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kalich 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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NRM is the world's first decentralized expert and analytical platform for managing your crypto assets
and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology.

$297560 (100%) raised at closed Pre-ICO
Closed Pre-ICO at


NRM will combine the functionality of trading platforms with social synergy and the predicted artificial neural network,
which will allow the interaction with the world of cryptocurrencies to be taken to a new level.

NRM platform

Expert and analytical platform with highly customizable trading and social modules.
Crypto assets have never been so convenient.

Trading Tools
A set of convenient tools for tracking and managing your crypto assets,
allowing the user to collect all available information from stock exchanges
to all trusted information sources in one user friendly interface.
NRM Wallet
The NRM secure wallet, integrated with our platform.
Allows holders to make electronic payments to merchants of trusted content.
Crypto Wiki
The convenient knowledge base based on blockchain technology,
where everyone can get any crypto information he needs.
NRM Assistant
An intelligent helper based on an artificial neural network that will make
predictions for the cryptocurrency market based on the data collected
by the NRM platform.
NRM Marketplace
An internal NRM store that will enable independent developers
to monetize their own modules using our developer tools,
for combined B2C & B2B ecosystem.

Social synergy

In addition to trade and analytical tools and modules, NRM focuses on a social component
that will allow users to interact and monetize their knowledge. Full support of Community driven projects.

Use the experience of professionals
Professionals will always help and answer any of your questions.
The platform user rating system will advise you who to ask.
Share your knowledge
Increase your rating on the platform by creating content and get NRM tokens.
Create communities
Create and join communities of interest!
A hierarchy system will make it more exciting.
Blockchain Academy
Join our Academy to learn how to earn on the cryptocurrency.
Professionals will share you all detailed information.

Rating system

Platform users will have its rating, other users can affect by a certain algorithm.
Rating data will be securely protected by storing in the blockchain.
This makes the rating system effective and excludes any substitution.

NRM Assistant

Artificial intelligence based on neural networks, built using the latest algorithms
of self-learning, analysis, and comparison of self-self-corrected neurons.
This technology based on the history of success and failure,
taking into account the correlation of the objects of analysis.

Why is it effective?

Due to the use of large computing power and artificial
intelligence based on the neural network,
the NRM Assistant will instantly analyze user data
and offer the best solutions.

Get your income

Monetize your intellect on the NRM platform, by sharing your knowledge.
The smart contract system will make monetization fully transparent.

Having a good understanding of the trading on the exchange?
Monetize your knowledge by sell strategies, forecasts, signals to platform users.

NRM Store modules
Any ideas how to improve the system?
Create your own module and sell it in the NRM Store.

Blockchain Academy content
Want to share knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency?
Start to train and guide people.

Available at all platforms

The NRM platform is available on Web/Desktop version for Windows and macOS,
and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

NRM token

NRM is the ERC20 token on public Ethereum network, used in NRM ecosystem.
Due to the token, users can purchase and sell their intellectual assets,
as well as purchase content and bonus functions at the NRM platform.

Tokens distribution
60% Pre-sale and ICO
15% Team (froze for 1 year)
15% Reserved for development
5% NRM loyalty program
5% Advisors, consultants, and partners

Funds distribution
50% Platform development
25% Marketing
10% Legal support
10% Infrastructure
5% Technical and users support



Basic price: 1 NRM = 0.036$

December, 21 - January, 7 - Closed Pre-ICO

April, 20 - June, 1 - Pre-ICO
PRE-ICO bonus tokens = 30%

started October, 1 - ICO
PRE-ICO bonus tokens = 15%


We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Etersoft team,
one of the oldest software development team in Russia.

The main functions of the Etersoft team based on their experience since 2003:
1) Technical advisory
2) The main aspects of collaboration with NRM project:
• design and creation of the BIG DATA NRM processor -
the most important component of the decentralized expert-analytical platform.
Taking into account all the requirements for the implementation of parallel processing,
 transactionality, availability and security for OLTP and OLAP systems;
• design and implementation of the Zero Downtime Deployment approach for BIG DATA NRM;
• primary functional and load testing systems;
• technical support Level 3.


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NRM platform providing ultimate possibilities for managing your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency between trusted sources. User-friendly interface with artificial intelligence based on neural networks allows you to enter a new level of crypto interactions.

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