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Miracle Tele
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MiracleTele 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Miracle Tele is a virtual mobile network operator providing high-quality international call and browsing services on a revolutionary new SIM card. This groundbreaking SIM makes it possible for you to retain your privacy rights and earn biweekly rewards thanks to the tokenization of the company’s assets.

Miracle Tele is set to change the way the conventional telecom market works through the creation of a transparent and agile digital ecosystem that fuses an MVN model together with blockchain technology.

This way, we will connect millions of consumers around the world seeking to access a quality and bureaucracy-free mobile and traffic services, at the same time rewarding them thanks to the use of Ethereum blockchain.

Monopolization of the global telecom industry and its control by several giant players has made it extremely difficult for small companies with distinctive ideas and new tools to enter the market. This is why international calls and traffic services are currently overpriced, forcing users to put up with tricky rates, unknown quality, and lack of privacy from mobile telecom companies.

In most countries, it’s necessary to provide an ID or even sign a contract with strict terms in order to get a SIM card. This, in turn, creates unnecessary bureaucracy, opening the door for large mobile operators to take advantage of their clients and offering sub-par services.

Miracle Tele is a virtual mobile network operator that has signed dozens of contracts with trustworthy local mobile operators for purchase of their surplus calltime and traffic, therefore making it possible to provide users with lower rates and predictably high quality of services.

* of the net profit of Miracle Tele paid to token holders in rewards every two weeks

Purchasing of surplus calltime and traffic also means that Miracle Tele does not need to spend massive amounts of money on infrastructure development, equipment maintenance, and branding or provide unnecessary additional services that make the company’s operations less efficient and more costly.

Another feature of an MVN model is that the customers do not need to sign contracts or deal with paperwork, disclose their private information, and upload their IDs in order to use Miracle Tele services.

On top of the MVNO infrastructure, we have deployed a blockchain powered grid that secures all transactions within the system using smart contracts and lets the customers purchase our Ethereum based tokens, TELE, to exchange for Miracle Tele services or simply store them and receive rewards thanks to the telco network growth.

Leveraging an emerging technology and collaborative economy, we let every member of our community participate in our project and then get their stake in return.

Global mobile phone market in 2016: 4.6 bln users

International tourism market in 2016: 1.2 bln tourists

We believe that a mobile operator should not only provide its customers freedom of access to information over the Internet and complete privacy, but also offer them free access to  financial tools via cryptocurrency.

Among new features to be added in the near future are VPN services that will come together with all SIM card plans, free messenger use, one free website/service a month, free virtual numbers from any country, voice change, and so on.

Apart from it, we are particularly interested in Internet of Things (IoT), which can be used together with AI algorithms in order to extend the range of use cases of the company’s services by incorporating them into home automation systems.

Our 2020 goal is to reach at least 100,000 active customers and launch new blockchain based telco tools like a proprietary wallet with integrated prepaid debit cards.

Token ticker: TELE
Token type: ERC20 utility token
Token properties: Freely transferable and exchangeable
Token supply: 300,000,000 TELE
Token value: 1 TELE =

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Telecom is considered an industry that provides businesses almost unlimited prospects for introduction of new technologies and reaching steady long-term growth. Historically telecommunication services form a very saturated and monopolistic market where giant corporations forward their own agenda, neglecting the users’ need for a more innovative and technological approach and offering customers services the level of quality of which leaves much to be desired. Currently, most of mobile operators around the world provide their customers only postpaid plans under a 12 or 24 month contract with strict conditions, which often include unlimited national calls and traffic, but still do not offer the clients either cheap international roaming or value added services. In its research called The Future of Mobile Communications1 , GSMA claims that in the near future the customers will be expecting mobile operators to introduce more and more new features that have to do with advanced communications tools based on Rich Communications Services (RCS) and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technologies.

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