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MNRYIO 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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The largest legal mining facility in Russia

Minery is a turnkey hosted mining solution inside a 55-Megawatt mining complex. It is the largest legal mining facility in Russia.

What is Minery?

Minery represents a different solution. It combines large mining compounds, low entry criteria, high quality hosting, a service center in close vicinity and one of the lowest electricity rates in the whole world. We procure the hardware, install and set it up. In case of breakdowns we repair it right on the spot.
These characteristics make the Minery project highly efficient and convenient.


When choosing location for mining, the ideal placement will offer both low electricity rates and low average annual temperature. Russia is one of the best countries to place a mining farm.
Our mining compounds are located in the cities of: Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk.
Average annual temperature –2°C.
These climate conditions allow us to use highly effective heat transfer and cooling system for the miners and ultimately reduce hosting expenses.

Power sources

Our power supplier is Bratsk Electric Grid Company, JSC (BEGC) which is among the largest in the Irkutsk region. It supplies Siberia with electricity for more than 42 years and includes three powerful high-pressure hydroelectric power plants – the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, the Irkutsk HPS and the Ust-Ilimsk HPS.
The project relies on hydroelectric power stations — a renewable energy source.


In Spring 2018 one bitcoin costed up to about $8,000 - $11,000 on exchanges, while the cost of mining it is about $2,500-$3400, according to This potential for profit has caused a digital gold rush and an overcrowded industry. In turn, this has led to a shortage of mining equipment, as well as power capacity and mining- ready facilities.
Minery offers its clients a full range of mining services at a very attractive price. As Minery token holders have access to a mining facility for a minimal hosting fee, they will see their profits increase.
To receive Minery services all you need is to purchase or rent MNRY tokens.
1 MNRY = 30 Years = 1 Watt = 1 USD
Each MNRY token entitles its holder to using 1 Watt of Minery mining power and our mining compounds rent-free for 30 years.

Minery Hosting Prices

Minery offers unprecedentedly favourable terms for mining cryptocurrencies.
Electricity - 0,04 USD/kWh. Service payment - 0,03 USD/kWh.

You can also mine popular currencies other than Bitcoin: ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, XMR.
Token holders can also rent out their MNRY tokens and receive over 45% annually.

Minery Advantages vs. Home Mining

When you are engaged in home mining, you use a low rate for electricity and save on operating costs. But at home you face a number of problems: home mining is very noisy and not productive, it increases your house temperature, leads to fire hazard and requires repair costs; limitations on electrical power will not allow you to scale your business. And, finally, this business will take up all of your time. Participation in the Minery project removes all these problems from you and allows you to focus on developing your business while preserving all the advantages of mining.
Token holders may use this power capacity to install their own miners or they may rent it out to other users by renting out MNRY tokens. In fact, this is all about access to professional mining but the threshold is minimised here.
Minery clients don’t pay mining fees on cryptocurrencies, except service and electricity charges – for the power consumed by their equipment and their share of the power consumed by the compound infrastructure (climatization and cooling, light, alarm and security systems). You keep 100% of all your mined coins!
Cheap hosting reduces your expenses and increases your profits. Power capacities can be rented out at any moment and the rental fee is stable and easily predictable. The lifetime of Minery compounds is more than 30 years and they can be successfully used in any Blockchain project. MNRY tokens will thus be usable over the next 30 years. Compare this to the average lifetime of miners, which is only 2.5 years due to the continual increase of mining difficulty.

Token Distribution

MNRY is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token.
Each MNRY token entitles its holder to using 1 Watt of Minery mining power and our mining compounds rent-free for 30 years.

Softcap = 15 000 000 MNRY
Hardcap = 55 000 000 MNRY

Price per MNRY token during the entire token sale – 1 US dollar
During the pre-sale a bonus of 20% is set. You therefore receive a bonus of 20 MNRY tokens for each 100 MNRY tokens purchased. The amount of bonus will be reduced gradually over the course of the token sale.
For every 100 tokens sold 15 additional tokens will be issued for the Minery team and advisors fund.

MNRY tokens can be purchased for BTC, ETH or fiat currencies via our website on The purchase can be made using any BTC or ETH wallet.
Token sale and distribution terms are determined by the Smart Contract.

All MNRY tokens are backed by real electrical power at Minery.


Start mining on unique terms!


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Minery is the largest complex of legal mining facilities, providing a turnkey mining solution with the cheapest and legal electricity in the Russian Federation. With a capacity of 55 Megawatts, it is the largest equipment hotel with unprecedented favorable conditions for mining. Our complexes are located in the Irkutsk region and rely on the renewable energy from the high-pressure hydroelectric power stations. All MNRY tokens are backed by real electrical power, each MNRY token entitles its holder to using 1 Watt of Minery power and allows using our Mining complex rent-free for 30 years.

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