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  1. MindLink - new standard of eLearning!

    Christmasx , 2018-02-07 04:41:11

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Xphenosis 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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To solve problems existing in traditional education, MindLink offers a convenient application that will serve as a superstructure for the standard educational process and includes additional conveniences that students can use throughout the world: a new generation video connection including private and group communication capabilities, and also the ability to stream conferences and seminars, with the possibility of recording and distributing. We create an environment where a feedback is constantly generated to react quickly on necessary changes and to fill the room of improvement. The environment, where implementation of Blockchain and smart-contracts provides whole community with the ability to interact with each other on a trust basis. This eliminates all doubts about the authenticity of knowledge or certificates granted.
The handy software will attract more students who are still forced to use applications which were not designed specifically for learning purposes.  Answer to specific questions are searched all around the Internet, which often requires huge time resources and even then it is a struggle to find the most appropriate courses or information.
Issue of trustworthiness is solved due to blockchain, no more fake ratings and feedbacks, no more experts’ impostors. Our solution saves time and money for those interested, while it provides students with appropriate set of trainings and teachers get to choose their own way and methods of sharing knowledge. Enterprises and corporations are able to utilize our solution to simplify recruiting process. Education portals are provided with tools to expand their user count.
The ability to configure and design your own courses, using dedicated interactive tools is a game changer.
Career guidance based on machine learning will never leave someone dissatisfied with the experience gained in using the application. Content-makers gain the ability to protect their intellectual property as well as effectively monetize it. Methods of payment will be transparent and most convenient for all parties.
Employers will significantly reduce hiring costs and a large number of mistakes in hiring, due to an improved interaction platform, reducing the number of deceptions to almost zero and providing the ability of businesses to present courses that will be directed at training specialists with the most useful and practical skill-sets.

UI: User interface

Necessary tools to create the very own learning plan would be provided to all users, regardless the way of studying: video-trainings, reading materials, online interactions or live discussions. There would be implemented the possibility to hold an online-conference for group studying. Each participant of our ecosystem, that wants to offer his knowledge to others, could compile own structure of a course in a convenient and acceptable form using the online course designer. Additional emphasis is put on providing simple and intuitively understandable user interface, suitable for both an advanced and inexperience users.


Regardless of field of knowledge, anyone could become a participant of MindLink system. One of the main criteria of the global knowledge system is accessibility. That need brings additional demand for materials organization and their further distribution. This opens the possibility of participation in the process for editors, translators, copywriters, etc. No restrictions on the content of courses and materials are imposed, as long as they do not violate laws, and do not contain calls for violence, racism or extremism.


All users would be provided with ability to set price for their service, there would be no restrictions regarding course price. The only requirement to be followed is to maintain all the transactions within MindLink structure. Preferable way to make transactions is to proceed with them via MLToken, as the solution to manage token in a similar manner with fiat currencies would be developed precisely. Meanwhile, MLToken payments would not be mandatory, but bonuses would apply to the ones using token as payment source.

Knowledge Database:

Initial content filling would be provided by the time of the product launch. Content would be created by working closely with engaged partners and further cooperation with them. As a partner, legal bodies such as universities or educational portals would help us by digitalizing the information they keep and sharing it in our data storage; however any individual could also participate in this process. For the purpose mentioned above, in-app thematic portals would be created to afford universities and other important partners share the data they have. In addition to cooperating with our partners, the constant process of renewing and updating our database from open sources would be established.


Identity-verification: Ability to verify identities of the issuer and certificate holder;
Certificates tracking: Ability to verify the release process of certificates;
Security: Digital signatures, special prints; Anti-forgery mechanisms

Intellectual property management:
Intellectual property tracking has always been an expensive process. Due to high costs copyright protection is maintained only with the help of third parties involved – specialized structures and organizations. With implementation of blockchain technology even independent self-publishers are able to protect and to track all of the usage of any specific resource and publications. By using smart-contracts an authorized use of someone’s intellectual property for a certain reward becomes possible.

Smart contracts utilization:
Smart-contract might be a lot more complex than a simple agreement. It could provide a great range of opportunities to our partners (Universities, Educational portals) and simple teachers. Simple use cases:
-   Students’ courses might be paid by a recruiting company, only if student passes the certification successfully, or if he achieves more than certain amount of points;
-   Each course that was finished successfully grants student a discount for consequent courses.

Main features:

1. Blockchain implemenation.
    1.1 Smart-contracts as an option for recruiting companies
    1.2 Intellectual property protection management
    1.3 Certification.
2. Intuitive user interface
3. Designer tool - unique architecture for creating trainings by compiling in-app
design tools
4. No subject restrictions, the only one is user imagination
5. Live interaction with teacher/mentor; group/conference e-learning
6.Easy start. Allows to jump from registration to learning in just minutes

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MindLink is a project aimed to reach international audience and to become a new standard of e-Learning. A team of specialists with a fresh view on technologies and new efficient ways of utilizing them in the field of sharing and receiving knowledge. It is a solution where anyone can become an essential part of the ecosystem created. It is designed for consumers and producers of content of any scale. For detailed information about our project, please read our White Paper.

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