. 1 ETH will buy 1,000 MESH (each MESH token will be priced at 0.001 ETH),
and the minimum for presale participation in the presale will be 0.02 ETH or 20 MESH. No individual buyer in the public sale may
purchase more than 20 ETH worth of MESH (20,000 MESH). In the public token crowdsale, another 30% of the MESH Token supply
will be sold. The public token crowdsale will open on July 16th, 2018 and conclude on August 17th, 2018. Additional MESH
will be released from the platform reserve given use of the platform,  as well as to meet user and corporate MESH purchases as needed.

Use of Funds

Payments made for MESH will be directly attributed to features on the platform and the provision of better and more
complete user experience. MBYS has established a system of checks and balances to assure the distribution of
proceeds from the token sale meet the token distribution parameters and KYC protocol requirements.
We go into further detail in the Token Structure and Notes sections of our whitepaper.

Connect with Us!

© 2017 MBYS

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MBYS (pronounced moe-bee-uh-s) is a concept for a decentralized professional networking platform. We aim to disrupt the current B2B model of professional data analytics through the Mutual Exchange Service Hash (MESH) Token Protocol. MBYS users would be compensated if companies using the platform choose to purchase their professional data using MESH Tokens. MBYS seeks to offer a platform where the everyday professional can securely connect with others and validate credentials, and effectively upgrade their network for the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

Capitalism is based on forming business relationships, getting your services noticed by employers, and recruiting of candidates to grow businesses. There is a lack of a medium that facilitates secure professional networking, and no system exists that can facilitate the direct purchase of profile information.

User-generated data is unjustly stolen and is sold to human resources and employment data analysts, typically without consent, or even the user’s knowledge. Additionally, middlemen like LinkedIn make a killing off the data that users themselves took the time to produce. The owners of the professional networking profiles never see a dime.

MBYS aims to offer a seamless way for working and job-seeking professionals to connect with each other through the MBYS Platform, which would be the first use case of the MESH Token Protocol. Users access the platform by purchasing MESH Tokens, which would also be granted for a variety of activities on the platform; including making connections, being an intermediary for connections, and voluntarily selling professional data to businesses.

Additionally, MBYS seeks to offer talent recruiting data pools that are accessible only in exchange for MESH Tokens. Businesses would pay a variable amount of MESH Tokens to use the service. These sales fuel participation rewards on the platform.

MBYS proposes to pre-sell credits (tokens called Mutual Exchange Service Hash, or “MESH” Tokens) to access and utilize the full functionality of the platform. Following the MESH Token sale, MESH will also be available to purchase from the MBYS Platform. The MESH Token that buyers will receive in the presale will contain a secure download link to the mobile platform beta.

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